10 New And Creative Kinds Of Selfies For People Who Are Tired Of The Old Mirror Pic

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Whatever your stance is on selfies––whether you think they’re a narcissistic symptom of our self absorbed times or a powerful way to control your own image, you have to admit the old bathroom mirror pic or extended arm shot are getting repetitive. Let’s start getting creative with pictures we take of our own faces and our possessions before Instagram gets even more tedious.

Here 10 new kinds of selfies for you to either indulge in or be annoyed by:

  1. Cartelfies. Snap photos of yourself doing illegal things like you’re some kind of drug lord moving illicit goods.
  2. Hotelfies. Selfies taken in fancy hotel rooms. These are already popular with Rich Kids of Instagram and pop stars.
  3. Hellfies. Selfies taken in the underworld while you’re being tortured or partying with demons.
  4. Angelfies. The opposite of Hellfies, Angelfies are selfies taken with heaven’s angels or Victoria’s Secret Angels.
  5. Clamshellfies. Take a selfie when struggling to get something out of infuriating clamshell packaging.
  6. Magic Spellfies. Show off your magic skills like the kids at Hogwarts.
  7. Jail Cellfies. Mugshots aren’t the only pictures you can have of yourself in jail. #Hooked #Booked #Cooked
  8. Luis Buñuelfies. Surrealist selfies for the avant-garde instagram user. What would Salvador Dali hashtag?
  9. Chanelfies.These are popular with Rich Kids of Instagram and models who get to wear Chanel.
  10. Caramelfies. Dessert porn meets narcissism when you snap a picture of yourself dripping in caramel. This kind of selfie combines the two most popular kinds of instagrams: pictures of food and pictures of yourself.

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    • Hayley Hoover

      Everything I ever do is a Chanelfie.

    • Kaitlin Reilly

      Taylor Swift definitely has a ton of Angelfies.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      I like looking at Hotelfies

    • diane kaston

      i am tired of coffee selfies enough already we all drink coffee yes to chanelfies

    • Jenni

      I ALWAYS forget to take selfies when I do magic.

    • Butt Trophy Recipient

      I take selfies when I’m time traveling. But I keep disappearing :(

    • darras

      That clamshell picture makes my teeth hurt :/