Last Night Anne Hathaway Taught The World How To Pull Off A Formal Jumpsuit


There’s not much we love more than a formal jumpsuit or a gold polka dot, so Anne Hathaway‘s look last night at the Reel Stories, Real Lives gala in L.A. gets nothing but applause from our corner.

The formal jumpsuit can be difficult to pull off, but this silk, polka dot one is nicely wearable. Jumpsuits tend to come off best when they look more like an attached, matchy top and trousers, instead of like something from Orange is the New Black. This one fits her particularly nicely, too. It’s loose-fitting enough to look chic and casual without swallowing her up the way some larger jumpsuits tend to do. The sleeveless top shows off her arms, and the all-over print is just weird and fashion-y enough to be eye-catching without being overwhelming.

It was a good piece to start with, and she even has it styled nicely. We approve of the minimal makeup, lack of jewelry, and strappy sandals. Of course, we still adore Hathaway’s way-cute short hair.

Hathaway has been doing a good job with her red carpet style lately. Back in her Rachel Zoe days she always looked beautiful, but tended to veer a bit boring and pretty-pretty. Since taking a year off after winning her Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Les Mis, lately she’s been embracing a more interesting, creative take on red carpet style. Her new look might not be as conventionally pretty, but we like it a whole lot more.

(Photo: Getty)

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    • Crayzcheshire

      super love it … though thats a lot of dots..

    • Samantha Escobar

      Gosh, I love this. I would’ve styled this terribly and made myself look like a clown but she looks fantastic.

      • Elizabeth Licata

        Hahaha. Oh gosh, it could have gone clowny really quickly. Just a pair of round-toed shoes and red lipstick might have been enough to make her look like a Ringling Bros. staffer. I love that there’s such a fine line between “yes” and “no” here.

    • Kaitlin Reilly

      She looks really relaxed. Love her hair here too.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      Wow she looks great! I also love polka dots