Human Barbie Posts Selfies Without Makeup, Still Looks Like A Plastic Doll Under There

human-barbie-feet“Human Barbie” Valeria Lukyanova takes the art of human transformation to a disturbing extreme. Her efforts to turn herself into a living Barbie doll include plastic surgery, hair extensions, and more makeup than any 12 Kardashians. “Human Ken” Justin Jedlica derisively refers to her as a “drag queen,” as though her transformation is less valid than his because hers involves makeup and his took $150,000 worth of plastic surgery. But when encountering a manipulated public image as extreme as Lukyanova’s, a person can’t help but wonder just what she looks like under all that highlighter and paint.

Now we know, sort of. Lukyanova’s taken to posting workout selfies on her Facebook page that show her without her standard eyelashes, contact lenses, and intense eye makeup. She might still be wearing some makeup, but it’s a dramatically lighter look than she normally goes for. The Human Barbie, in her human guise, looks like this:

Human-barbie-without-makeupJedlica said that without her makeup Lukyanova was just a “plain Jane,” but her new selfies prove that is a baldfaced lie. Even without all the makeup, Lukyanova still looks more like a plastic doll than a normal person.

Unfortunately, Lukyanova is never in the news for rescuing children from landslides or doing amazing things for humanity. First she insisted that human beings do not need food to survive and can live on light and air, like plants, despite the fact that human bodies do not possess chloroplasts and cannot in fact digest sunlight. She credits her terrifying fasting diet with her Barbie-esque waist and stomach, but seriously, human beings cannot digest sunlight.

Most recently, Lukyanova has been in the news for coming out as a super racist. She recently did an interview with GQ in which she spouted off against the evils of interracial relationships on the grounds that miscegenation is making humanity less physically attractive.

“Everyone fixes up their face if it’s not ideal, you know? That’s because of the race-mixing. For example, a Russian marries an Armenian. They have a kid, a cute girl, but she has her dad’s nose. She goes and files it down a little, and it’s all good. Ethnicities are mixing now, so there’s degeneration, and it didn’t used to be like that. Remember how many beautiful women there were in the 1950s and 1960s, without any surgery? And now, thanks to degeneration, we have this.”

There’s no way to make that make sense or be less awful than it is. After we’ve all had to read her atrocious thoughts on “race-mixing,” there’s not much she could do to repair her image. Normally when a celebrity strips off their makeup it serves to humanize them and make us realize that we’re all the same underneath. When Lukyanova does it, it’s too little way too late.

(Photos: Facebook/ValeriaLukyanova)

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    • George O

      I’d eat a yard of her &hit just to see where it came from.

    • jabberwolf

      Shes smoking !!! Shes actually better without all the makeup and weird doll eyes. But SMOKING HOT !! DAYUM !!

    • winter_hat


    • 1nOnly

      Right, humans don’t need food. Why did it take thousands of years for someone to realize?! And why do we have teeth, taste buds, a stomach, intestines, a method to absorb nutrients and filter out toxins, etc.? It must all be for nothing.

      • Bojorco

        There’s no way she still has an anus, either.

    • Francisco Martinavarro

      she’s still wearing makeup, just not as much.

      • Nate Blank

        Theres more pics of her with no makeup on tumblr. Search her name.

      • Bojorco

        It’s still quite a bit.

    • idunno

      lol she actually looks decent with no make up.. the skinny part still ehh

    • karen sheppeard

      Why doesn’t everyone just leave this woman alone with the criticisim. You look and dress the way you want to that makes you look and feel happy. Give her the same respect.

      • Cathryn Berarobitch

        Nope. I respect her choices to do what she wants with her appearance, but I do not, nor will I ever, respect a disgusting racist such as her.

      • karen sheppeard

        who ever said she was a racist?

      • Samantha_Escobar

        Did you read the quote in the article that you just commented on?

      • karen sheppeard

        must have missed it, so sue me

      • rayrayeeeeee

        It’s the entire second half of the article. So yes, you’ll be hearing from my lawyer for your hypocrisy and stupidity.

      • Joe

        So what she’s racist. She should be able to have any ideas and say whatever she wants. Isn’t that the liberal thing to do? If she was black calling white people the devil you’d get up and clap ya bitch.

      • Gurn Blanston

        You win!!!

      • janegray

        Of course she has a right to her opinions, but the right to say her opinions are terrible and stupid is also protected by the Constitution that I thought Conservatives liked so much.

      • Gurn Blanston

        Ah yes, another slobbering lefty white apologist….

      • Samantha_Escobar

        BRB texting legal team

      • Bojorco

        People in other countries are overtly racist. In the US, people are covertly racist. Been that way a couple of decades now, and it allows the Trader Joes/Whole Foods set to express righteous indignation at any apparent expression of racism while being precisely as racist themselves. They get to have it both ways!

      • Jennifer Spivey

        Well, Karen, because she is putting others down in the process. Don’t you see the problem with that? She blames the black people for ridiculous things in her comments. That is why.

      • IamMee

        she didn’t even say anything about black people lol….all she said was that people shouldn’t mix races as it is diluting the individual beauty of each race….it’s seems like this quote is probably taken out of context and is more based on the beauty of individual ethnicity rather than her saying she hates any particular race

    • Rupert Pupkin

      I’m amazed she has the brains to know how to turn her cellphone on. Why do we even pay attention to idiots like this?

