Fashion Disaster: Kate Mara Is Dressed Like Your Intergalactic Overlord At Easter Brunch

H&M Conscious Collection Dinner

Kate Mara had a bit of a misstep at last night’s dinner in honor of the H&M Conscious Collection. She wore clothes from the new line, but the look was pretty incongruous and confusing. The individual pieces might have some potential (that’s a stretch), but this outfit really didn’t work out at all.

H&M Conscious Collection Dinner

The top on its own is interesting– the pattern is at least not something you see everyday but the sleeves and lack of shape make it a bit overwhelming. The sleeves could benefit from a much more structured shirt, so that they’d add a contrast instead of contributing to what turns out to be a messy look. Something about those shoulders make think that Mara just got elected President of Outer Space, and is all dressed up for a springtime brunch. The pants have even less potential in my book–maybe if they were tapered and fit better in the crotch area? These are basically white goucho pants with a diaper up top. Oh, and some pointy toed, snake-printed heels? Stick a fork in me. I’m done.

So, Mara’s been having a rough go of it fashion-wise for the last few months; her outfit at the House of Cards screening completely beguiled anyone who looked upon it, and her commitment to horrifying new hair style “the wob” was equally upsetting. While I love that Mara takes risks, sometimes I think she could use a little something to ground her looks. Maybe, a calculated risk instead of just throwing a bunch of clothes off a cliff, jumping, and grabbing whatever she can on the way down.

Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      The top starts out okay. And I actually don’t mind the shoes. but oh my. those pants. yikes!

    • Tinyfaeri

      Hey, everyone likes brunch.