Ronald McDonald’s Hipster Makeover Is The Sexiest Thing Since The Shamrock Shake

McDonalds Opening

What’s creepier than Ronald McDonald‘s horror movie makeup and old-man-lurking-around-the-playground jumpsuit? The fact that, instead of retiring the character once and for all, McDonald’s is giving everyone’s least-favorite clown a hipster makeover.

You heard me. Ronnie is hanging up his yellow trashman costume and ditching his stripey knee socks in favor of a tailored jacket and harem pants. (Or, as Styleite describes them, “His pants are thinner, an on-trend callback to Tommy Hilfiger‘s ’90s era parachute pants. He’s loosened up and is giving us a little something.”) He does look slightly more dapper, I guess, but this outfit still isn’t working for me. The terrifying white makeup persists, and his oversized red mouth and bulbous nose aren’t going anywhere, so I can’t in good conscious give this makeover my thumbs-up. The tousled shirt collar does add a bit of much-needed sex appeal, though. I can get down with that.

ronald mcdonald makeover

So what’s prompting Ronald to shake things up after all these years? Um, Instagram. He’s about to start posting selfies, and he wanted to bring his style A-game. Exactly what the Internet needs! McDonald’s has nothing to worry about in the customer loyalty department (I’m a self-righteous vegetarian, and their fries and McFlurries still have a hold over me), so their attempts to compete with Taco Bell‘s flourishing social media presence are getting… sad. While the public did demand breakfast Crunchwraps and waffle tacos, we never asked for Ronald McDonald selfies. I understand that the company is trying to reach out to millennials, but if they really wanted our loyalty, they’d start giving out free nuggets… and ditch the creepy clown.

Via Styleite / Photos: Getty Images, McDonald’s

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      a happy meal with a side of clown nightmare please.

      • pam852

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    • Chas Holman

      How about instead of spending that record 4 billion dollar profit this quarter that they are sitting on, on bling, how about they start paying their Employee’s more than last millenniums wages?

      McDonalds is on Welfare. Most of It’s employees are dependent on the Government and need food-stamps just to survive and while McDonalds is out partying like it is 1999, the taxpayer is picking up their tab. I’m NOT loving it.

    • Andy Everett

      The clown could use the female partner and a car?

    • HaydeeStaggers

      The Makeover is very unique but its too much attractive .