Naya Rivera Invented A New Way To Flash Her Bra At The Marie Claire Fresh Faces Party

Naya Rivera's bra revealed in slashed top by Philosophy for Marie Claire Fresh Faces party

It seems like every chance they get, celebrities find new ways to ruin clothing. More specifically, to ruin clothing in order to reinvent the adjective “risque.” Not content to just go with the regular ol’ low-cut, high-slit looks, many celebs have made plenty of peculiar fashion choices in the name of revealing some skin. Now, it’s Naya Rivera‘s turn to jazz up how she shows off her undergarments with this, erm, interesting look for the Marie Claire Fresh Faces Party at Soho House in West Hollywood last night.

Adding to the evidence that Rivera is not-so-slowly morphing into Kim Kardashian, the Glee star wore a white shirt from Philosophy that was slashed from her hips all the way to her shoulder. The shirt/repurposed bridal shower tablecloth revealed Rivera’s abs and bralet, so perhaps this look will make an appearance at Coachella this year as that seems to be the gist over there.

Naya Rivera's bra revealed in slashed top by Philosophy for Marie Claire Fresh Faces party

The cropped black trousers didn’t add much to the look besides some comfy slouch, but I have to admit that I dig the shoes. Had the pants been full-length and the shirt been full-length, too, those shoes would have absolutely been the right choice.

But the makeup and the hair. Oh dear, it is so very heavy:

Naya Rivera's bra revealed in slashed top by Philosophy for Marie Claire Fresh Faces party

The blush is entirely too peachy for her face, whereas a rosier shade would have looked great; plus, it was applied heavy-handedly, so it would have looked overwhelming regardless. The bright purple and black eyeliner, false lashes and weird pushed back hair add too much to an already busy look.

I suppose the one thing I appreciate about this look is that it is not boring. But then, many looks are not boring and do not involve slashing your entire shirt across your stomach and past your boob and they are very lovely. Alas, this is a trend I fear (i.e. am thrilled) will have difficulty catching on–except, as I said, at music festivals where the kids are running around tearing off their shirts regardless (that’s what happens at Coachella, amirite?).

Photos: Valerie Macon/Getty Images

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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      I never knew that slit shirts were a thing. Not crazy about this look.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      I am a fan of the black & white pairing though. I really love those pants!

    • CMJ

      I audibly gasped when I saw this. Also – PLEASE GET SOME DIFFERENT BLUSH.

    • Wow

      Her eyelashes were out on poorly. They made her eyes 2 different sizes!

      • stephanie767

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    • Kelly

      She’s got the body why not flaunt it. I know if I had those abs I would

    • Rhea Rima

      Most of the time, she’s pretty. This time, I’m not happy with how she looks.