Mischa Barton Invents Awkward New Way To Show Off Your Cleavage This Spring

Mischa Barton wore a Teca by Halo dress with a cleavage panel.

Photo: David Buchan/Getty Images

There is something about celebrities and their continuous insistence on reinventing sexy dresses that drives me a little nuts. In this case, the perpetrator is Mischa Barton–yes, Marissa Cooper of The OC–whose fashion sense has waned and waxed over the past several years. In this case, her dress at the eighth annual BritWeek launch party would be considered a “waning.”

For the event, Barton chose a patterned, full-length chiffon dress from the Têca by Helô Rocha spring collection. The print on the dress is all sorts of fun, and I’m digging the maxi length since it is oh-so-comfy for spring. However, it’s that panel. That. Panel.

Mischa Barton wore a Teca by Halo dress with a cleavage panel.

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

It is not as though the cleavage factor itself is weird; my problem with the look primarily stems from the flesh-colored panel that the dress features. It would appear that somebody said, “Hey, how can we prevent her boobs from popping out?” to which a wayward intern with good intentions and a pair of pantyhose responded, “Let’s just wing it.” The way it pulls and bunches looks like there’s a second layer of skin over her breasts, which is definitely weird.

At least Barton’s makeup and hair looked gorgeous, with the latter being styled into a shiny bob with very loose waves and a center part. Her rosy lipstick and blush added to the pretty spring-appropriate factor, though that necklace is detracting from it in every way.

Mischa Barton wore a Teca by Halo dress with a cleavage panel.

Photo: David Buchan/Getty Images

On the bright side, at least this dress did not go the slashed-up Naya Rivera route that showed off half a triangle of boob along with some abs, a little ribcage and cutoffs. Or Kim Kardashian‘s direction, which involves cutting up Dior dresses because they are not quite sexy enough for TV. Indeed, there are plenty of awful directions celebs can go in, but it would actually just be nice if they just listened to their stylists and, y’know, stopped doing that.

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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      The flesh colored panel is really strange. It wouldn’t be quite so terrible if it were in black or gray, but the “illusion” just makes it all the weirder.

    • emilykwells2188

      Oh man, that dress is incredibly unflattering. It does her body no favors.

      • loser_sneeze

        I was thinking the same thing. It makes her look really wide.

    • I Like Pizza


    • amandahutchison

      I kinda love that necklace. How the heck do I find out who makes it?

      • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

        It reminded me of one I had in high school (but only had one moon). I wore that thing every damn day. Seeing her necklace made me happy.