Megan Draper Jessica Paré Skinny Dips In Beautiful New Esquire Shoot

jessica-pare-topless esquire

Mad Men‘s Jessica Paré is the subject of a profile in the April issue of Esquire, and ended up naked or in underwear for most of the gorgeous shoot. While I understand that the nudity is mostly supposed to be titillating, I just find the shots beautiful, especially since Paré is smiling in almost every one.

jessica pare swimsuit esquire 2

jessica pare lingerie esquire

That smile, by the way, is the subject of a 213-word introduction (the whole article is less than 700 words in total) based entirely around Paré’s teeth, which are only remarkable in that they’re slightly imperfect. While that seemed like a somewhat bizarre use of column inches, I suppose they have taken on a bit of cult status of their own, and people really can’t seem to get over the idea that a woman would choose to keep a body part natural instead of spending money to fix it. In the discussion of how beautiful Paré is, no one can reconcile the idea that her teeth have gaps yet they don’t diminish how stunning she is. Paré is not beautiful despite her teeth–she has imperfect teeth and also she is beautiful. Beauty and imperfection are hardly mutually exclusive.

jessica pare lingerie esquire 2

jessica pare swimsuit esquire

When Paré isn’t skinny dipping naked, she’s in pale pink lingerie or a retro swimsuit. There’s only one photo with an affected facial expression, and not a coy, hidden smile to be seen. It’s mostly full grins radiating energy, and I love that they chose to show a bit of personality and not just some hot naked chick, as is the norm with men’s mags like Esquire. 

jessica-pare-naked esquire

Photos: Esquire

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    • Kay_Sue

      Whoa. Just, whoa. She’s so gorgeous. It is nice to see the personality coming through, and not just some demure piece of eye candy, you know?

      Also, Mad Men…please put season 6 up on Netflix. Every time I see the promo for season 7 counting down to the premiere, I curse the gods, and if I keep it up, I’m going to have some seriously eternal consequences up in here.

      Aside: Just to tell you what frame of mind this put me in, I typed “sexson 6″ at first….

      • Julia Sonenshein

        I know! She looks like someone you could hang out with.

        Sexson! I love it.

      • Kay_Sue

        Exactly. She looks approachable. I’d think more men’s magazines would want to portray gorgeous women that way…

    • Lindsey Conklin

      I love that bathing suit with the bows. Also, now I’m really craving a PB & J

    • Alicia715

      I don’t get it.

      I don’t get the cult about her teeth.

      She is gorgeous for a number of reasons and one of them is her teeth.

    • Natacha

      On “Mad Men”, she’s supposed to be the gorgeous wife of a very successful and prominent advertising executive. She’s attractive, but not beautiful Her teeth look like a row of screwdrivers–big, round at the top and separated at the bottom. She has a nice figure, though.