Christina Hendricks Humblebragged About Her Body’s Effect On Men, But Who Can Blame Her?

christina hendricks on conan

Which would you rather watch: Conan O’Brien shamelessly hitting on Christina Hendricks on national television, or Christina Hendricks humblebragging about how much men love her body? It doesn’t matter, because last night’s Conan had both.

The conversation started off awkward, with Conan putting Christina in the uncomfortable position of trying to think of an appropriate response to the question, So like, how hot do you think you are? And then it took a turn for the cringe-worthy when she ended up having a story ready.

Conan: You’re a very mesmerizing presence, and I’m betting that your experience is that men act kind of silly and dopey around you. Is that true? You seem like someone, if you were just walking down the street, that guys would just not be paying attention to what they were doing.

Christina: I had one incident, but this was year ago. It was summer, and I’d just gone out and bought this little wispy white summer dress, and I was going to meet my friends. … This guy was riding a bike by and he started staring at me. [My friend] was watching from a distance, and he said the whole thing went in slow-mo. The guy hit the curb and flew off his bike. But this was one incident.

I mean, I know that they probably planned out this whole exchange in the pre-interview, but it still makes me feel weird on several different levels. 1) It kind of makes it seem like the most important part of this talented actress is that she’s insanely attractive, 2) it kind of makes it seem like women should be flattered when random men objectify them on the street, 3) I don’t really know how she could have responded without sounding like she was either bragging or delusional about her looks, and 4) it’s just freaking strange.

I love Conan and Christina, and the rest of her spot on the show was just as charming as you’d expect, but I get the feeling I’ll keep thinking about this one weird moment for a long time. It’s funny, yeah. But does it make anyone else uncomfortable, or is it just me?

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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      I’d be mad, but she’s so beautiful that’s it’s hard.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      I think it’s kind of cute. but I’m biased, I love her haah

    • Jon

      So, us guys just happen to stare at an attractive woman on the street and suddenly we’re “objectifying” them?? Ain’t that some shit

      • Mahdi Martin

        I though that was a bit harsh as well.

      • Jon M

        Staring at a person’s body, especially to appreciate something you find attractive is exactly what objectification is. A person staring is not concerned with what type of person the other is when their eyes are on particular body parts, and this concern and devotion of attention to just the surface of women is what I believe the author was uncomfortable with.

    • Fabel

      What is wrong with knowing one’s attractiveness? We all know she’s hot, so is she supposed to pretend not to know? Especially with a story like that directly relating to Conan’s (yes, kinda awkward) line of questioning?

    • Ruby

      I think its pretty normal, obviously she has enormous breasts and enormous breasts in a whispy white dress would probably make a pretty big impact for some dumbass guy on a bike in the street. I think most girls would have had an experience somewhat like that, women far less attractive than Christina Hendricks have stories to tell about street harrassment/men acting like fools. I dont think shes trying to say she’s the hottest woman on the planet, just that men can act like idiots around women they find attractive. Personally I kind of like it when super hot actresses can acknowledge that they’re super hot but I dont really feel like thats even whats happening here.

      • Jon

        this is the gloss. they stand up for hot female celebrities that can’t stand up for themselves, apparently.

    • ohhoney_no

      Affect v. effect. Step it up ladies.

    • FemelleChevalier

      I think she’s just stating a fact that it happened to her. And is that a big of a deal? Personally, I’ve done some pretty stupid things when I see someone I’m attracted to. For both sexes. And one instance is probably as painful as that one guy in the bike. And I also have stories to tell on the receiving end from both sexes.

      So if I see her, I’ll probably get run over by a car for staring too much. *Shrug*

    • eruannalle

      It’s definitely a weird one, but I’m not sure what she could’ve said that would’ve made it not weird, frankly? And I’m definitely tired of every single interview she does bringing up her body. It’s been like seven years that she’s been on Mad Men – where she’s done some truly stunning work, she’s amazingly talented – and everyone /still/ keeps asking about her body every damn time, like it’s the most interesting thing about her. Enough already.

    • Superman

      Apparently, the only thing she has going for her is her tits. Obviously, the liberals don’t want to say it directly. They just want to beat around the bush.

    • NoSacredCow

      Voted as the ginger most favored to motorboat

    • Joe_HTH

      There are far hotter women than her in Hollywood and elsewhere. Not that she’s unattractive mind you.

    • Kurt Snyder

      I’ve done almost the same thing, except I whacked into a No Parking sign.

    • Seth

      I don’t think it’s the least bit odd. When Jon Hamm has gone on Conan they comment about how good looking he is too. If Conan had been putting her in a position where she felt uncomfortable that wouldn’t be ok of course, but rising to a place in society where we’re not chained down to traditional gender roles doesn’t mean those roles go away. They’re just a big part of an ever expanding spectrum. That’s a good thing.

    • Darren

      Is anyone here ready to admit that she’s not actually got a stunning face. She’s kind of pretty but she just looks average. Also in my experience, the girls with the most cleavage have the saggiest boobs! You can be big, firm and perky and you won’t get so much cleavage but the saggy boobs is the skin being pushed up.