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How Taylor Swift And Karlie Kloss Have Morphed Into The Same Person: A Photo Timeline

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Anyone who keeps tabs on Taylor Swift knows that the songstress has quite the star-studded cast of girlfriends. Among others, there’s her ultimate BFF Selena Gomez, her little sister figure Lorde, and a big group of goof-around buddies, including Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, and Lena Dunham. We were initially surprised to see her add almost the entire roster of Victoria’s Secret Angels to her posse, but now Taylor’s been spotted with Cara Delevingne more than once… and it looks like she’s been taking some kind of witches’ brew to slowly become an identical clone of Karlie Kloss.

We weren’t really aware of Taylor and Karlie’s friendship until they Instagrammed the hell out of a road trip they took in matching turtlenecks, and even though that seemed like a weird publicity stunt at the time, the two similar-looking blondes have now made quite the habit of dressing alike. For reference, before their public friendship, they each looked like this.

taylor swift and karlie kloss side by side

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But years later, through the mysterious and mystical powers of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, we noticed that the two of them looked a little bit similar.

Getty Images

Getty Images

They apparently noticed, too, and they started to hit it off. Which led to their road trip Instagram binge (that could easily pass for engagement photos), through which we discovered even more similarities. Which one is even which?

Thinking we’d seen the last of it, we got a bit of a shock earlier this month– the two of them were spotted in New York City together, easily passing for sisters.

Pacific Coast News

Pacific Coast News

And then Taylor put a selfie on her Instagram page that could, like, absolutely be a picture of Karlie. To a disturbing degree.



Which brings us to last night, when the leggy duo stepped out to show the world that the transformation is officially complete.

Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss go for an evening workout together in New York City

Pacific Coast News

What’s going on here? Is Taylor taking so many styling tips from her fashion mogul pal that she’s starting to become Karlie? Were the two of them separated at birth? Maybe everyone’s criticism of Taylor’s “crazy” persona has been just a tiny bit off, and she’s not nuts for writing about her feelings, she’s nuts in a Single White Female way. Maybe we’re trapped in a sci-fi movie and they’ll soon cease to exist as individual humans and become one perfect composite specimen. Maybe they’re just friends who happen to have similar body types, coloring, and facial features. Either way, I’m equal parts terrified and lovin’ it.

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  • Kaitlin Reilly

    They look so similar, especially now that Taylor Swift has a shorter hairstyle. I would assume that they were sisters if I didn’t know better.

  • Samantha Escobar

    In all seriousness, I probably wouldn’t have noticed this had you not pointed out proof in photo form.

  • Lindsey Conklin

    WHOA. they look SO similar. I want Karlie’s grey dress and Taylor’s shoes in that last pic!

  • Psyche

    Yeah, they look like sisters. They have almost the same face it seems, except Karlie has more prominent cheekbones and a higher forehead. I suppose Karlie is better looking in the end, but I think Taylor, who every guy admits it hot, gets sort of underrated because of the music she rights perhaps and the whole stereotype. Karlie is more sophisticated or elegant by nature, but Taylor has a sort of simple yet elegant grace. Maybe she is trying to appear more like her counterpart. I’ll sort of miss the long locks. I always thought they were charming and cute. Karlie though, she just has a face made for the runway.