The 4 Most Irritating Moments From The How I Met Your Mother Series Finale

CBS 2013 Upfront PresentationLast night, How I Met Your Mother aired its long awaited grand finale; today, fans of the show have taken to the internet to express just how irritated they are with the ending of the show. Many fans, this blogger included, felt as though the swan song walked back on the entire series. Like many television programs now, HIMYM loved to toy with the audience; however, the show was supposed to be a long-winded boy-meets-girl story and not a mystery, so the twist-ending felt more like a eye roll inducing gotcha than a gasp worthy reveal. We bought what the plot was selling and it was a mistake. It feels like we all lost a slap bet.

Here are the four worst reveals from the series finale of How I Met Your Mother:

1) Robin and Barney’s Divorce After Three Years Of Marriage:

Cool, we watched an entire season devoted to making us believe in the union between two lone wolves and then pulling the carpet out from under that whole deal within a few minutes of the finale.

2) The Titular Mother Was Dead The Whole Time:

Many people saw this coming and it explains why Ted’s story was taking so long to tell, but it makes their children a couple of jerks. Those sociopathic teens were actually bored and rolling their eyes while listening to their widower father tell the story of how he met their now deceased mother. This notoriously romantic character is bereft and reminiscing, but his offspring are all “shut up and go get laid, bro” like a couple of Barneys.

3) Barney Doesn’t Really Grow Up:

Troubling as it was to watch Barney continue to womanize and discuss having a “perfect month” of sleeping with a different stranger every night into his forties, that would have been peachy (no slut shaming here) if the show hadn’t deceived us into thinking he wanted to reform and settle down.

Despite how horrific it was that Barney and the gang refer to the mother of Barney’s child by number and not by name, watching Barney Stinson turn into Daddy Stinson was moving. I shed one lone tear when he held her for the first time. Neil Patrick Harris is a delight to watch on screen, but he’s the most theater-y theater kid to ever over-emote, so seeing him dial it back and be serious made that moment a bit legendary.

4) Ted Still Loves Robin:

More than a slap in the face, this was a bludgeoning with a blunt object–– blue French horn, for instance. This was the most disappointing possible conclusion to How I Met Your Mother; it makes the dud finale of Lost look like the ending of Six Feet Under. Sure, having grown-man Ted try to woo grown-woman Robin after all those years ties a neat bow around the series by connecting the pilot with Ted’s eventual romantic fate, but it retroactively renders the gestalt of the show to be a big trick.

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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      Yes to all of this — SO frustrating. I wouldn’t have minded the mother dying BUT everything else was just a train wreck. Barney and Robin’s divorce?!? Ted and Robin = endgame? I cannot believe they went that route. Most depressing ending ever.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      I really hate that the mother wasn’t alive. I was always rooting for Ted and Robin but that seems like such a cop out way to end the series.

    • Eileen

      The mother’s dying broke my heart – do the math, she only lived to be 40 years old and left behind two kids under age 10 – but I could have accepted it. But one of the things I loved about How I Met Your Mother was the fact that Ted and Robin loved each other, were wrong for each other, and moved on. Next you’re going to tell me that Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal have gotten back together and ruined “Cool.”

      • Eileen

        I do want to add though that I kind of like that Barney and Robin’s legendary wedding weekend created a kind of crappy three-year marriage, though. Because let’s face it, there were so many warning signs throughout the whole thing that I was actually kind of surprised last week when they actually went through with getting married. And isn’t that how most divorces go? No one thinks at the wedding, “this will be over in a few years” – they spend money, invite all their family and friends, throw a huge party and talk about eternal love. I kind of like that the writers threw everything into a marriage that was going to turn out pretty bad.

        And again…if it had ended with the kids saying, Dad, we know you loved Mom, but she’s been dead six years, and you loved other women before her – go find another woman to love, we’re okay with it…that would have broken my heart but been okay. Shouldn’t have been Robin.

        FINALLY…come on, Penny and Luke. You guys are still young enough that you have to live with your father, and this is the woman who flipped a shit when she found out that he still had a lamp an ex-girlfriend had given him. Think about it.

      • Pia

        Ted and Robin loved each other, were wrong for each other, and moved on. <—Yes yes yes.

        If Ted is still pining for his friend after all those years (and proposals to other women, and a marriage and kids with another women) doesn't it look like he didn't grow up? That's disappointing.

        AND HE'S SO WRONG FOR ROBIN. I don't know who is right for Robin, but I know Ted is wrong.

    • Xim

      I feel relief as I read your opinion. I hated SO MUCH this ending. I feel deceived. I thought Ted was telling the story because he wanted them to remeber her mother. But nah, the whole thing was about Robin, again….. I really loved the scene where Ted has to let go Robin (like the balloon)…. but all was bullshit

    • Cara

      meh, I liked it. After a terrible season I was expecting a lot worse

    • Jennifer

      i can understand barney and robin getting divorced and i totally expected the mother to die, but ted and robin… ugh. the whole show was about them not being good for each other! plus, i feel terrible for barney’s daughter. he’s a sexist, misogynistic pig. i highly doubt having a daughter would change that about him.