Let’s Stop Analyzing Taylor Swift’s Before And After Photos To Find Her Imaginary Eating Disorder

Let's Stop Analyzing Taylor Swift's Before And After Photos To Find Her Imaginary Eating Disorder

Such a drastic change!

It’s a day of the week, which means somebody somewhere is concern-trolling a female celebrity’s body! Today, the perp is Radar Online, who claim that Taylor Swift is like an ounce away from being freakishly waifish. The article posted a couple of photos of Swift from 2010 and 2014, similar to the ones above, that apparently reveal something we’re not really seeing here. Namely, that Taylor is “‘starving’ to be skinny” and “shrinking.”

It starts like this:

Is Taylor Swift in trouble? As the starlet continues to flaunt her twig-like legs on trips to and from the gym, her skinny frame is drawing concerned responses from fans. And now, top doctors tells Radar she could be entering the danger zone.

And by “top doctors,” the gossip site means tweets from fans who are equally “concerned” with how Taylor’s body has been looking lately, which is almost like having experts weigh in except not even close.



Radar did end up quoting a couple of experts. Nutritionist Melanie McGrice almost said Taylor is too thin, but…not really.

“Taylor still appears to be within her healthy weight range, however she is right on the lower end of the scale now. I wouldn’t want to see her losing anymore weight.”

She “appears” to be within the healthy weight range? It’s already idiotic to assume you can know whether somebody’s healthy just by guessing, but this doesn’t even say she’s unhealthily underweight. And the other expert that Radar quotes is just sort of blaming Taylor for potentially causing eating disorders by existing the way her body does.

“Many young women want to emulate celebrities and try to look like them even when their body shape is not meant to. Society … sends a message that you are not cool unless you look a certain way: very thin.

“You’ll be shocked. From not wanting their thighs to touch to the ‘nap diet’, many young women become so obsessed with their weight and looks that it ultimately leads to disordered eating of some type which can then affect their bodies and health for years to come.”

While I 100% agree that women are consistently told throughout their lives that their bodies need to look a certain way, lest they will be considered unattractive forever, it’s irresponsible to blame celebrities. That type of logic only narrows the weight guidelines famous females are “supposed” to follow in order to be considered acceptable. Men can lose 50 pounds for a role and win an Oscar; women can gain five pounds for a role and the tabloids will post themselves by her door, waiting to snap a photo of their new favorite “fatty.”

Oh, and while I was finding those quoted tweets above, I happened to stumble upon even more thin-shaming ones towards Taylor:




Whoa. I may not always agree with the things Taylor Swift says (ahem, the “special place” where Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler are supposedly going), but I feel like she gets scrutinized more than nearly every huge celebrity for her body and how she uses it. If she dates somebody new, she’s a Slutty McSlutSlut; if she talks about those relationships in her songs (which male musicians do all. the. time), she’s a Slutty McResentfulFace; if she gains or loses any weight, she’s clearly doing some kind of downward spiral.

Yes, Taylor Swift is a slim-figured woman. She is tall and thin and has long limbs and pretty hair; she is conventionally attractive. She has gained and lost weight over time, just as we all have. Does that mean she needs to be put under a consistent blanket of criticism for how her body looks? No. And it’s crazy that we still need to say that.

No matter; I’m sure Taylor’s too busy showing up at her fans’ bridal showers and hanging out with Karlie Kloss (who’s also been called “too thin” about a million times) to care these days.

Photos: WENN.com

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      she looks the same to me? I can’t tell a difference in those pictures! Taylor’s always been petite! geez. leave her alone is right!

    • emilykwells2188

      She looks exactly the same as she always has… She’s, like, 5’11″ for Pete’s sake.

      • Samantha Escobar

        Seriously. The difference between those photos is negligible. The only thing noticeably changed is her hair.

      • Jade-Yue-Ryu

        Not to mention that in the so-called “before” photo it’s not just her face that’s 3/4 view, it’s her whole body so she looks a bit wider in the hip area. Plus every girl looks a bit thinner with a high up cinch belt, especially in contrast to a 3/4 view. Not to mention with her figure the standard fluctuation of a human’s weight over the course of one day (3-5 lbs) would make her look a bit heavier because she’s naturally slim (personal experience talking). I am NOT Swift’s biggest fan, in fact I make it a point to avoid her and her music, but this is BS that she does NOT deserve and it’s pathetic that these so-called journalists continue to lower what was once a far more ethical profession for the the sake of selling their trash rags!!!! Phewwww I’ve been holding that in for a while, sorry for the rant :)

    • loser_sneeze

      Was there supposed to be a difference in those pictures? And as someone who was really skinny and tall growing up just by virtue of my genetic makeup, I want to deck every person who says ‘OMG eat a cheeseburger’.

    • Valerie

      Oh Lord. Taylor has always been skinny. Take a photo from a certain angle and maybe she looks a touch skinnier than usual. CLUTCH THE PEARLS!!!

    • Hayley Hoover

      God, people suck.

      Side note: not only is it wrong to tell people to “eat a cheeseburger” when they ARE healthy, but Giuliana Rancic is a recent cancer survivor.

    • Jeff

      She is a goddess.

    • Robin.

      Seriously? Was it really necessary to use my tweet for this? Let me explain. I saw Taylor on TV (6 days ago) and that’s what I was thinking. I never even saw these photos of her and I couldn’t care less if she’s changed or not. And by the way, I think Taylor is a beautiful woman, I just find her too skinny. That’s my opinion, right? This once more proves that you can’t put anything on the internet without getting criticized.

      • disqus_CjkjexhigA

        Okay, look, yes, it’s your opinion, but if you were famous and saw someone tweeted “robin blank is looking chubby in my opinion” would you defend that as oh, just someone’s opinion, no big deal? Saying something rude about the way someone looks IS NOT justifiable.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        If you publicly put something on the Internet, yes, you could potentially be criticized.

    • Lackadaisical

      My favourite tweet in the article is the guy saying he hopes she isn’t starving herself … but he really likes small waists. OK, so he can patronisingly imply that she should take better care of herself and not starve for beauty, and then in the same breath points out that the girls with the skinny waists are more attractive to him. If she does manage her weight (bearing in mind that her looks are part of the package she markets for a limit) I doubt it is to fit the exacting standards of random strangers on twitter who fancy skinny women but don’t want to think about them working hard (or pushing their bodies past healthy limits) to get there. As long as she doesn’t start a campaign with the slogan “hey teenage girls, starve because only skinny girls are worth anything” then to be honest whether she is thin through genetics or thin because she exercises and watches her calorific intake is none of our business. I really hate the obsession with quizzing starlets on how they stay thin, and then judging them for whatever their answers are.

    • ioooo1

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    • Sam

      Thank you so much for writing this article! I’m so tired of homegirl getting shamed, if it’s not one thing, it’s another…She is never right in the media’s eyes.