An Ode To Ilana Glazer’s Crop Tops On Broad City

ilana glazer crop topIlana Glazer is a national treasure–of course she’s talented, a wonderful comedian and lovely presence on Comedy Central and in pop-culture, but this particular tip of the hat goes off to the crop tops she wears on Broad City. Her character on the show, Ilana Wexler is relatable, though in a amped up to be captivating enough for television sort of way. Like someone you could know IRL, she’s goofy, has a healthy attitude toward sex, is just a Jewess trying to make a buck and has a distinctive style that she knows how to work.

Broad City allows its characters to dress like actual human people, rather than having the costume department festoon them in preposterous get-ups no one would ever wear or high end garments the characters wouldn’t realistically be able to afford. Glazer’s TV steez involves a lot of color, layers, high waisted shorts, sweet hoodies and those crop tops.

Here are some classic Ilana Wexler crop top moments:

Two Jewesses trying to make a buck crop top-

broad city crop top

Thinking your friend has been involved in an SVU situation because she won’t answer her phone crop top-
broad city crop top Let’s peep a closer look at this adorable cropped floral blouse that ties up in the front. Love the boobs on the wall.
broad city crop top

About to make out with a hot weirdo graphic crop top-broad city crop top Looking for hotties on Facebook in that graphic crop top.
broad city crop top A closer look.
broad city crop top Pulling a cute face in a crop top. broad city crop top

Angry at some creeps in a crop top.broad city crop top Same lace crop top, just slightly earlier in the evening. broad city crop top

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      Ohhh I do love the crop top!

    • Ashley Reese

      Crop top supremacy.

    • Kara

      The video chatting crop top actually says “fuck me weezy” because they were trying to go to his concert. I feel like that fact makes it an even better crop top.