10 Bisexual Celebrities That Everyone Keeps Labeling As Gay Or Straight

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We’re nearing the end of Bisexual Health Awareness Month: a time set aside by the Bi Resource Center to focus on issues that specifically affect those who identify with the B in LGBT. We still have a long, long way to go before we reach equality for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities, and one glaring issue in our culture is bi erasure. All too often, people who call themselves bisexual get hammered into ill-fitting cubbies labeled “straight” and “gay”– and it happens to celebrities all the time. Here are 10 famous names that we all need to associate with bisexuality!

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1. Amber Heard. She’s now sporting a gigantic rock from Johnny Depp, but that doesn’t erase her past relationship with photographer Tasya van Ree– and it definitely doesn’t change the fact that she came out in 2010. “I don’t label myself one way or another,” she said at a GLAAD event. “I have had successful relationships with men and now a woman.”

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2. Alan Cumming. He’s happily married to a man. Cool. That doesn’t make him gay. “I still define myself as bisexual even though I have chosen to be with Grant,” he once stated. “I’m sexually attracted to the female form even though I am with a man and I just feel like bisexuals have a bad rap.”

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3. Drew Barrymore. Another example of a bisexual woman who (gasp!) didn’t turn straight just because she married a man. “I have always considered myself bisexual,” she said in a 2003 interview.

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4. Megan Fox. She once told Esquire, “I have no question in my mind about being bisexual.” Guess what? That settles it.

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5. Andy Dick. He often gets the big G label thrown at him, but he says it doesn’t fit. “I’m not even gay!” he told the Washington Post. “Just because I’ve been with guys, and I’m bi, doesn’t mean I’m gay.

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6. Carrie Brownstein. She’s often called a lesbian, despite the fact that she’s never used that word to describe herself. “I definitely identify as bisexual,” she said in 2010. “Okay, I’m bisexual. Just ask.”

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7. Lady Gaga. It’s irritating to hear her called an “ally,” and it’s even more irritating to see people criticize her for “using” the LGBT rights movement as part of her act. She’s not an ally. She’s bisexual.

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8. Billie Joe Armstrong. Did you know that men who marry women can still be just as bisexual as they were when they were single? Shocking stuff.

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9. Angelina Jolie. She’s publicly dated men and women, and she’s openly talked about her fluid sexuality throughout the years. Nothing straight about that.

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10. Margaret Cho. For someone who talks about her bisexuality as often as Cho does, it’s exhausting to hear her described as a “lesbian celebrity.”

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    • Samantha Escobar

      I feel silly about this, but I really was clueless on 2 and 4. I identify as bisexual but I think even so, I still have internalized that weird stigma against the word. It’s stupid/shitty and for sure needs to stop.

      • Synnamin

        Kudos for being aware of that about yourself.

      • Eric

        Don’t worry. I was clueless about Billy Joe Armstrong. Absolutely clueless.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      I think it’s so strange that people have such trouble with the term “bisexual” -why does it have to be one or the other?

    • FemelleChevalier

      THANK YOU. It’s sad that the authenticity of bisexuals/pansexuals is still being questioned, but it really is a complex issue especially within the LGBT community. For example, dismissing the sexuality is thing, but there are those who are actively bi-phobic. Honestly, I have experienced more of it from gays/lesbians.

      • Sri

        I have seen a bunch of conversations about whether the assumption that bisexual people in a “heterosexual” relationship are straight is privilege or erasure. On one hand, I do benefit from people assuming I’m straight because I’m married to a man. Some people would say that gives me straight privilege. On the other hand, people act shocked when they realize that it didn’t somehow cure me of my bisexuality, which is pretty shitty. Worse yet are the people who assume I’m going to cheat on my husband, because of course all bi or pan people are slutty sluts who will hurt anyone they have to to have all the sex. Then there are the creeps who assume my husband is having all the threesomes, and completely dismiss me as anything but a sex object.

        I’m still torn on the whole thing, myself. I will admit that I’m relatively protected by my relationship status, but it also really hurts to be told by other people that I’m not this, I’m that, even though I’m really really not.

      • FemelleChevalier

        It’s a complicated issue. On one hand, I understand the sentiments of gays/lesbians towards the bisexual stigma. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean that they have the right to judge me based on my sexuality.

        Until there’s an acceptance towards the LGBT community — including marital rights and rights to not be discriminated based on sexual orientation, the animosity towards our hetero-privilege will never be gone. Until then, bisexual visibility is all we have on our side.

