Looks Like Lindsay Lohan’s Sex List Now Features Some Of Your Favorite Married Stars

Lindsay Lohan's sex list just unblurred a few more names

Given Lindsay Lohan‘s brand new reality show on Oprah‘s OWN Network, I assumed she would be in the news for a brand new reason–you know, something other than ignoring court orders, ditching rehab and being arrested (sort of) for DUIs. The good news: I was right! The bad news: It wasn’t because of her recovery. Remember that sex list LiLo supposedly wrote for some “friends” who then sold it to In Touch? Well, there were some more names unblurred, and people are freaking the eff out about them.

In last week’s LiLo ListGate Update (please let that stupid scandal name pick up somehow), we saw a range of famous names on her sex list, including Justin TimberlakeColin FarrellEvan Peters, Adam LevineZac Efron (whose reaction to his naming was excellent) and some others. Being the gracious gossip mag that it is, In Touch has added a few more names to the “exposed” list:

In the new issue of In Touch … more shocking names from the list are revealed, including Orlando BloomRyan PhillippeBenicio Del Toro and topping the list: Ashton Kutcher. “Lindsay loves being linked to good-looking, famous, successful men,” a source close to the actress tells In Touch.

I’m sorry, does anybody not love being linked to attractive ambitious people? Regardless, considering most of these names were never revealed, I actually think the “being linked” observation is a stretch; if she loved being publicly attached to all these folks, wouldn’t she have made them public prior to now?

Anyway, the source claims it was “her personal conquest list” that she was using simply to “impress her friends” then tossed aside, raising my skepticism level a little higher. Wouldn’t a seasoned heavy-hitter in the league of tabloids know better than to do that?

Hey, if LiLo banged all these people, good for her. If I became famous, I would probably ask Ryan Phillippe out to Dave & Buster’s at least four times a year. That said, I feel like this will wind up being one of those things where everyone gets all self-righteous, calls her a whore and tells her to “cut the bullshit” unironically for three months straight.

But hey, let’s be honest: is it really unexpected that celebrities are all hooking up each other? Yes, it sucks if those who were married opted to sleep with somebody while married (providing their relationship is monogamous, even), but that’s not really the responsibility of the single party. We’re not necessarily always fans of LiLo, but that doesn’t mean we want there to be some sort of angry backlash that smacks her in the face with a bunch of slut-shaming. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen.

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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      I still don’t think this list is totally real, but even if it is, the blame will be put on Lindsay instead of the married guys she allegedly slept with. Annoying.

      • BKGutt31

        Have you seen the actual snapshot of the list? Looks pretty real:


      • Kaitlin Reilly

        Oh just to clarify: Yes, I thinks he wrote it, just not sure how much truth is in the list. Not that I’m saying it’s all a lie, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she stretched the truth.

      • Lindsey Conklin

        maybe it’s a “to-do” list haha

      • Kaitlin Reilly

        That’s what I was thinking! Hahaha what if she just wrote a list of hot celebrities that she’d like to do?

    • Dan Murphy

      For anyone who doesn’t know who Petey Wright is, here ya go: http://snip.ps/cRvD

    • Porkchop

      This list gets less surprising with every reveal. Where is my LILO/ANG LEE LOVE NEST SHOCKER–PICS INSIDE? Or, like, Mitch McConnell? Or if it were 35 predictable hot actors/musicians, and then George Lucas. Or LILO FULFILLS ROGER EBERT’S DYING WISH!

      Basically, any combo where I would think neither he nor LiLo would touch the other with a barge pole.

      • Samantha Escobar

        I’m sorry, could “LiLo Fulfills Roger Ebert’s Dying Wish” PLEASE BE MADE INTO A FILM? Paging Harvey Weinstein right meow.

    • Marbell Isadora Apalkov

      I’ve reversed the blured parts of the list using Photoshop. 97% positive one of the names reads “Hulk Hogan”. Maybe the wrekcing ball thing got to her…