Lake Bell’s Surprise Baby Bump Is The Perfect Accessory For Her Evening Jumpsuit

Lake Bell Reveals Pregnancy By Displaying Baby Bump In Perfect Maternity Jumpsuit

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: jumpsuits are hands down the most underrated evening wear. This time, the one proving that theory is Lake Bell, who also showed that the best way to surprise everyone with the news of your pregnancy is by showing off your inflated stomach* via an adorable outfit.

Lake Bell Reveals Pregnancy By Displaying Baby Bump In Perfect Maternity Jumpsuit

Bell debuted her “baby bump” (yes, I hate that term, but no, I am not above occasionally using it) at the Vanity Fair party for the Tribeca Film Festival on Wednesday. She and her husband, artist Scott Campbell, posed for some adorable photos while everyone undoubtedly shouted about how adorable her tummy is.

The Stella McCartney jumpsuit she wore for the party looks excellent on her, but even more than that, it looks so. comfortable. (Well, perhaps without the pointy Louboutins, at least.) One of the best things about maternity wear is that a lot of it is pretty darn comfy, but it’s rare to find stuff that also looks super fancy. To be fair, not all jumpsuits are this easygoing with regard to fit; remember Shailene Woodley‘s fitted Elie Saab look last month? Still, they are infinitely more pleasant than, say, super tight leather jeans and a cutout blouse that requires more double-sided tape than an eleventh grader’s prom dress. The only thing I’m not digging here is the awkward panel on her side:

Lake Bell Reveals Pregnancy By Displaying Baby Bump In Perfect Maternity Jumpsuit

As for the actress’s hair and makeup, the wind was a-blowin’ last night and it blew her pretty brown bob away from her face. Luckily, this actually looked pretty cool in a “I’m the hot girl walking in slow motion during a high school movie” kinda way. Her makeup was simple but carried the look well, making this an overall win.

In addition to proving that jumpsuits are awesome for pregnant ladies (and the rest of us, naturally), Bell also managed to be super sneaky about hiding it for the past few months. She wore loose dresses and jumpsuits that concealed her body’s changing shape, thereby giving me infinite pro-tips on how to conceal the fact that I’m bloated during my period. Great lesson to take away from this, right?

*Note: I realize that they’re technically not “inflated,” per se, but sometimes I do imagine feuses just hanging out, having a party with a bunch of balloons in there. They’re chill like that.

Photos: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      she looks freakin fabulous

      • pam852

        my Aunty Julia got silver Volkswagen Beetle
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    • Isana Leshchinskaya

      it’s great, but i hate the way all newly pregnant celebs have to cup their stomachs for fear that anyone think that they’ve eaten a big meal instead of started to show. also, doesn’t your bladder take quite the pummeling during pregnancy? how’s she gonna go peepee?