An Ode To Ilana Glazer’s Crop Tops On Broad City

She paired the lace crop top with a cool genie braid and a mini skirt.broad city crop top A crop top you can wear while you shake ya damn ass to 90s hip hop.broad city crop top It was a bold look for daytime. broad city crop top

One of her many office crop tops. One coworker refers to this shirt as a napkin.

broad city crop top From the front, this crop top reveals an intricately strappy brassiere. broad city crop top Crop top at the vet with exposed men’s briefs.broad city crop top Getting called out by her boss on this particular crop top. broad city crop top If you pull it up, it shows underboob. broad city crop top If you pull it down, it reveals too much of that rad strappy bra! Where can I buy one of those?broad city crop top Maybe this one is a little short for the workplace. broad city crop top

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      Ohhh I do love the crop top!

    • Ashley Reese

      Crop top supremacy.

    • Kara

      The video chatting crop top actually says “fuck me weezy” because they were trying to go to his concert. I feel like that fact makes it an even better crop top.