Kylie Jenner Shuts Down Plastic Surgery Rumors, Reminds You She’s A Teenager With Feelings

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Kylie Jenner went on a bit of well-deserved Twitter rant this morning slamming the gross dicks who would accuse her of having plastic surgery at the tender age of 16. She’s continuously been the target of quite of bit of plastic surgery rumors and body criticism, which is patently unacceptable. Come on. We can do better.

Jenner tweeted:

She also added the since deleted:

The wonders of putting a little makeup on

My least favorite tool of tabloid magazines is to contact an actual plastic surgeon–a doctor, ladies and gentleman–to comment on the possible surgeries that a celebrity could have had done. Even though the surgeons did not operate on those celebrities, they’re more than willing to say things like “yeah, that teenager definitely had rhinoplasty and breast enhancement. I feel super comfortable looking at pictures of her body and making that declaration.” Jenner has certainly been the subject of that type of conjecture, and it’s hard to stomach.

It’s never easy to hear about teenagers being made to feel awful about themselves, and I’d remind you that Jenner didn’t sign up for life in the public eye. For better or for worse, she was born into a famous family, and was never given the option of a different kind of life–she was just six when Kim Kardashian‘s sex tape leaked and propelled the family to fame. So while I’ll argue that Kris Jenner and the rest of the Kardashians arguably signed up for some scrutiny (although not of their bodies), the younger Jenners did no such thing. It’s pretty hard to stomach that these two teenagers are seen as fair game for tabloid scrutiny, especially when it comes to their appearances.

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      “in case anyone forgot i’m 16″ -that’s pretty heartbreaking

    • Jon

      So, you’re saying on the stroke of midnight of her 18th birthday, she is suddenly fair game?? Awesome!!

    • Geri Foss

      I’m not saying she did but not all 16-yr-olds are as “natural” as they come.



    • Violeta gill

      I am pretty sure if she did not want to be in the spotlight she could have chose not to be on the show, do a clothes line, and work for seventeen magazine.

    • Eve Pears

      The things that people can say and do against other people.


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    • oustiess x

      Who makes these stories? Why don’t they try and create a rumor for themselves?


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