It’s Insane That Planet Fitness Is So Insecure That This Woman’s Crop Top Intimidates Them


If there’s one place a crop top and yoga pants should be acceptable attire, it’s at the gym. But one young woman was just harassed out of a Planet Fitness for daring to work out with her abs showing.

According to Vocative, young Tiffany Austin was at the gym trying to get back in shape after recovering from a car accident. She was raring to go in a cute, hot-pink crop top and matching capri exercise pants, and had only just started her workout when a Planet Fitness staffer turned up and told her she’d have to cover up, because her abs were intimidating other customers.

“Excuse me, but we’ve had some complaints,” the employee allegedly said. “You’re intimidating people with your toned body. Could you please put on a shirt?”

That sounds pretty ridiculous to us, but Austin agreed. But as she was waiting for the employee to come back with a shirt for her to wear, another employee showed up and told her to cover up her intimidating physique. At that point Austin said she felt intimidated and harassed, and chose to take her business and her intimidating abs elsewhere.

This is part of Planet Fitness’ core business model, which is all about making average and unathletic people feel as comfortable as possible by keeping muscle-bound meatheads–”lunks,” in company parlance–out of the gym. The chain takes a hard line against “lunk” behavior like grunting, flexing, dropping weights, or apparently being too fit and wearing a crop top. Anyone caught breathing too hard or flashing a bit of ab is ejected.

According to Vocative:

Nationally, the chain banishes about two members monthly, often for such shocking offenses as grunting, looking too hot or dropping one’s weights on the ground.

Those offenses even spark a “Lunk Alarm” throughout the gym, with flashing blue lights and a siren noise indicating that a lunk has been spotted, which seems completely ridiculous. Grunting, flexing jerks might be annoying, but we’re pretty sure we’d vastly prefer them to having to work out in fear of a siren going off while we’re on the elliptical.

The chain says it just wants to create a welcoming, judgment free zone where everyone can work out without feeling intimidated or attacked, but it’s completely absurd that they’re doing it by intimidating and attacking people like Tiffany, who was just trying to go for a walk in her cute outfit.

(Photo: KTVU)

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE, but don’t you dare wear that.

    • Tinyfaeri

      Really? A siren? That’s bonkers. This is why I use DVDs.

    • Samantha Escobar

      I totally understand being annoyed by, say, people grunting aggressively or throwing down weights (that would startle the fuck out of me, which isn’t something I want happening while I’m operating heavy equipment). But…your body is not a tool of intimidation simply be existing. What the eff.

    • arielmarie

      When I joined a planet fitness, they made me go to a trainer who told me I needed to lose at least 10 lbs (I didn’t. by any means) and refused to listen to me when I told him that I just wanted to tone up and losing weight was not my goal. He also told my roommate who joined with that she needed to lose 10 lbs as well. If I didn’t need to lose any weight, the idea that she did was absolutely ridiculous. She’s incredibly toned, much like the woman in this picture and instructs jazzercise classes about 5 days a week. I only went back about three times after that because each time I was there I saw that trainer and was intimidated.

    • BlkSultry007

      It’s not like she has a banging body like that of Serena Williams, or fake booty Coco (Ice T’s wife) ….LOL or that of Kim (sho ain’t all hers) Kardashian… I mean, c’mon, this is totally ridiculous……. I bet it was some very OBESE turds who did the complaining… #getyalife #andleavehersalone ugh!

    • R.M. 4 sure

      This lady should know when she signed up about the dress code, which includes no displaying her abdomen. If she doesn’t like that, she shouldn’t have signed up for Planet Fitness, she can go to 24 Hour Fitness, Golds Gym, or In-Shape City. Bottom line is, don’t sign up for something, then later complain what you signed up for.

      • Elizabeth Aspen

        I agree with you. One of the reasons I don’t go to gyms anymore is because of all the prancing around preening the fit people do around the fatties. Honestly, I don’t even get why people go to gyms at all. For the money you’re putting out for a membership, you can put that towards buying some equipment for your house and just go for a walk. No need to give it to a corporation whose practices you don’t agree with in the first place.

    • K Landoni

      Right. Because it’s not like she can just go to literally any other gym that doesn’t keep and promote this very specific business model or anything…? Or, you know, simply follow the rules? The warnings could not possibly have been a surprise to her.

    • Lex

      I mean, if the gym has a dress code then she should have followed it. I feel like most gyms don’t allow exposed midriffs or underwear as well as inappropriate workout clothes like jeans and sandals.

      • Bobby

        She is in a gym wearing gym cloths. Daaaa.

      • Elizabeth Aspen

        And interestingly enough, she’s not wearing the gym clothes the gym has told her she’s allowed to wear in the contract she signed. Daaaa.

    • Bobby

      When u see fit toned sexy people in the gym it inspires others to also get fit and sexy. Without the fit and sexy people around you in a gym the inspiration is gone and the fat out of shape people got no chance of loosing weight and being healthy.

    • Bobby

      When fat people see fit sexy people it may make them feel intimidated and bad about them self for being fat and unhealthyin the short period. But the brain is a super processor and seeing fit and sexy people will benefit the Fatties in the long run. It’s all about being inspired by others and what they’ve achieved. So whoever thought of the idea to cover up in a gym, is as thick as pig shit.

      • her7

        I definitely am inspired by fit people at the gym, and I usually (secretly) watch them to steal their moves. I can understand feeling intimidated, though, because some of the guys at my gym are lifting some serious weight and are really huge.

    • Bobby

      If someone is driving a nice car it shouldn’t be aloud because it may make the people in old bangers feel bad!!!!!!! How stupid.

    • J. Galt

      This is ridiculous – hope word of this spreads and Planet Fitness goes out of business! After hearing of this – you could not GIVE me a membership there