      • I Goddard

        Unfortunately, having rights doesn’t change some of the stigma. Canada has had equal marriage for over 10 years now, and has anti-discrimination laws. And yet, I still have gotten stinkeye from some in the LG community (hard to toss in the “B” when I get excluded, harder to toss in the “T” when I see those I care for also excluded because we’re just not queer enough).

      • FemelleChevalier

        Ah, the BT exclusion. It’s bollocks that some of them (LGs) treat us that way. And I find some of them a tad elitist for their own good with their “goldstar” statuses and whatnot.

      • Faith

        You’re not alone, I hope you’ll join us on Facebook in the BiNet USA group, and share your story!

      • Derpyderpderp

        Also, that thing where people “find out” that you are actually not straight (having just assumed, often by using their magical intuition), and then get all huffy and annoyed, like you’ve betrayed them in some way – like maybe you’re a secret lesbian, or something, and you’ve been hiding it from them all along >_<

      • Ian Osmond

        Personally, I think the ability to pass (on whatever axis — race, religion, sexuality, gender identity, whatever) is both privilege AND erasure. I think “passing” and “being closeted” are in some sense related, and they both have elements of both privilege and of erasure. The ability to be treated as the majority is pretty much the definition of “privilege”; lack of acknowledgement of the existence of one’s distinction from the majority is pretty much the definition of “erasure”. I think there can be a lot of overlap in those.

      • Lorra

        Bisexuals in relationships with people of the opposite sex only have “passing privilege” as much as single homosexual people do. It’s B.S.

      • Eve

        It gets to be a really interesting situation when I identify as pansexual and my current partner was identified male when I first met them but has since started publically identifying as female and working on transitioning. The whole gender thing is just overrated as far as I’m concerned, people are people and let’s leave it at that.

    • J_Doe5686

      I hate the fact that most people think that bisexuals are “confused” or that bisexuals are going through a phase. Well, I tell them that when I fall in love I fall in love with a person, not a gender.

    • kj

      REPRESENT! Also, I love love love Lady Gaga and Margaret Cho’s makeup in these pictures.

    • Faith

      Thank you thank you

    • Callie

      Every bisexual person I’ve ever known has just been slutty honestly.

      • ThatsWhatTeeSaid

        And every person who I’ve ever heard say what you just said has been an idiot. Now if your response to what I just said was to be offended, then you understand why what you just said was offensive too. Your own personal experiences don’t make these facts true for the entire world. Be open to learning about the world outside your own limited worldview.

      • Carol

        I have a bisexual son who has never been kissed. He is no slut.

      • Rick Lopez

        And you believe what your child, a boy, no less, tells you? Idiot.

      • krypple

        wow, rick, that was horrible. look up sexist in the dictionary and let us know if you were smiling in the pic next to it.

      • TheEternalRealist

        Rick has quite obviously been kicked to the curb by some hot bi guy that knows he can do better than hang around with a dude with such a nasty attitude. Sour grapes.

      • Rick Lopez

        Wrong dumbfuck. Clearly I’m speaking from a biological and psychology based level. All boys at that age are interested in sex, they will lie about it usually but most boys and men know that at that age they had sex on the brain constantly ON TOP of the everyday stresses of life, school, family, church, etc. so yeah, it’s something every guy in that demographic has to worry about. Some guys are late bloomers in the ways of maybe jerking off but even the most prudish dude is gonna be whacking it by 12 or else he’s gonna be getting a lot of ‘night issues’. Also, I’m a men’s rights advocate so I’m the last person you should be calling sexist via male/men’s issues, you fucking cunt.

      • Fuck you bro

        Hahaha of course you’re a men’s rights advocate. That’s why you call people cunts and insist that boys are sex-crazed animals.

      • No

        Rick, do you want some aloe vera for that burn ?

      • Scarlet Ellis

        How ridiculous. Not all males are sexually active as teenagers (outside of their own hands). What does masturbation have to do with a teenage boy being kissed?

        My brother was a virgin until he was 21. He was socially awkward and spent most of his time on his computer until that age. Perhaps the boys mother actually knows him better than some random guy on the internet that thinks he speaks on behalf of all men everywhere?

        Just maybe?

      • Sary

        Your statement was an obvious generalization, regardless of your purported alliance with the men’s rights movement. It, as well as your second reply, were also blatantly and unnecessarily hateful. So you think a mother might be wrong about her child? You are absolutely entitled to that opinion. There’s no need to be a dick about it however.

