Woman Drops $25K On Plastic Surgery In Failed Attempt To Look Like JLaw, But It’s The Effort That Counts

jennifer lawrence plastic surgery

A woman that ABC News is identifying as “Kittywent ahead and spent $25,000 on six plastic surgeries in order to look like Jennifer Lawrence, as one does. It didn’t exactly pan out, but at least she’s happy with her decision.

It would seem that Kitty’s desire to look like Lawrence isn’t simply based on physical appearance but also an appreciation for Lawrence’s personality, which I suppose wins her some sort of distinction as far as plastic surgery to look like a celebrity goes.

“I can appreciate that her personality is spunky and fun. I can appreciate that her body is banging. I’m not trying to look like Pamela Anderson here during her ‘Baywatch’ days. I’m trying to look like a very capable, very personal level-headed female who is an Academy Award winner.”

Yikes, sorry, Pamela Anderson. Burn.

In case you were settling into your arm chair psychologist position (or in my case, just side eye-ing like crazy), Kitty’s doctor, Dr. Franklin Rose, is willing to go on record (and also give Kitty a discount for hawking his services on the news) to confirm that she’s 100% mentally sound, despite wanting to spend a small fortune to look like a different human.

“By this point in my career, after evaluating 14-15,000 new consultations, you can tell very quickly within a matter of a minute if the patient is well adjusted or not well adjusted for whatever the procedure they might present.”

The procedures included rhinoplasty, fat grafts to her face, liposuction, and breast augmentation. I didn’t initially realize that she had all the procedures done at the same time, over the course of six hours. It looks like Kitty is pretty fucking hard core.

To be fair, this apparently wasn’t as drastic a change as we might think–Kitty claimed that she already had quite a resemblance to Lawrence. She saw the procedures as “upgrades” and not starting from zero. Coupled with insecurity after having a child, the decision to have the surgery was a no-brainer for Kitty, who said that ”I don’t think you have to be crazy to want to look better or feel better about yourself. That’s not crazy.” I agree. Bizarre as this might seem, there’s nothing crazy struggling with self esteem.

While some parts of this story seem a little depressing (Kitty’s approach to financial planning for her family’s future comes with the disclaimer of “maybe it’s naiveté”), it’s at least somewhat heartening to see that this was 100% her decision, made for herself. In fact, her husband, Eric, seemed completely separate from the decision, saying “Jennifer Lawrence isn’t a celebrity that I have particularly strong feelings about one way or another. It’s totally her choice.” Kitty confirmed that with ”I am a strong woman. I am in charge of how I look and I can change that and then change that again if I want.” So, there’s that.

Not to be the world’s biggest asshole, but I don’t see much in terms of results. Kitty, on the other hand, was thrilled with her purchase.

“Of course I look like Jennifer Lawrence. I thought I had a resemblance to Jennifer Lawrence before my surgery and now I think after, my features are more refined to where they resemble her more.”

woman has plastic surgery to look like jennifer lawrence

I thought she was pretty to begin with, but what the hell does that matter? It’s her body to do weird stuff to (nobody judges me for slathering half an avocado onto my face while eating the other half), and if it makes her feel more comfortable with herself, then power to her. Or something.

Photos: ABC News

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    • http://www.ambiencechaser.com/ Elizabeth Licata

      I am totally judging you for smearing half an avocado on your face and eating the other half of the avocado. Both halves must be eaten, Julia!

      • Julia Sonenshein

        FAIR POINT!

      • Valerie


    • Kaitlin Reilly

      I think she looks great both before and after and have zero problem with anyone doing something that makes them happier with their body. But it makes me sad that she thinks she has to look like someone else entirely in order to be happy and confident.

    • elle

      You can get all the plastic surgery to look like a celeb that you want but since you will never have the celebs same bone structure it will also will always fall short.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      doesnt she look the same before and after?!

    • porporina

      I know this isn’t really the point…but I think she looked way closer to Mandy Moore than Jennifer Lawrence prior to surgery.

    • Valerie

      Yeah, I see no resemblance to J Law before or after but whatever floats her boat.

    • HB

      This is not a mentally sound goal. She sounds confident about everything, which is fine and good, but this is really… effed up.

    • http://batman-news.com J_Doe5686

      Why is it that some people pay top amount of money to look like someone else? Money wasted because she looks nothing like her.

    • Max_Freedom

      Why would she want to look like Jude Law?