Lea Michele Forgot To Wear A Dress Over Her Underwear At The Glee 100th Episode Party

Did Naya Rivera and Lea Michele compete for who could be most naked at Glee's 100th episode party?

For a long time (i.e. all of high school and college), I genuinely believed that sheer clothes were like, the most sophisticated things a person could wear. Everyone could see how great your boobs are but–hey! You’re totally subtle! You’re totally professional still!

This, of course, was a fallacy. Much like how nobody has ever once been convinced that there is any “business in the front” of a mullet, there is nothing particularly subtle or professional about an entirely sheer outfit. Case in point: Lea Michele‘s dress at last night’s Glee party in celebration of its 100th episode.

Did Naya Rivera and Lea Michele compete for who could be most naked at Glee's 100th episode party?

Oh girl. What’s going on here? Did you borrow Betty Draper’s underwear and opt to pop a lace teddy overtop? In all actuality, it’s a Milly Spring 2014 dress, but it looks like a teddy Cosmo would recommend for moms trying to spice things up. And in case you thought it was just the angle playing tricks on you…

Lea Michele underwear Milly dress Glee 100th Episode Party picture

At least her Brian Atwood heels, hairstyle, and makeup all look really great.

To be fair, her Glee costar Naya Rivera may have actually been having a competition with Michele for who could wear the most translucent outfit given that Rivera picked this look for the party:

Did Naya Rivera and Lea Michele compete for who could be most naked at Glee's 100th episode party?

One of the peculiar things about celebrities is when they spend loads of money on outfits that could have likely been purchased at a Forever 21 for $19.80 (does it weird anybody else out that they always end in “.80″? No?). This LBD is from Bec & Bridge Resort 2014, a brand that is not necessarily crazy expensive, but isn’t cheap enough for this design to exist within it, either. She paired the dress with black Casadei pumps and a Rauwolf clutch which, while pretty, didn’t improve the look.

Oh well, I suppose we could all just assume Michele’s new buddy Terry Richardson is giving her style tips now–a hypothesis that would explain so, so very much.

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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      Honestly I kind of love Naya’s dress (not for me, but for her)

    • emilykwells2188

      I actually like both dresses – both women are beautiful and, I think, pull the look off well.

    • http://ThePeppercat.com/ Candace

      Whats weird is I dont think its the sheerness of Lea’s dress that bothers me, it’s just that the lace looks cheap, like its from Forever21 or something. Like, with really beautiful lace I could have loved it.

      • Pia

        Yes, that lace, and the hands-on-the-thighs pose. We see your undies in there –no need to be pretend demure in order to extra call attention to your *GASP* undies.

    • http://maitribathbody.com/ Maitri

      I don’t get the Lea Michele love. She seems pretty darn stuck up to me, and not in a good way.

    • JennyWren

      I think this would have looked a lot better in low lighting. Sheer looks elegant and mysterious as long as you can’t quite make out what’s going on underneath- under a paparazzi’s flashbulb everything looks flattened.

      • Samantha Escobar

        Good point! I sometimes wear black shirts that I think are totally opaque and then somebody takes a photo of me and OH HELLO BOOBS IN FAMILY PIC THAT’S NICE.

    • Chaka ♥

      oh goddddd why is Lea friends with that sleazebag? WHY IS ANYONE FRIENDS WITH THAT SLEAZEBAG

    • Greater Cornholio

      Try hards, both of ‘em. That’s why neither of them have ever taken their fame very far beyond Glee.

      • cat butt

        Hello, my sweet Cornholio!!!

    • Kahani

      She looks amazing. Don’t be petty and take down other ladies.

    • darwin mcentyre

      Looks great to most people who dont have dirty minds…