        My younger brothers are 15 and 17. I know for a fact that neither of them have kissed anyone. Not because they are some pinnacle of propriety that never thinks about sex or pornography. I know they do. They’re teenagers and absolutely flooded with all of the lovely hormones and feelings that go with that territory. That doesn’t mean they, or any other teenager for that matter, will act on it though. I’m sure it’ll happen eventually, probably sooner than later, whether they’re ready for it or not. It’s part of growing up.

      • Derps again

        Ha, you can’t even keep your tenses straight, I’m certainly not taking pseudo mediciencey advice about gayness from you…

      • Cheesypriestess

        Thanks SO FUCKING MUCH for completely ignoring the existence of asexuality you stupid, stupid fucknut.

      • Derp


      • Carol

        Rick.My other son has been banging his girl in his bedroom for 6 yrs.No reason the other should lie. He works,goes to church,comes home. Don’t call me an idiot.

      • lexdysic

        i’m a 16 year old girl who has never had a romantic/sexual relationship with a person of ANY gender & i identify as bi, because you can realize your sexual preference before having a relationship with anyone, woah!!!

      • Natalie J Case

        I’m bisexual. I have been with fewer partners than most straight, married people I know.

        Not that I haven’t had offers and not that I think sex is bad or strictly for within relationships, but because I don’t need to have sex every single time I’m attracted to a man or woman any more than a gay person or a straight person does.

      • Rick Lopez

        100% Truth. I’ve dated literally like a hundred bisexual guys and only 1 or 2 of them were not slutty (I found out later) or ‘players’, etc. NONE of them had the ability to be monogamous except maybe one or two under certain conditions.

      • TheEternalRealist

        I find it rich that someone who has admitted to dating “like a hundred” bisexual guys feels justified in labeling most of them as slutty. Pot, meet kettle.

      • Derp again

        So, you’re into promiscuous non-conformist types? You are so brave to post this on an anonymous commenting space, with what is no doubt your real name. Power to Rick Lopez. What a legend. March 31 will henceforth be known as International Courageous Rick Lopez Day, where everyone will celebrate Rick’s hidden love of slutty bisexuals.

      • Jess Geez

        Every person I’ve ever known who posts weird anecdotal stereotypes about bi folks based on the handful they’d met, has had herpes. Just saying. honestly. 100% truthiness.

      • Scarlet Ellis

        So you slept with literally a hundred bisexual guys. Yet you feel you get to label other people slutty? Great logic.

      • t

        literally like

      • Kelvin

        hahahahaha! fantastic. I think you must be a poor lay, they find that you’re a bit too easy and lacking, so decide to go better? Yes, they don’t like you, so they’re not monogamous. Bitterness, much? I imagine your conditions being that they’re tied up, so they can’t get away, or something? With your attitude, I’d have run away too. Interesting you’re focussing on these ‘attributes’ which you patently don’t seem to like within yourself! As you’re american, or in that vicinity, you don’t seem to realise that dating is not the same as going steady?

      • Rick Lopez

        Don’t get it twisted, dumbfuck. But when you begin your argument with an assumption, no wonder you fail. Most of these guys -I- dumped and almost every single guy I’ve given the time of day has come chasing after me to either hook up or date them again so obviously it’s not due to lack of interest or being a ‘poor lay’. When one lover tells you ‘you’re the best I’ve ever had’ it’s a coincidence, when every single lover tells you that- then you know what you’re doing.

      • Kelvin

        you carry on telling yourself that. Ohhh, Riiiiicky, you so big, you so hot. you da man. Ohhh. *cums* Again, again.

      • Scarlet Ellis

        That’s such an ignorant comment. I was a virgin until I was 20 and I’ve only slept with 3 people in a decade since then. All in long term relationships. I am bisexual and certainly not slutty in the least.

        Take your stereotypes and ignorant assumptions elsewhere.

      • Eric

        That’s “sexually generous” to you, Callie. And thank you very much.

      • Anyonewhojustcan

        well, hello. a bisexual who has been with one single man for the past few years coming through.

      • FemelleChevalier

        Hi! My name is Quinn and I’m a “non-slutty” *roll eyes* bisexual.

      • JW

        I guarantee this perception exists because you have no idea how many bisexuals you actually know.

        And gee, who could blame them for hiding it from you with an attitude like that?

        Research in the sexology field has indicated that MOST people are some degree of “bisexual”; that many self-described “heterosexual” individuals, have had at minimum some attraction to or even fantasies of the same sex if not actual sexual experiences with them (See: the Kinsey research for one); that human sexuality is a lot more fluid than people like to think.

