Jennifer Lawrence Provides Photo Proof That Celebs Wear Weird Bridesmaid Dresses Too

jennifer lawrence bridesmaid martha stewart magazine

Jennifer Lawrence popped up in a photo from her brother Blaine Lawrence‘s wedding featured in Martha Stewart’s Real Weddings magazine, looking nonchalant and like a normal. From the looks of it (and from what we all know about Martha Stewart sanctioned events), it was a mason jar-filled bonanza with artisanal lemonade and twinkle lights. Actually, that sounds lovely. I adore lemonade and twinkle lights.

In a shocking move, I’m really into her hair situation for one of the first times since she got that controversial haircut–it’s in the same vein as her most recent Dior shoot. Oh man. I loved that shoot so much that I wanted to marry it. There’s also something to be said for the fact that she’s a beautiful woman looking very happy in a photo, so this is just generally easy on the eyes.

Quick question for the wedding-inclined among you: what do you think of the color on that bridesmaid dress? The dress style is lovely as far as bridesmaid dresses go, but that color isn’t quite right. Would we call that a pastel nude? Putty? It’s not really pink nor cream, and it’s just not her color (nor any human’s). The dress is so close to that of the bride’s that I almost thought they were doing a Kate Middleton-Pippa Middleton thing where they both wore white, but I looked closer and these aren’t exactly a match.

Oh well. It’s a relief to see Lawrence in a bridesmaid dress that’s not a total home run, just like the rest of us who suffer through endless chiffon in a color that makes us look like a yellow crayon. Celebrities are just like us!

Photo: Real Weddings

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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      Oooh, she looks pretty, but it looks like it could pass for a wedding dress!

    • Lindsey Conklin

      it looks like blush and I LOVE IT

    • Pamela Woodward Greene

      I don’t know how you can criticize Jennifer for her bridesmaid’s dress – when it is the bride that picks out the bridesmaids dresses

      • Julia Sonenshein

        not criticizing her anywhere!

    • Alishmcmalish Dayum

      It looks like white and is a bad move on whoever chose it’s part because it makes it look like she’s trying to upstage the bride.

      • ohhoney_no

        Usually, the bride chooses the bridesmaids dress…

    • Another_Karen

      I don’t think the writer is criticizing Lawrence for the dress; she just wants to know our opinion about the color. I think the color works, btw.

    • Porkchop

      I’m sure Jennifer will be a fabulous sister in law, but you do have to get past the part where she upstages you at the wedding. I mean, worth it, but…

    • Holly

      There are a lot of different almost-whites going on in this picture and I don’t really care for it.

    • Alicia715

      I think it’s probably blush and the color just doesn’t translate well to a computer screen.

      Having seen blush bridesmaid’s dresses in the past, I have to say I love it.

      • Julia Sonenshein

        I think you’re right and i normally love the blush thing. This might just be lacking some pink tones, or at least it is on the screen.

    • pamb

      Gee, I wonder why Jennifer Lawrence’s brother’s wedding would be on the cover of Martha Stewart Weddings…

    • CarpeNutella

      If you think these qualify as “weird” bridesmaid dresses, you have a low threshold for weird.

      • Black Strat

        Exactly. Haters gotta hate I guess.

    • CarpeNutella

      Upstaging? Really? I had a hard time picking her out in this photo (there were 11 other bridesmaids by the way).

    • Chelsea DeLoney

      I like the dress! It’s awesome. My eyes don’t even go to her right away because her brother is looking at the camera.

    • billy joe

      meredith lawrence is a freak!

    • Black Strat

      Weird? Shut yo mouth!!