Karl Lagerfeld Found A Way To Make Kristen Stewart’s Cranky Face Work For Chanel

When we heard Kristen Stewart was going to be the dour new face of Chanel, we were not entirely sure what to expect. She managed to look blank and bored while covered in flowers for Balenciaga, so we weren’t sure what Chanel could possibly do with her. Turns out Karl Lagerfeld had a cranky, preoccupied vision for his controversial Chanel Métiers d’Art Paris-Dallas collection, and that vision combined perfectly with Stewart’s bored, disaffected face.

These photos of K-Stew’s ad campaign are surprisingly effective, and we let out a big sigh of relief that she was not wearing a feathered headdress. The tough-girl character suits her well, and she looks comfortable, instead of like a jaded teenager who got lost on a fashion shoot. It works better than we thought it would.

The photos were posted earlier today by Instagram user garcon_chanel, a good-looking young man who–if his Instagram is anything to go by–owns an ungodly amount of Chanel and one very cute cat. Chanel Boy also appears to have some useful insider knowledge about this particular collection. One user inquired about the tight-fitting cowboy boots K-Stew is wearing in these photos, and Chanel Boy pointed out some very useful information:

“[They come out in] Mid June but these are actually not boots. They are socks with a trompe-l’oeil cowboy-boots design and then a regular men’s looking shoe. To me, one of the best ideas from the show. So all you need to get are the socks !!”

That’s pretty cool. While we don’t imagine Chanel socks are cheap, they are almost certainly less expensive than Chanel boots would be. Also, we adore the idea of trompe-l’oeil socks.

(Photos: Instagram/garcon_chanel)

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    • beautiful swan

      cracking asshole jokes about kristen stewart is so 2009. grow up

    • Kaitlin Reilly

      She doesn’t even look like herself! Super weird.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      she looks good! wasnt expecting that

    • L

      I really dig the “boots” photo. Amazing image. Not keen on the rest, but then again I wasn’t keen on the collection. Also, can we give it a rest on the “cranky” thing? She’s not a smiley girl, but when men do it they are “mysterious and broody.” Rooney and KStew get deemed cranky bitches. I really don’t like that double standard.

    • leo

      I want to see more and more, it means beautiful photos, inspiring and beautiful. Unique Stewart, only she can be so wonderful. Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld.

    • Watfoxsay

      She looks weird as fck. Fashion emergency!

    • Anna

      So KStew is Chanel’s zombie confederate soldier in lazy drag. KStew really switched it up for this one!

      Deceased eyes that say nothing, a facial expression that makes a white hockey mask look like its full of all the emotions and a mouth that’s going “duuuuuurrrrrrrrrr” non-stop. KStew looks like a Skillrex fan who overdid it with the Ecstasy at a hoe down-themed rave.

      • Faye

        Congratulations! You managed to copy and paste this lame paragraph from DListed, that bastion of truth!

      • http://batman-news.com BrendaStar

        Robsessed antipathy and malice is so unattractive. Kristen continues to captivate designers like Lagerfeld and Ghesquiere. She has a large following in the public as well.

    • http://batman-news.com BrendaStar

      Kristen Stewart is always interesting and has the power to surprise. One can’t say the same for The Gloss. The writers remain quite cranky and stupid about her. The Balenciaga campaign was a great success. The fragrances sell well and Kristen looked beautiful in the ads. The Chanel pics we have seen so far are interesting and Kristen wore them with great style.

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    • Pixie Solanas

      Fug. Vintage cowboy boots would have been better than gimmicky socks.