Selena Gomez Posted A Naked Photo Of Herself, So Prepare For The Internet To Lose Its Sh*t

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Cheers to Selena Gomez for taking her career into her own hands and making sure she’s the one in control of her first naked photo. That’s what appears to be happening in her latest Instagram post, at least.

I’m trying not to get ahead of myself here, since I guess there’s a chance she’s fully clothed and just appears naked through some kind of lighting magic– but Selena definitely looks rather suggestive in this new pic. Maybe this is our introduction to a newer, sexier version of the relatively chaste singer/actress. Maybe she’s sick of always being treated like The Prude One just because she doesn’t present herself in a sexual way as often as some of her peers. Or maybe she’s just a 21-year-old woman who wants to feel hot today and we should all go do something more productive with our lives. So many questions!

selena gomez naked selfie

Either way, if her goal is to get people talking, it’s definitely working. People are speculating about whether this photo is related to Biebs’ recent shirtless selfies (Are they sexing each other? And documenting it? Is this a sign of the impending apocalypse?), and people are wondering if she’s trying to get the attention of Niall Horan (Is that even a thing?), and I won’t be the slightest bit surprised if people try to relate this to her imaginary feud with Taylor Swift.

I don’t know exactly what’s going on here, but I do know that Instagram is a beautiful thing. In my day, celebrities had to shoplift or show up drunk and pantsless to Total Request Live if they wanted to divert attention away from their romantic relationships. Now all it takes is one naked Photobooth selfie before we’re like, Justin Bieber who?

Photos: Getty images, @selenagomez on Instagram

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    • Juliana

      Looks to me like she’s wearing panties. They look like light pink/nude colored ones which would explain why they’re so hard to see. But if you look closely, you can see the outline due to the difference in color between her skin and underwear.

      • natalie

        Agree. She def does. Either way, it’s a pretty cool picture. She might even have a bra on but the light is blurring it. She was probably goofing off with her friends and someone took the picture and it’s awesome so she posted it. Get it gurl.

      • itpainsme2say

        She has a swim suit on if you look close you can see the strings and I see a pattern on the bottom part.

    • drumskinny

      She looks like she got tangled in the curtain and is trying to get out.

      • Christina G.

        She posted on Instagram because she couldn’t remember 911. Somebody help this poor girl.

    • Jessie Flanagan

      Yeah. This is crap, if this the naked photo you’re gonna lose your sh** over enough to write an article about I’d say you need more material. Worse is posted on facebook, and dear lord when is the last time you’ve walked you’re judgemental a** into an art museum or cracked open an ancient Greek hystory book? A graphic novel, even, if you’d like to stick to modern references; bet you’d just have more than a few words those ideal passtimes than a girl who took a photo in curtains. Just because she’s famous doesn’t mean she isn’t human and right now she’s better than the rest of the “lime light role models”. Get a grip, be an author.

      • Emily

        “… bet you’d just have more than a few words those ideal passtimes than a girl who took a photo in curtains”. Sorry, what are you trying to say here? I honestly done’t understand this sentence at all.

      • Lucille

        WTF? I know you used words, but they’re lumped together in a way that makes my, nay, everyone’s head hurt.

    • JustKatie

      I don’t get why anyone would be “losing their shit” over it, even if she is naked. I mean, yeah, I kinda do, but I knew a girl in college who was working on her MFA and her entire thesis project was photographs of herself, in different situations, naked. It’s not like she’s 12. It’s a cute arty photo. That shit is all over Instagram. If I had her ass, I’d probably post pictures of it too.

    • Elizabitch Taylor

      That’s a beautiful photo! Geez, the way people were talking about it you’d think it was all duckface and boobies.