Kim Kardashian And Kanye Are On The Cover Of Vogue, Making 2014 The Year Hell Froze Over

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are on the cover of Vogue. WTF.

Of all the things we did not expect to happen this year, one of the most outlandish prospects was that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian would ever appear on the cover of Vogue. While Anna Wintour seemed to have finally forgiven Kim for being, well, Kim, the ideas of Kimye popping up on the biggest fashion magazine in the entire world was just too strange for us to believe. Even amid the rumors, we just didn’t think it could go down. And yet…it has happened.

Yes, our minds have been blown indeed. because this was genuinely something we didn’t see coming.

Okay, so here’s a rundown on what this cover holds:

  • Kim and Kanye holding one another. Kanye is unconcerned with the camera; his life is lived in cameras, he DGAF about them anymore. Kim’s life force comes from cameras, so she naturally has to gaze into this one.
  • Kim is wearing a wedding dress. A very nice wedding dress, in fact, but I strongly doubt it will be the wedding dress she wears to their actual wedding. That is for Kim’s Princess Wedding 2: The Kimyetion.
  • Vogue claims they are the “#worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple,” which feels inaccurate considering the existence of Beyonce and Jay Z. One can only guess that Kanye forced them to put this on the cover in retaliation for the aforementioned couple rejecting their wedding invites.

Like I said: mind…blown. Perhaps it is only a matter of time before Wintour tosses her head back, lets out a wild cackle and shouts, “APRIL FOOL’S!” If that were to happen, somebody better GIF it as fast as possible because this will be the single greatest prank in fashion history.

Image: Vogue

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    • Elizabeth Licata

      ZOMG! *flails*

    • amanda

      this truly upsets me… mostly because neither of these two dingleberries have a single clue as to what good fashion is. *sigh*… maybe its time for the Wintour to step down. she clearly has lost her touch… :(

    • Jon

      No….just no….

    • Lindsey Conklin

      I really LOVE that wedding gown though

    • Mandie

      This feels like when Chloe convinced June that James Van Der Beek was sexy by putting him on the cover of People. Just looking at this makes me confused.

      • Samantha Escobar


        Also, RIP: that show.

      • Mandie

        I MISS IT SO MUCH. So glad someone out there understands my pain.

      • Crayzcheshire

        I miss it too. It was… ON ANOTHER LEVEL.

      • Elizabeth Licata

        I am sad every day because it is gone. It was so good! And Krysten Ritter was amazing in it. Why do all the good shows go away?

    • scallywag

      Of course the more conspicuous question, especially over at ‘Conde Nasty’ is by succumbing to the mundane and downtrodden is whether the journal’s pedigree by intimation has taken a major tumbling down the aspirational blocks or whether the outlet felt compelled to relent in the hope of remaining tabloid relevant as the media world all round has to reinvent itself given our society’s vigilant absorption of the trite and banal?

      Never mind pimp momma Kris Jenner just said yes to the September cover…

    • Suite7beautyTalk

      Saw this on a friend’s Instagram earlier & due to feeling a loss of words at seeing it again, I’ll have to recycle my comment from that feed… Somewhere, Arthur Tenure is seriously sobbing right now. I get that the hard copies are suffering a bit, why with having to compete with the inter web & all, but dear God Anna, have some respect! THIS is Vogue. What’s next, Honey Boo Boo delivers her mayonnaise splattered interpretation of couture?! Clearly, Vogue has now officially joined the desperate ranks of commoners Us Weekly & OK! Fame does not always = success & all money ain’t good money. A hashtag?? How dare you!!

      • Suite7beautyTalk

        And that should be Arthur Turnure… the outrage renders me forgetful..

    • Eileen

      I actually really dislike that dress, and it looks like it doesn’t fit her, either. No opinion on what he’s wearing since I can’t see it, but this fails on a fashion level for me, too.

    • Eileen

      I actually really dislike that dress, and it looks like it doesn’t fit her, either. No opinion on what he’s wearing since I can’t see it, but this fails on a fashion level for me, too.

      • Elizabeth Licata

        Really? I adore it, and I think it looks like it was custom made for her. Compared with the original on Net-A-Porter, Kim’s version looks like it was given a slightly different bodice to accommodate her larger breasts. I’m mesmerized by the draping going on up there, especially by the folds across her right breast. How are they floating like that? Are they tacked in place onto an interlining? It seems like it must be really carefully controlled to stay that way, but the effect is so fluid, like it’s just happening naturally. Personally, I’m really impressed by it.

    • natalie

      I don’t know about this for vogue, but it is honestly a beautiful picture.

    • LouLou

      I think its a lovely picture. I just wish that her hands were more intertwined with his. He just kinda looks like he did an excellent job of photoshopping himself in

    • Crayzcheshire


    • Elizabeth Aspen

      They’re really a disgusting couple. They don’t even look good together.