Fashion Disaster: January Jones Is Definitely Not Wearing Underwear With This Awful Lace Jumpsuit


January Jones could not look more like a modern Grace Kelly, and she oozes such a Kennedy-esque, old-school idea of “class” that she makes posing naked in a bathtub with diamonds seem like the most elegant and tasteful thing a person can do. But there is a limit to her classy superpower, and she found the limit with this tacky lace jumpsuit she wore on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night.

January Jones wears this jumpsuit as well as it can possibly be worn, but we’re still so tired of this sheer panel, “Look, ma! No underwear!” trend. When Jaimie Alexander wore it on the red carpet to promote Thor: The Dark World, it was shocking but kind of cool. Unfortunately, other stars discovered that this sheer-panel trend could get them press as well, and ever since then we’ve been trapped in a celebrity arms race to see who can most effectively demonstrate that she is not wearing any underwear. (So far Paris Hilton and her waxed vagina are winning.)

Not wearing underwear isn’t even scandalous. We generally assumed that the fear of pantylines meant that most celebrities eschewed underpants on red carpets. Underwear isn’t really all that necessary, anyway. But neither is it necessary to announce to everyone that one is going commando, which seems to be the main reason this jumpsuit and others of its ilk exist. We’ve seen everyone’s naked flanks, and now we’re tired of it.

Did we mention that it sparkles? Because it’s hard to tell in a still shot, but January Jones is glittering like a disco ball throughout her interview.

(Photo: YouTube/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)

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    • itpainsme2say

      Did you ever think they just like sheer panels, or is this satire because it doesn’t make sense that you would automatically think oh they are trying to show off the fact they’er not wearing underwear then go and write a whole post about it.

    • tom truth

      um, i’m a guy…and i am not tired of it. in fact, i am sure i want to marry that woman.

      come on january, let me love you like a lover should.

    • Wow

      What is your problem? She’s not showing her nether regions to you. You don’t even know if she’s wearing underwear or not, yet you decided to write an article shaming her anyway.

    • Cassie

      I think it’s lame to assume she’s only wearing it for attention. Maybe she likes it. I do, i think it’s really cool.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      I love the top!

    • yunclehead

      I utterly regret clicking on this link-bait tripe. But, because I have I’ll just amuse myself with how pathetic the circumstances must have been in their office to even think this garbage was worth attaching a writers and publishers name to. Disclaimer: the dialogue is not verbatim, but simply a dramatization of what probably happened…

      Editor said, “People are sick of the lame-ass crap we’ve been slinging for the past month. We need to come up with something fresh today! Elizabeth, find something quick to whip up. I don’t care what it is, just get me something new!”

      Elizabeth asked, “Like, uh, what?”

      Editor said, “Come up with a celebrity name or two and drag one through the mud! You know the drill, if you can’t find something juicy, make something up. How else are we going to fill this gossip rag?”

      Elizabeth said, “Well there really isn’t any new top-shelf scandal material out there to milk to death.” I mean, like, maybe if we made fun of somebody we’ve haven’t sunk our claws into recently…

      Editor said, “January Jones was on Jimmy Fallon last night. She didn’t say or do nothin’ stupid or anything, but I can get a still shot from Jimmy’s show.”

      Elizabeth’s internal monolog starts; ‘Yeah, I saw her last night, in that outfit. I SO hate that bitch. Who does she think she is wearing that on TV. I mean, I hate that she could pull it off. I hate her confidence. I hate her body. I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT THAT BITCH!! I wouldn’t wear an outfit like that and show a soul, and she wore it on NATIONAL FREAKIN’ TELEVISION!? I HATE THAT FREAKIN’ BITCH!!’

      Elizabeth smiles and said, “I think I can come up with somethin’ boss.”

    • Helly

      I think she looks beautiful as always. Not tacky at all!