OMG, Hilary Duff’s Amazing New Hair Color Makes Her Look Like A Vintage Starlet

Hilary Duff dyed her hair

You know that weird urge you get when you see a photo of somebody’s amazing hair and realize you’ll never be happy with your own until it’s just like theirs? Yeah, that’s happening to me at this very moment.

Early this morning, Hilary Duff tweeted a rather gorgeous photo of herself. Now, normally I do not think celebrity selfies are all that noteworthy unless they’re hilarious, ridiculous, terrifying or potentially offensive, but in this case, the selfie in question is just all sorts of inspiring. Not in an actually inspirational way, like the student we talked about yesterday, but inspirational in an “I need change my hair like right now” way. Check it out:

It’s gorgeous! So pale and blonde, and the soft waves just enhance how pretty it is.

Um, so, I really need to bleach my hair ultra-blonde right right right now. I have been thinking about doing it for a while, though I would have to wait until I can have it done in a proper salon, as I messed it up so many times when I would bleach and dye my hair over the last decade. Expect posts on the subject. Many, many posts. There’s nothing like a good before and after of a dramatic hair change amongst our staff!

As a side note, is everybody else amazed at how famous people like Hilary Duff still are despite having done like, one successful project? It’s so bizarre to me, but I guess that’s just how celebdom words.

Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      wow she looks stunning and I don’t normally think that of Hduff. (the veneers helped too)

    • CMJ

      Oh, that is good.

    • Katie

      Excuse me. She also sang the “Laguna Beach” theme song. And was in Cinderella story. That’s like 3 successful projects. Gosh

      • Amanda

        And she just got a record deal! So maybe a new successful project is in the works!

    • Amanda

      Is it just me or is anyone else getting a Kim Kardashian vibe from the photo?

      • Madison

        I thought the EXACT same thing.

      • Alicia Brooke


    • Alicia Brooke

      Assuming she’s being truthful, I love the no extensions thing. Those things are so damn tacky.

    • Elizabeth

      I would love to try the super pale blonde thing at some point, but I feel like it works better on people who have nice skin, and I… don’t, at least without makeup. But it looks great on her!