Katy Perry’s Bright Green Dye Job Officially Makes Weird Hair Colors The Big Spring Trend

If you still have boring old normal-colored hair, it is time to break out the Sun-In and Kool-Aid. Dying one’s hair a weird color for spring is officially a trend.

Katy Perry is the latest celebrity to pay someone oodles of money to make her head look like an Easter egg, and she follows in the storied footsteps of Nicole Richie, Lauren Conrad, and Kristen Stewart. Kristen Stewart went orange for a role, while Richie and Conrad went with the very trendy pastel purple. Katy Perry decided to mix things up a bit by going “slime green.”

“SLIME GREEN FOR SPRING by my bb’s @neeenaboo & @brantmayfield at the @mcmillansalon,” Perry announced last night on Instagram.

We were wondering if she’d actually do it. A week ago at a fancy-shmancy art gala, Perry mentioned that she’d been wanting to dye her hair “slime green” for a while. And now it looks like she’s actually gone through with it.

“I’ve wanted to go slime green for a long time,” she told E! News at the time, possibly as a head-nod to the Kids’ Choice Awards also going on that night. “It’s spring time and I think it’s time to freshen up my look.”

We’re a smidge disappointed she left the bangs and roots black, because it would have been pretty cool to go all-over green. Still, it’s a nice change, even if it makes us feel like basic bitches for having the color hair we were born with.

(Photo: Instagram/Katyperry)

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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      This is awesome. I think my favorite Katy Perry color was her blue, but this is surprisingly cool as well!

      • Alicia715

        I loved the blue too!

        The slime green not so much.

    • Mouche Bonneau

      I had an “atomic-waste green” ombre my senior year of college… AND I LOVED IT! I felt like lizard-girl. My super power was making jocks and valley girls look at me like I was the Hot Topic Antichrist. (I’ve never been in Hot Topic, btw.)

    • Lindsey Conklin

      It’s a nice contrast with the dark black shade!

    • Shayla

      I feel like the green she did could’ve been significantly more vibrant. This already looks faded and washed out…

    • Charmless

      This is the color my hair turned when I tried to bleach out navy blue. I cried for days. I should have just snapped a photo and showed it to people 10 years later as a sign that I was cool way before they were.

    • http://batman-news.com Bunny Lou

      That’s not bright green. This is bright green, my friends.

      • http://batman-news.com Bunny Lou

        Damn, barely shows.