Fashion Disasters: Kate Mara’s Dress Looks Heavy Enough To Double As An Anchor


We love a loose, tent-shaped dress around these parts, and we’re also huge suckers for opulent, all-over embellishment. But while those are some of our favorite fashion things, they are two great tastes that definitely do not go well together, as proved last night at the Transcendence premiere in L.A. by the lovely Kate Mara and Valentino.

Kate Mara’s undoubtedly wildly expensive couture dress from Valentino’s 2014 pre-fall collection does not make her look like an ethereal wood nymph or a 19th century Russian empress. It really just makes her look like a sad sack in a sparkly pillowcase. The boxy, completely rectangular cut of the garment makes it hang over her petite figure like a shroud. It’s completely overwhelming, and looks heavy on her poor little shoulders.

In a different fabric that could float elegantly around her body, the cut could be really flattering on Mara. If the body were a bit more structured, or at least didn’t weigh so heavily on her shoulders, the fabric would be our favorite thing ever. But together their powers combine to look heavy and dour.

The look isn’t a total failure, of course. Her loose, messy-cute hair is very attractive on her, and her skin looks positively luminous.


Her black pedicure is also way cute, and these sparkly Jimmy Choo sandals are among the best red carpet footwear we’ve seen all year.

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      I do love those jimmy choo’s!

    • elle

      I think I’d like this dress if it had a different neckline….not plunging or anything just not quite so high. But I love her hair/makeup/shoes

      • SophiaGiron s

        I quite agree. The design is beautiful. It’s the neckline that’s the problem.



    • Samantha Escobar

      It reminds me very much of an pillowcase that should have gone to a Holiday Inn.