Fashion Disaster: Kira Kosarin Wins Worst Use Of Pantyhose Material At Kids Choice Awards


Nickelodeon star Kira Kosarin is an extremely beautiful girl, and this cerulean dress by designer Peggy Hartanto is a gorgeous color on her. We especially like the way it gives us ample opportunity to make Devil Wears Prada quotes and say “cerulean.” It’s a great word. Ceruuuuuulean. If the dress only had sides, it would be one of our favorites of the entire night. Unfortunately, instead of having proper sides it decided to take a note from Sochi’s ice skaters and give us some awkward panels of pantyhose material:



The sheer illusion side panels make the cut look a bit awkward on, as though the bodice of the dress were one of those weird eye puzzles where you have to decide if you’re looking at a picture of two faces or a vase. It’s a bit excessively complicated, and the fussy belt sucks a lot of the fun, youthful energy out of what should be a really perfect blue dress. The color is so great we hope she tries it again, even if just because we selfishly want some more excuses to say the word, “cerulean.”

We love the way she paired her blue eyeshadow with it, but we’re less enthused by the fat-soled metallic gold platforms. They make it look like she’s teetering around on a pair of ice skates, which is particularly unfortunate given how much this dress looks like an ice dancing costume.

(Photos: WENN)

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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      Cool idea for cutouts that won’t give you an accidental wardrobe malfunction, but this looks so strange.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      oh yikes!

    • benjamin jacabi

      i love kira so much. i hope me and her can date