        Yet you still have people who think “bisexual” is some exotic “slutty” rarity. No, it’s not. They are no more “slutty” than anybody else and a true, full-on “heterosexual” (someone who absolutely has zero feelings of attraction for the same sex) is actually the real minority, the 5% or less outlier on the edge of the bell curve; it’s just that nobody wants to admit it, because our culture wants to think “heterosexual” is the default. Because our culture is delusional.

    • Hal

      Bi or not, as a man, I think I would bang most of the women here, as long as they are willing to have me. I would guess that being with a woman would make them all the more anxious to have me (and other men) doing them, but I am not sure.

      • Sardine Sandwich

        well let me help you out here, they wouldn’t.

      • Derpaderp

        Too slow, trollface. Serious contributors beat you to it.

      • Psych Student

        I found that being with a woman made me more anxious to be with more women. But that may be because I was involved with stupid men who assumed that I’d be “missing” something by being with a woman (most of whom have a variety of penises in whatever size I feel like and I don’t have to deal with the bullshit attitude that comes with one that’s attached).

    • http://www.KristopherSaim.com Kristopher Saim Photography

      Why must we label anyone?

      • SonjaFaithLund

        Because labels help those of us who use them feel less alone, less broken and freakish. If there’s a word for how I feel, that means I’m not the only one who feels it.

      • http://www.KristopherSaim.com Kristopher Saim Photography

        I can understand where you are coming from, but the way I have experienced labels – they have always been in a derogatory fashion, labels like fag, gay, queer, etc. I may be all of those things, but I would prefer not to be called them by anyone. I am a human, just like the people who use those words and I certainly wouldn’t label myself as those things to feel less alone. I would find a friend or confidant and build a relationship. I’m Kris, I’m not a label.

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but ultimately I’ve seen labels do more harm than good. And really, who cares if Margaret Cho (or any of these other people) is a lesbian or gay or bisexual, it’s not my business.

      • chthonian1974

        exactly…Margaret Cho is…Margaret Cho, who happens to be made up of a million other things other than her sexuality! same with Angelina Jollie :)

        Their sexuality is just one aspect of who they are…for all I know, Margaret Cho likes long walks on the beach and Italian food!

      • trxr

        That’s the thing. A lot of people – whose business it totally isn’t – DO care about your sexuality, however you label it other than “heterosexual and monogamous”. A tiny few countries of the world give you equal rights without regard to your sexuality. Most of course do not, and many outright persecute you. So until we actually do get to a point where the majority of society truly doesn’t care, then ignoring the reality of life for queers – if not your life, then most – is really disingenuous right now.

      • chthonian1974

        I personally think labels are silly. I choose not to label myself as anything other than “human” I am me and I decide what defines me, not silly society rules made up to treat people like less than equal. I can’t tell you what you are feeling that is your journey, but I can tell you that I get rather upset when people try to fit me into one label or another. I like to think I am a unique human being, and I don’t need to be told…Oh, you like girls, you are a lesbian, Oh, you like boys, you are hetero, Oh, you like both, your bisexual….Oh, you “look:” more feminine…so you must be a “femme” or you look more “butch” you must be butch or “you are ambiguous” so you must be confused, or maybe you are a butchy-femme or a Femmie-Butch…are you male or female? I can’t tell? It get’s real annoying that someone can’t take the time to get to know “ME” for what I have to offer…instead, I am lumped into some silly little label and marked “not for me” as people walk off!

      • ugamau

        if you don’t label yourself , someone will

      • chthonian1974

        Then that is their issue not mine! I am me, I have name, and I have a personality….all I ask is that people stop trying to categorize my life into a stupid label.

      • Jackie Cutter

        Your name is also a label.

      • chthonian1974

        Of course it is and you are officially off topic…we are not aguing about everyday labels here. We are talking about labels that are used in a derragatory manner to hurt individuals…especially the term bisexuality. Your name, usually is given with love by your parents, usually not out of hate. moving on now…tata

      • Cathy

        Bisexuality isn’t negative and you shouldn’t imply it is. Many people, including myself, choose to be label themselves bisexual. Most people who are anti-labels have never felt the relief of “yes, finally, a term that describes me!” That being said, you shouldn’t label anyone unless they specifically tell you they’re okay with it…

      • John Clark

        I actually take issue with the word “label”. When a gay person says they are gay, its just a description of who they are. Its like telling people you are 1/8 th Cherokee or that your mother is Jewish. But when bisexuals say we are bisexual, it is a label. No, we are just letting people know we were born this way.

