OkCupid Creeper Gets Back At Girl Who Rejected Him By Hijacking Her Profile, Fails to Win Her Back


OK Cupid has paired up a lot of happy couples, but it has also unfortunately helped us explore the depths of Internet douchedom. Fathoms below the ordinary levels of YouTube comment dickery, there is the disgruntled dating site user. One such fellow managed to stun even us this week, after he stole his date’s phone and started using it to change her online dating profile and chat with her friends.

Astonishingly, the woman said the date had been going pretty well at the beginning. The 22-year-old student said she’d been talking with the guy for two weeks before finally agreeing to meet in Union Square.

“It started pretty well,” she said. “We talked for two weeks before we met in person.”

They went out and were having a good time, but after a couple drinks he started pressuring her to come back with him to his Williamsburg apartment. Everything up until that point was totally normal, but when she said she didn’t want to go home with him, he turned into a total creeper. According to the New York Post, he became agitated and tailed her to her subway station, where he threw a bottle of water at her. Obviously that behavior has never, ever persuaded a woman that she was wrong to not go home with a person.

“I guess he doesn’t take rejection well,” she said. “He was acting like a child.”

The woman managed to get home, but the guy had managed to steal her phone during the altercation, and rather than going home to sleep it off or reflect on why he might not be successful with women, he used the phone to update her OK Cupid profile.

“I am available for threesomes,” the new profile declared, which is the kind of thing a 12-year-old would think was particularly funny. He also uploaded some new pictures.

And most bizarrely of all, this creeper then sat on her phone and texted her friends while pretending to be her, sending innocuous notes like, “I’m all right everyone, just a little drunk but I’m home now.”

The woman reported the guy to the police, who are now investigating. Luckily the damage was not too severe, and this lady really dodged a bullet. It’s too bad she wasted two weeks talking to him, but at least she didn’t get scammed out of $70,000 like this poor guy.

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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      Eek. :(

    • Lindsey Conklin

      seriously, this is one of the reasons I won’t do online dating

    • Elizabeth Aspen

      Years ago before I knew that Craigslist was the ultimate douche-and-dic pic haven, I foolishly posted for new friends in a new city and ended up meeting a similar creep. Only this one I ditched in the restaurant after he made an insulting comment about the waitress’ weight. Excused myself to the bathroom and just slipped out the back door and went home. By the time I got home, this a-hole had put a post up on Craigslist advertising me as a prostitute and giving my phone number, which I had to have changed the very next day because of all the pervert calls. Got his ass thrown in jail and as far as I know, he’s still there. Now that I’m older, I stay the hell off Craigslist and if do internet dating, I always run a criminal background check before I meet someone in person.

    • J_Doe5686

      Yeah . . . No!!