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10 GIFs Way Uglier Than Beyonce’s ‘Ugly Cry’ Face

beyonce ugly cry

The Archangel Beyoncé Knowles ended her Mrs. Carter World Tour last night in Lisbon, Portugal, and got understandably emotional while thanking her fans. Before she closed out the night with “X.O.,” she took a moment to reflect on the last year, which has seen a new album, remarkable videos, idol worship beyond what was previously thought possible, a touching commercial, a new role as a vocal feminist, and, as she pointed out, her daughter’s first steps.

“Tonight is the last show of the Mrs. Carter show. We started a year ago… and I want to say this has been such a journey. I am so lucky. I’m giving y’all the ugly cry.”

Awwwwww. Good try, Beyoncé. It’s cute that you think you can do an ugly cry, but of course, she looked like a superhuman sex monster. That was a failed ugly cry, indeed.

Let’s peruse some actual ugly cries, shall we?

1. Clare Danes‘ Carrie Mathison is famous for her cries.

clare danes ugly cry

2. Deena just wants her meatballs. I feel you.

jersey shore deena meatball

3. Kim Kardashian is many things, but a beautiful crier she is not.

kim kardashian crying4. Oh, Tobias.

tobias funke crying in shower

5. Lea Michele as Rachel Berry is pretty bad, too.

rachel berry crying glee

6. The Walking Dead seems really intense.

walking dead crying

7. Aww! Baby Leo!

leonardo dicaprio crying

8. Donna is really going for it on Twin Peaks.

donna twin peaks crying9. No, Nicolas Cage. No.

nicolas cage crying gif10. Chris Pratt is not crying.

chris pratt crying gifI love ugly cries because I find them completely humanizing–we can’t all look good all the time and it’s liberating to think that we’re all ugly when we cry. Everyone, of course, but Beyoncé. Good effort, Bey, but you didn’t quite make it to ugly cry level. Next time!

Gifs: Giphy, Photo: Youtube/[H/T Jezebel]

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  • Samantha Escobar

    Oh my god. All of these are so great. Although #8 makes me so sad :(

  • Lindsey Conklin

    Clare Danes has truly mastered the art of the ugly cry!

  • Crayzcheshire

    Nothing lifts my spirits on a bummer day quite like those Kim K ugly cry gifs.

    • Julia Sonenshein

      It’s the rainy day cure I’ve been waiting for.

    • Crayzcheshire


    • Char

      That shirt. I need it.

    • http://flockeoseagulls.flavors.me/ Frances “Librle” Locke

      I want to make sweet, slow love to that t-shirt.

  • Mandie

    Daryl crying rips my heart out. But whoever made that Kim K GIF gets a slow clap.

  • Bunny Lou

    No, Farrah Ambrahams is officially the ugliest crier. But Kim Kardashian is fairly close.

  • Kirsten

    How is Sandra Oh/Cristina Yang not on this list? She gives spectacular ugly cry.

  • Joanna Rafael

    Everyone reading this should know that Julia Sonenshein is a weirdly cute crier.

    • Julia Sonenshein


  • http://flockeoseagulls.flavors.me/ Frances “Librle” Locke

    YES, Twin Peaks reference FTW!