      • Derp

        Some people actually don’t want to be labelled as something, nothing, everything… or “born this way”. There should be room for someone (as some of those in the list above) to say they don’t identify as anything… and then everyone assumes they are Bi. God-help-us, but I think Glee may have been one place I have seen this dealt with: “some people just like people”. They don’t need (or want) a label for that. Frankly, it’s only the business of whoever they are whatevering with, and no one else needs to know one way or the other.

      • Derp II

        Meaning that for many who might identify as being somewhere “on the spectrum”, so to speak, an exacting and limiting term (like Bisexual) IS a label. Even Queer, despite the openness of the term, can be a “label” for some people who don’t conflate who they are with a sexual identity (or don’t have a fixed sexual identity).

      • http://toyboxkiller.tumblr.com/ Cate

        Yeah, I feel this, though I usually go with queer because I feel “bisexual” is too limiting and makes people assume that I am equally attracted to women an equal amount of the time, which is untrue. Queer is a looser term that I think describes my sexuality better.

      • http://diashoni.tumblr.com DiaShoni

        In most cases, people who object to labels don’t have to deal with those labels systemically being used against them.

    • FYouMudFlaps

      Bisexuals and Pansexuals stand up :)

      • Sphc

        But, we pansexuals don’t exist. We are purely mythical creatures. Have I been lied to?

      • Eve

        No. You have not. We are as mythical as unicorns and rainbows.

      • http://toyboxkiller.tumblr.com/ Cate

        No-one has ever proved our existence. We are like rare birds, flitting from partner to partner with no discernible pattern.

      • Naomi

        Hooray, we’re both unicorns!!

    • apieceofthat

      Ummm..newsflash. If you’re a guy and suck dick or take it in the ass…you’re gay. Don’t try to church it up there, Joe Dirt. Bisexual sounds so nice and trendy and fashionable…but yeah, you’re gay.

      • Jess Geez

        Ummm newsflash! If you’re a biphobic internet troll who doesn’t understand the word BI, who denies people’s SELF-EXPRESSED sexual identity because you maybe don’t understand it… you’re stupid. Don’t try to smart it up there, Joe ‘Murica. Being a shitidiot may SOUND old-timey and ridics… and yeah… IT IS.

      • apieceofthat

        Says the person who absolutely positively does not understand what it REALLY means to be straight. Bisexual is a social fad that the gay agenda uses to “soften” the blow of homosexual messaging. Sounds so much better to say “I love everyone” than to say “I take it in the ass.” WTH with so many gays who can’t even admit they’re gay? If you’re a guy who takes it in the ass or sucks a dick, you’re gay. Admit it and move on.

      • Derpity

        Or, uh, you know, some people might like the vag and the dick (not necessarily both at once. Or exclusively. Whatever). Or maybe they just like people based on something other than their bits. Just a crazy newfaddy idea made up by the Minoans. Or maybe the Romans. Or possibly the Spartans. Or something.

      • ugamau

        fucking idiot

      • Anyonewhojustcan

        the amount of sheer ignorance is overwhelming.

      • Derpitup

        Thanks for your helpful clarification, I was getting all confused by this “subtlety of human identity” bollocks.

      • Skye Vega

        So what if they lay with a man one day, and are happy, and then do the same with a woman the next and are equally as happy. does that not make them bi?

      • Naomi

        Oh no! My bisexual fiance (who was previously with a man for 7 years) is completely confused and led astray by trendy labels! Despite the fact that he LOVES women and having sex with me, a biological women. And yet, still has the capacity to be attracted to men. WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS?!?!?

      • Christina Wolfle

        So if I married a man who experimented with a guy once in his life but really really loves ravaging my pussy, he is somehow gay. Please explain?

    • AgentM

      Anyone else find it ironic that Amber Heard is quoted as saying “I don’t label myself one way or another” and the article has labeled her as Bisexual…

      • ugamau

        agentM: its all about the context. She was referring to the 2 apparent only “recognized” sexual camps.

      • Sterling Ericsson

        Except she could also be something no heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. This article is now trying to confine her to the bisexual label.

      • Ella

        Yea, just because someone likes men and women, doesn’t make them bi! Plus, all the bi-hate in the gay community is deeply uncool, so plenty of people who maybe would be “bi” would rather either say gay, or straight, or nothing than go through the bizarre anti-bi reaction.

    • apieceofthat

      The bigger question is “Who gives a f*ck?”
      Why do gays have to go around tell everyone they’re having sex with someone of the same sex? I don’t go around blogging, posting, tweeting, shouting, parading, instagramming “Hey, I bang women!”
      Seriously. Shut the hell up.

