Shrinkage Is Coming: Jon Snow Demands More Game Of Thrones Male Nudity Despite The Cold Beyond The Wall

jon snow

Jon Snow Kit Harington has come out in favor of more nudity on Game of Thrones–more specifically, male nudity, in an interview in April’s GQ. I don’t think he’ll get any backlash on that one, since we can all agree that the imbalance of male and female nudity on shows like Game of Thrones is patently absurd. So let’s all take a moment to listen to what Harington has to say. He makes a lot of sense.

Harington says that “[i]t’s only right, if you’re going to make a show where nudity and sex is a large part of it, that you be a part of that.” He’s completely on point. Nudity is practically its own character on Game of Thrones, and sex is shown as often as most other interpersonal interactions. If they all shook hands as often as they had sex, it’d just be a show about weird magical creatures shaking hands and fighting battles.

But despite all the sex on the show, the nudity is primarily female. This hardly only applies to Game of Thrones, and most shows and movies have no problem throwing a fully naked woman into the limelight but are much more reserved when it comes to male genitalia. This was the subject of some debate during HBO’s most recent phenomenonTrue Detective–which easily threw around naked woman after naked woman but kept their men relatively clothed. If the goal is to show authentic representations of sex, it’s silly that only they women’s bodies would be visible. Of course, being authentic isn’t the point at all–being titillating is. The idea isn’t even really to show sex–it’s to show naked women. Well, unfortunately the world is not just made up of people who are attracted to women. Some of us pervs who are also into men like being titillated, too. Also, equality. Or something.

So who knows if this will actually translate into more phalluses for us to look at while salivating like animals, but at least the intention is solid. Harington himself said that he’d be willing to strip down, but, as he put it, “I wouldn’t say I’d be happy about it … It would have to be fucking well deserved.” I sort of feel like we’re all pretty deserving. Let’s hope they film a nice naked indoor scene by a fire and we’re not subject to significant male genitalia in a blizzard.

Photo: Game of Thrones (HBO)

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    • Samantha Escobar

      All in favor of Jon Snow being naked, say “aye”!

      • Kaitlin Reilly


      • Lindsey Conklin


      • alma


      • HB


      • jeanie jay

        How do you say “Aye!” and still manage to be brooding and hot about it, though?

    • guitargirl0327

      I wish there would be less nudity overall, as it’s definitely not necessary as often as they show it. BUT, if they insist on doing it, then I definitely agree it should be more equal.

      • EmmaFromÉire

        I’ve not seen the show, but I have read all the books, and basically in any scene where someone isn’t killed, someone is naked.

      • guitargirl0327

        Yeah I’ve read some of the books too, but nudity in a book vs. in a TV show/movie is very different. And you don’t need complete nudity to have a convincing sex scene, thousands of other shows & movies have done it. So I’m not saying they shouldn’t have the sex scenes, I’m just saying they don’t need the nudity with them.

      • EmmaFromÉire

        There’s nothing wrong with nudity, particularly in a SEX SCENE. I think it’s a sheltered way of thinking, that you can have the sex scenes but dear god no titties. I’ll never understand why the violence is A-OK but god forbid anyone see a nipple…

      • guitargirl0327

        It’s less about boobs, as those are in practically everything these days, but more the fully naked women. And to your other point, frankly I don’t love all the violence either. I get that this show is on HBO so the high amount of nudity is expected, it’s more in other general shows/movies that it bothers me. I just hope they do at least add more male nudity to balance it out. It’s ok, we can have different opinions on nudity, I wasn’t trying to say I was right & you were wrong or anything :)