It’s Better To Be Single Than To Be The Guy Who Lost $70K To An OkCupid Scam

poor old man gives his money away on okcupid

In case you thought OkCupid users couldn’t get more clueless, we’re thrilled to inform you that some guy is trying to sue the website after he got conned into sending over $70,000 to someone he met online. Because what do Americans do when we lack all common sense? We sue somebody.

Michael Picciano says he sent large sums of cash to a guy using the name Bruce Thompson, because, according to the NY Daily News, “he ‘felt safe and trusted the profile’ of the man because of the dating site’s reputation.” Yikes. I’m wondering how he missed the part where OkCupid’s reputation is made up primarily of unsolicited dick pics and people who don’t know that the sun is bigger than Earth.

Didn’t this guy ever see the Degrassi: The Next Generation episode about the dangers of online dating? Didn’t anyone ever tell him that Nigerian princes don’t really go around emailing strangers and asking for money? I do feel bad for Picciano, who’s 65, obviously too trusting of an internet he didn’t grow up on, and the product of a generation for whom chatting up people of the same sex on a dating site is already probably a big deal. Not to mention, he’s out $70,000 on top of being humiliated. That’s rough.

On the other hand, though, this story is too cringe-worthy and too face-palmy to ignore. In case you need a reminder, OkCupid isn’t exactly a bastion of goodhearted people with only the purest of intentions… and you probably shouldn’t send thousands upon thousands of dollars to people you’ve never met. Just a suggestion.

Via NY Daily News / Photo: Shutterstock

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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      I want to feel bad for him, I really do, but… seriously? Why would you ever think that this wasn’t a scam?

    • rosamondnecipoglu321

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    • Tim

      It’s quite simple really….Some people are stupid! I’ve had a few people try the romance scams on me…But it’s always the same old stories..Mother Ill, Need money for medication or bills/ food etc..Not that hard to spot the scam really.