      • Derpin all over the place

        Well people wouldn’t have to if other people weren’t such arse-facey jerks about it when they DON’T. I’m willing to bet quite a lot of (admittedly imagined) dollars on the fact that would would freakthefuckout if your newfound work buddy unexpectedly brought his boyfriend to a social barbeque at your place, right? So, evidently, all the hyper-sensitive mega-straights (most straight people who live more than 30 miles away from a large city centre, for example) need to be told that they might have a “gay” in their general vicinity, so they can a) get all huffy about it and b) avoid inevitable contamination.

        So, dumbarse, what was your question?

      • apieceofthat

        Puhleez. Gays are so fucking flamboyant about it. They just HAVE to tell the world they’re gay. Guess what, we don’t give a sh*t. Keep it to yourselves. Parades? Really?
        Tell me one other thing that makes a gay person different than anyone else…OTHER THAN who they’re having sex with?
        Nothing. Gays are teachers, doctors, lawyers, nurses, cops, etc. The only thing that makes them difference is who they have sex with. So why the hell do they have to tell us?
        Because of your own f*cking insecurities? Or because you feel you’re special?
        Shut the hell up. Suck that dick in private but I don’t need it on every f*cking billboard, tv show, movie and magazine. Cripes. You gays are so f*cking insecure.

      • Still Derpin’

        This is why there is a whole article dedicated to a) people you DIDN’T know were gay (because they don’t bother making it a big deal about it) and b) people you thought were gay gay gay, but it turns out they were actually slightly more complicated than the black/white gay/straight binary. Because all gays are flamboyant and tell everyone, right?

        Also, just a heads up in case you ever actually care about whether other people (gay or, you know, not gay) think you are a complete idiot: gays can also be girls, and girls can also have gay pride. It’s not all about dicks. In fact, for plenty if women, it’s quite specifically not about the dicks. And, ok, Lesbians get their own L in GLBT(etc), but that’s got more to do with feminisim than not-gayness. They’re still pretty gay (or a bit gay. Or not identifying… but still not dick sucking. I think you get the point).

        Also, really just because it’s entertaining to see you get so terribly worked up – you didn’t really address my point, above, which is that YOU evidently DO need to know, because you would totally lose your shit if someone in your life turned out to be gay, and hadn’t conveniently outed themselves to you before you found out the hard way (ie: in a social situation in which it would be unacceptable to be an openly discriminatory kind of person, as you pretty evidently are, demonstrated by your colourful use of: fuck, fucking… fucking… suck that dick…. and so forth).

      • apieceofthat

        wrong. I have gay friends. And I tell them the same thing: shut the f*ck up. I find it disgusting, unnatural and I don’t need to hear about what you do in privacy. But that’s just it. Gays –yes men AND women, CAN’T keep it private. You’re so hell bent on telling the world.
        It’s not that you’re gay that bothers me as much as how annoying you all are.

      • Running out of Derps

        You have friends who are fine with you thinking that a significant aspect of their life is disgusting?

        That flabbergasting fact(?) aside: as if straight sexuality isn’t (literally) plastered all over everything all of the time. One day of the year, and less that 1/10 of media, is dedicated to a fairly significant minority identity, and you’re flipping out like it’s personal.

        You know what? If it’s none of your business, why the hell do you care?

        Besides, if you even bothered to look at the rest of the comments here, by far the majority are people who YOU would label as gay, saying that they don’t openly label, don’t make a big deal of it, and don’t agree that it needs to be any one else’s business. Just as in the mainstream straight community, some people are attention seeking, and sure, maybe they think that what makes them special is their gayness. Generally, though, the vast majority of people turn up to things like pride because they want to the right to not be told by their so-called “friends” that their most intimate life is disgusting. I’m probably biased, but this seems quite reasonable to me.

        So as far as I can see, this is YOUR problem…

      • Derpzzzz

        I can see you typing in the creepy little window. One thing I need to get off my chest: It is now NAP TIME. Trala!

      • apieceofthat

        Yes I have gay friends and yes they know I find it disgusting and unnatural and abnormal. And yes, i have two friends who identify as “bisexual” but I say the same thing to them. “No such thing as bisexual. Either you’re straight or you’re gay.” “Either you would never suck a dick or you would” (for men.)

        And I absolutely disagree with the idea that gays are in your face because they “want the right to not be told that their most intimate life is disgusting”…because we wouldn’t even frickin’ know if you kept it intimate.

      • wasp

        The only one obsessing over penises here is you, buddy. You may want to talk to a therapist about that repressed sexuality. Might also mention the bigotry while you’re at it.

