Photoshop In Corset Ad Sets Yet Another Unrealistic Standard For Women: The Ability To Bend Space

Bad photoshop: Ah, another unrealistic standard for women: the ability to bend TIME AND SPACE.

Recently, companies seem no longer compelled to simply make women feel frustrated with our weight, height and body shape–they now feel downright obligated to make us empathetic toward mutants, thus encouraging us to turn into them. First, Forever21 encouraged a young woman to levitate her skirt above her hip. Then, Target installed spurs into its bikini model and just the other day, Marie Claire nixed all of Shailene Woodley‘s facial texture. It’s a hard world to be human in! Now, we are being led to believe that if we simply purchase a corset from Wholesale Dress, we ladies will have the ability to bend our own reality. Hooray! Thanks Obama!

This is an ad for “Noble Lace-up Back Floral Embroidered Under-bust Corset Blue”–a muddle of inordinate words that I think represent the name of this item, which appears to be a blue corset. I am unsure of its nobility, but I presume it comes from a good upbringing with nice parents.

Anyway, as it turns out, the thin model hired for this ad originally had a waist too large to model this corset, so the company believed she could represent it best by becoming an all-powerful being who can literally bend space and time. This is apparent in the first photo on this page if you look at the lines to the left of her body, but it’s really this photo that brings the mutant theory home:

Bad photoshop: Ah, another unrealistic standard for women: the ability to bend TIME AND SPACE.

Why the company chose a model it would deem so unfit for its products that she would have to turn to witchcraft to solve their body image-induced dilemma, I do not know. I do know, however, that it is so very empowering to see a woman take charge of her actual dimension. Some models (like these lazy mannequins) might simply stand by and watch their bodies exist as they are in an ad campaign, possibly because they have no dedication to their jobs. And hey, on the bright side, if we give into societal pressure and change ourselves to fit the mutant mold, at least we can all join the League of Extraordinary KardashiAliens.

[H/T PS Disasters]

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    • Kay_Sue

      So now, in addition to my skin’s texture and coloring, the size of my feet, the width of my hips and shoulders, the color and texture of my hair, the plumpness of my lips, the length of my lashes, my height and weight, the color and shape of my eyes, the shape of all of my facial features, the size of my ears, the jiggliness of my body in places that I am told shouldn’t jiggle, etc….in addition to all of that, I have to feel inadequate with regards to my inability to bend space around me….

    • Eleanor von Hallam

      I just don’t understand why, if you could bend space and time to be thinner, you’d be in such a cheap looking hotel? surely there must be some money in it? enough to not have to pose in front of the fire safety signs??

    • emilykwells2188

      I’m more concerned about the entire outfit in general…what is going on here? Do people really dress like this?

      • Mandie

        14 year old me definitely would have thought corset + naughty schoolgirl blouse + low rise pants = so hott, get much boys.

    • crawltheline

      Graphic Designer problems.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      I can”t even tell what the ad is trying to sell! I like the tat though

    • I Like Pizza

      There must be a serious dearth of competent graphic designers. This is really getting out of hand.

    • PreciousLostThings

      You could tight lace and actually look like that. If you wanted to, with practice. Women did it for a long time. Some do it now. The question is, why the hell would you want to? I’ve had to wear corsets for historical reenactments, and there are few things that make me more thankful that I live in a time of equality, modern medical innovation, and yoga pants.

    • NYCNanny

      I’m less concerned with the photoshopping and more with the AWFUL outfit.

    • DW

      Since I work with designers all day, I feel the need to stick up for them and say that many times, it’s the client (in this case, perhaps the corset company). Many designers have an excellent sense for color and proportion. But we have clients who — because they are paying for the final product — balk at the designers’ suggestions and insist on doing things their way.

    • LynnKell

      And I wonder for the Nth time: Is it that nobody ever fucking takes a fucking second look before uploading such nonsense?