    • Nibooch Thompson

      She really does look like Barbie with all the makeup on……But with the cruel opinions of others makes her just Plain ugly.

    • Ez9246

      All the hate here, yet if it was a guy dressing up as a barbie doll everybody would be cheering him on for expressing himself.

    • Joe InNorthCarolina

      still butt ugly

    • Bob Sears

      No make-up=Less make-up

    • RoMee

      Somebody needs to feed this women, she look like she hasn’t eaten in years!!

      • mobadthangood

        Somebody needs to teach you how to spell!

      • Joe

        Feed her my dick!

    • kj

      File down your nose? Really?

    • kj

      File down your nose? Really?

    • Arcadian Duran

      its true what she says about degeneration, absolutely true, people cant stand it, but I don’t know about not having food, she’ll die an anorexia for sure. oh well no big lost.

      • Cathryn Berarobitch

        Wow, bro, the National Socialist White People’s Party called and asked if you’d like to join.

      • Joe

        I think that dude is middle eastern and probably not getting into any white peoples party.

      • Cathryn Berarobitch

        Oh man, I didn’t look that closely. That’s a real bummer for him.


      Shes a stupid B**** that fallows her life to that of an unrealistic doll. she is closed minded, ignorant and a racist. she has no natural beauty inside or out, to say that we can survive without food is like saying we can breath under water. this women promotes the idea that if you don’t like the way you look go under the knife you will feel better after 200 surgery’s. what ever happened to be yourself, love yourself. I have 2 words for you Miss Lukyanova”EAT SOMETHING!!”

      • mobadthangood

        Lets see your picture vickylex!

    • Jeff H

      So where’s the toilet? I see the toilet paper, but not the toilet. It can’t be completely obscured by her, she’s not big enough to hide a toilet and a tank. This really bothers me.

      • Meg Johnson

        LOL :) I see a bidet to the left

    • Cookie23

      I don’t get it. The author has deemed this woman as irrelevant, but insist on writing an article that makes her relevant. This is why we can’t escape from the Kardashians.

      • Samantha Escobar

        No, you can’t escape the Kardashians because people like you consistently click on articles about the Kardashians. You clicked on this, making it relevant.

    • Nate Blank

      She looks cute actually.

    • irishred

      Well, what she said is true whether it is racist or not.
      Gee, when did people start being sooooo touchy about things and getting their poor little feelings hurt.

    • Joe

      This girl is awesome and she isn’t in to black guys! Score!

    • fredpiott

      Gross is all that needs to be said!

    • Orange Crush


    • NoPe

      This is one of those moments where I find myself bored, surfing the internet, and clicking on anything. Damn me and my insomnia at 2:30am.

    • Meg Johnson

      What is it with people saying ‘no makeup’? It’s like if someone’s not wearing red lipstick they’re considered barefaced and makeup free? come on.

    • Uncle Fester

      Toys R Us called, you’re due back on the shelf by 6.

    • Becca

      This woman is mentally ill and needs help, which being afflicted with narcissism and paranoid delusions she will probably never get. Abusing her verbally is not only cruel but worse than useless as it only fortifies her belief that she is better than everyone else and that she is being attacked for her superiority. If you believe in prayer, pray for her.

    • Duane C. Paige

      It’s not her real self and she is still so fake! She has definately gone through too much plastic surgery! I read another article and saw her previous photos before plastic surgery! She looks very different from now. In fact she had very big nose and her waist is not so slim. Just check here

    • Kyle

      She actually does look semi-normal, at least in the face. Even then, y’all shouldn’t be judging, seriously. Either way, she’s doing what she wants to make herself happy, and by all means, let her.

    • vchorseguy

      No matter how you wrap that package it is still unattractive, deranged, psycho, and downright stupid. She could compete in a “Special” Miss Universe pageant; she wins “Special” hands down.

    • [B]

      Barbie needs to clean her bathroom.

    • Nicki Repenning

      I personally think people with mixed ethnicity can be incredibly beautiful and exotic… However, her statement about mixing races might be clumsy but I don’t think it is racist. It is a statement based on her perception of beauty and does not display any hatred towards any specific races (in my humble opinion).

    • John Cox

      Her thoughts on “race-mixing’ are apparently insane, but they are not atrocious.
      What is atrocious is her idea that a human can survive without any food. Crazy as she is, she cannot be so stupid as to believe that. She is an adult and an effective marketer. Her statements – including those on race – are extreme for effect. She knows how to get publicity. But some stupid and immature children may believe her, and starve themselves to death.

    • Laurelishish Nish

      She is TOTALLY wearing make up. What a bunch of BS. I’ve seen a pic of her almost make up free, and no argument that is is not a beautiful woman, but she shouldn’t lie about being make up free when clearly, she is not.

    • Nibooch Thompson

      She looks very skinny…do they still do the surgery where they remove bottom ribs? she must have had it or shes just completely anorexic …shes sick skinny …. She’s a filthy racist too….that just makes her ugly period.

    • hmontaigne

      She’ll look even stranger when she gets old.

    • Tommy_Fitz

      What a freak, they should make a horror movie with her playing the monster……..scary

    • Ata Redlight

      shallow, yes. racist? that’s a bit of a stretch. sick of people just throwing around stuff like that without merit.

    • Jeanette406

      She is as ugly as anyone can get. Truely fucking ugly! And as stupid as they come. When she passes away from not eating it will not be a loss of any concern.