      • Scarlet Ellis

        I can only assume you are a troll. Seeing as all of this is obnoxiously retarded.

        Yeah, white straight male, over 40. You get held back so much by society.

        You may as well get disability. Being a white straight male, all doors are closed to you. Poor you, so hard done by. Being a white straight man over 40 in a country run by white straight men over 40. The humanity!

      • Pstoffnhowlin

        YOU are such a piece of shit of a human being! Your soul will be reborn as a shit eating COCK roach……

      • Psych Student

        And probably Christian. Don’t forget the “horribly oppressed Christians”.

      • Psych Student

        Can we talk to your gay friends? Because I’d like to counsel them to avoid spending time with hateful people. And I’d like to know what kind of gay people would be friends with a homophobe (it’s not just a question I have for you, it’s also a question I have for everyone else who says “I have a gay friend and hate gay people”).

      • Louboutin

        That one other thing that makes a non-straight person different? It’s called discrimination. It’s how their sex and love lives get treated by people at home, school, work and church. If you’re in a region where gay people are accepted in all of those places, good for you. But it is certainly not the case everywhere, and non-straight people in those places need to know that there are other non-straight people out there who can live proudly without being stigmatized for who they are.

      • apieceofthat

        Oh please. I get discriminated against because I’m white. I get discriminated against because I’m over 40. Everyone gets discriminated against for something. The difference is no one would ever know if I’m straight or gay unless I am going out of my way to tell them.

      • chris

        *sigh* i think the problem lies with people who can not wrap their heads around someone who is proud of something that society wants to tell them is inferior. The reason that there is gay pride is because gay people want to reverse that power that society seeks over them. I’m going to be completely honest, there are some people who just go too far. but I am gay, and unless the situation is relevant or if I’m asked, I’m not going to randomly bring it up. A parade is not the same thing.

      • le sigh

        You don’t actually understand what you are talking about, do you? It’s so hard for you when someone interrupts your everyday life to tell you that the right you assume you have to do whatever, and say whatever, you like without any major social repercussions is in fact just a constructed form of privilege that you happen to have by virtue of being born white, and attracted to the opposite sex. Sure, you can be discriminated against “for being white” but is that going to stop you going to college? Is that going to end with you being sent to jail? Does it make you feel suicidal?

        Maybe, if a large number of people are telling you, in a not-so-subtle fashion, that you are wrong, you should sit down, educate yourself and formulate at least a half-hearted opposition – just like all the intelligent, articulate and reasonable people here have had to do because they do not conform to a social norm. They take the time – they have the courtesy – to bother letting you know that they have thought about your position – long and hard (can’t help it really, not having the luxury you do of just blasting bollocks from the rooftops and calling it “Normal”) – and come up with a pretty convincing counter position.

        FOR EXAMPLE: “Waaaaaa, I’m white, and therefore I get racially discriminated against, therefore all people who are marginalised by white (or heteros, or men) should SHUTTUP”.. That is a very poor, and frankly lazy, argument. Also, just really kind of stupid, because you can’t even be bothered to grasp the ideas that you are dealing with.

        YOU COULD HAVE TRIED: “Most people suffer some degree of marginailsation, and perhaps in these intersectional times, it would be best if we all tried to do away with reductive and restrictive labelling, and instead took a more human approach: we are all people, and we all need to get along. Performing difference perhaps also perpetuates difference. People don’t deserve to be negatively judged if they are good people living lives that are, by their moral standard, good lives. None of us should take it upon ourselves to marginalise or otherwise restrict another – I feel that constantly drawing attention to sexuality, gender, and race, tends to just make everyone feel more distant”. Sure, you’d still get a bit slammed for having the triple-whammy of white/straight/male, and possibly trying to take away others’ right to a space and a voice, but hey, you could also add “I understand that I come from a position where people will listen to whatever I say AHEAD OF other people who are non-white, non-male and non-hetero (or, non-normative is also fine), and so I understand that I speak from a privileged space” or something to that effect.

        Currently, what it sounds like is: I am white, which is the best kind of thing to be, also straight, which is also the best. Those who are not like me are bad/disgusting/inferior. Therefore, their insistence that they are not makes me feel like maybe my superior position as the best kind of social being is threatened. Therefore, these others must understand that I, at the top of the pile, have the wisdom to see that we are all unequal. There is the whingey side of unequal, and the most-normal-best-top-of-the-pile kind. Which just sounds like discrimination to me…

      • Psych Student

        Oh honey, we’re pretty sure you’re straight. Don’t worry about it.

      • amp69

        One minute you say you don’t give a fuck and the next you’re sharing your opinion how disgusting and unnatural gay people are.

