An Ode To Ilana Glazer’s Crop Tops On Broad City

Dancing in a lingerie inspired crop top. broad city crop top Sleepwear crop top. broad city crop top Not technically a crop top, but this tee tucked into shorts gives a similar silhouette. broad city crop top Cropped sweatshirt on the train. broad city crop top Wearing a cropped sweatshirt while trying to pull weed out of her pussy. broad city crop top

Getting too drunk and video chatting your best friend and sole mate in a crop top. 

broad city crop top It says “fuck this week.”
broad city crop top Hurricane crop top.
crop top 1 Perfect for doing whatever is necessary to help your friend. crop top 4

Ooh one last crop top from the season finale…

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      Ohhh I do love the crop top!

    • Ashley Reese

      Crop top supremacy.

    • Kara

      The video chatting crop top actually says “fuck me weezy” because they were trying to go to his concert. I feel like that fact makes it an even better crop top.