Red Carpet: Mindy Kaling’s Crop Top Combo Will Convince You To Finally Try Cropped Shirts

Mindy Kaling kills it in a Topshop crop top at PaleyFest 2014.

This is already an awesome week for writer, actress and overall hilarious human being Mindy Kaling. Yesterday, she tweeted that beautiful sneak peek from her Vogue shoot wherein she wears a stunning red dress, casually glamorous teased side ponytail, and natural-looking makeup. Basically, she looks gorgeous. And last night, she did once again!

Mindy attended PaleyFest 2014 in a fun emerald crop top and matching high-waisted skirt that looked sexy, but not over-the-top. Despite my usual disdain for jacquard, I’m actually loving this weird pattern and unconventional texture for a cropped combo, and the length of the skirt works really well with the slightly mini top. (As a side note, is anybody stoked that cropped shirts are not so much belly shirts now as they are just shorter-than-average tops?) Plus, it comes from Topshop, so if you are feeling some inspiration looking at this outfit, you should totally go out and get it yourself.

She accessorized the look really well, too, wearing a pair of Louboutin peep-toed shoes and earrings from Jennifer Meyer. Her hair looks fantastic, shiny and so very healthy in this side-parted style with carefree waves. The only thing I’m not digging quite as much is her makeup, which was too heavy for an already bold look. Going a little lighter on the shadow and blush would have kept it from competing with the outfit, but at least her lashes and brows look great.

Mindy Kaling kills it in a Topshop crop top at PaleyFest 2014.

Overall, this was an awesome look for PaleyFest, where The Mindy Project was being honored yesterday. And in addition to getting me to hate jacquard slightly less, this style is also making me wonder if I should just give in and just try a freaking crop top already. Not one that cuts off right under my boobs or anything but, y’know, something like this with a high-waisted skirt or pants. The only thing I really don’t like about these pieces is what happens every time you do literally anything with your arms:

Mindy Kaling kills it in a Topshop crop top at PaleyFest 2014.

If any of you guys have tips on that type of thing, let a girl know! Until then, let’s just admire and learn from Ms. Kaling.

Photos: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      I love it! I’m still not into the whole crop top thing but this definitely shows that you can class it up.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      those shoes!!!!!!

    • Frances “Librle” Locke

      Nope. I love Mindy and everything she stands for (being hilarious, obv), and she does look amazing, but I will never, ever, EVER wear a crop top again. NOPE all over that shiz.

      • Courtney Rawlinson

        I also like Mindy. This outfit had potential but the clothes don’t fit her correctly. Her shoulders are too broad for the top (look where the seams are in the first pic) and the waistband of the skirt is too small. She should have bought a bigger size and had it tailored correctly. She’s trying to come off confident, but looks pretty uncomfortable.

    • Michelle

      she looks freaking amazing!

    • Char

      I was there last night and I was OBSESSED with this outfit when she walked out. The fabric and color looked amazing as well.

      • Samantha Escobar


    • diane kaston

      she looks fab, just enough crop without being tacky, very on trend

    • That’s what she said

      Someone get this girl some rice paper for her face.

    • MerlePerle

      So I read her biography over the weekend and I didn’t like it at all…am I still allowed around here? Still can’t wait for the Mindy Project to return and I think she looks awesome!

      • Samantha Escobar

        Your username rhymes, so YES OF COURSE YOU ARE ALLOWED. (I love rhymes more than I love celebrities.)

    • htarresnom

      Every Time I saw a “crop top” all I could think was: I could never use something like that…. but, after seeing to Mindy Kaling rocking one, all I can think now is that I should give a try. I mean, I wasn’t crazy about her body fitting but c’mon, at least she’s fearless enough to give it a try and rocked!! :)

    • Anj

      i really want this crop top but i can’t find it on topshops website ! Help!!

    • RandomGirl

      Nah. Um…yes, she looks great… but, a crop top…Nah. Not for me.