        Being homosexual is more than ‘sucking a dick in private’ and the fact that you think that just shows your own ignorance.

      • Psych Student

        When I say, “I’m a lesbian” I’m telling you the gender of my wife, not who I have sex with. If my gay friend tells you he’s gay, he’s telling you that he dates men. No one asked you to picture where he sticks his dick.

      • bi it up loud

        stop shoving your heterosexuality in my face, literally nobody cares you insecure prick.

      • Seth

        Uh, no. You know a lot of heteros always tell their friends who they’ve hooked up, who they’re having sex with and talk about how it was, right? You know people who tell each other how hot that person over there is? You look pretty insecure, whining about people. I see your heterosexuality every day, couples are nearly always male & female. You know what, when two guys walk down the road and suddenly decide they should hold hands, because honestly, I have never seen two guys holding hands in my town, but they see me as an example and don’t repress their feelings or thoughts. You’re a piece of shit human being

      • Nerdy Lucy

        Well, apparently do you, so….

    • ophidimancer

      I don’t want to be douchily post-queer, but if someone doesn’t want to label themselves, why label them? The quote from Amber Heard clearly says that she doesn’t label herself as anything.

    • Jan Strutt Hart

      Their sexuality is their own business. They have talent.

    • Eric

      What gets said about bisexuality has everything to do with the person saying and nothing to do with who it’s being directed at. What others think of me is none of my business.

    • Joanna Boese

      They forgot Michelle Rodriguez and Sir Elton John…

    • Jimmi Shrode

      I’ll believe in Bi-Sexuals when I see a guy sneaking out on his husband to sleep with a woman.

      • t

        i just read about a guy doing just that only yesterday. i could find it for you, if you’d like.

      • Naomi

        My fiance cheated on his male partner with a woman (a shitty thing to do, he admits) when their relationship of 7 years was falling apart.

      • Christina Wolfle

        Yeah because I only exist if I’m cheating or having constant 3somes. Okayyy then…

    • Gigi

      Add morrissey to the list of someone who is bi and is often labeled as gay.

    • Johanna

      You can me Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer etc. and STILL be an Ally.

    • ender


    • Marisa

      The fact that I didn’t know of any bisexual celebrities before this article (with the exception of Lady Gaga) really does say a lot about the erasure of bisexuality in our society. I am incredibly happy about this article bringing forward some famous names to represent my sexuality.

    • Kitty_S

      I love the bisexual awareness articles. It’s now to know that there is a group of people that are getting the “choose one” ultimatum like me. Also- whoever chose those photos needs a new job. Those are literally the worst photos that have ever existed of any of those people. Damn.

    • lydia

      also michelle rodriguez!!

    • Alvina

      Freddy Mercury not on this list?

    • Miaou

      Homosexual men are not forcibly “gays” too …. most of homosexual men around the world live peacefully in the closet and they do not act as “gays”.. to be a gay man is to be a homosexual man who assumes his homosexuality and he is proud of it in the same way heterosexual men are proud to be “straight guys” and show it without shame. A heterosexual man who eventually or sometimes goes around to make sex with another man in convenience sex (like in western prisons or in arab muslin countries like Saudi Arabia), this does not make them “gays” or even “homosexuals”. Homosexuality as heterosexuality are present in the brain, not in a physichal behaviour. I know some transvestite men with big tits and on stilettos, very feminine i must say, they are “straight” and not “gays” because they love women and make sex with them and not with other persons with a dick.

    • Katharina Krebs

      *whispers* Freddie Mercury

    • MithrandirOlorin

      First off, many people’s definition of “Gay” includes Bis. I definitely include Bi and Pan women when I saw Lesbian, I’m tired of seeing Modern Bi women object to the term Lesbian, when the original of that term by connected to Gay Women, Sappho of Lesbos, wrote poems about Men as Well as women. It’s only the purely technical term Homosexual that refers solely to being a full 6 on the Kinsey scale.

    • bibae

      One of the benefits of being bi is definitely being able to use this response when people say you can’t be friends with the gender you are attracted to : “Yes, this is 100% true, I have absolutely no friends.”

    • evebee

      Why would anyone think Margaret Cho only dates women? She talks about peen all the time!

    • JoanieGranola

      There are a few other big names missing from this list. The two that come to mind first are Sandra Bernhardt and Piper Perabo. Although, not that it’s anyone’s business or people should care who falls in love with whom. But I understand how it’s human nature to speculate and be curious.

    • Funky Flashman

      Ugh, do we have to claim Andy Dick?