Newly Married Couple Tracks Down Their Wedding Crashers Online, And Then Lived Happily Ever After


Two bored miscreants were hanging around one evening and decided to reenact their favorite Owen Wilson/Vince Vaughn vehicle by crashing the wedding of an unsuspecting Pennsylvania couple. After employing the talented stalkers on the internet to find the wedding crashers, the two couples have apparently come to some sort of understanding about the conflict. If only they could talk to Congress–world peace could be but an internet witch hunt away.

Krista Lamlin and Andrew Reilly got married back in January, and while reviewing the photos from their wedding last week found multiple photos of two guests who were not on the invite list. This is, of course, an amateur move on the part of the wedding crashers, but hey, we all make mistakes. Apparently the two hadn’t been raucous–they simply danced all night and drank the free alcohol afforded to the wedding guests. They were asked to leave and went without incident, probably thinking the entire affair was a funny story and not as bad as say, wearing a white dress if you’re not the bride.

The newlyweds posted their wedding photos on their local ABC affiliate’s Facebook page, and the photos got massive attention, as wedding-related social media is wont to do. So much attention, in fact, that the crashers got wind of the whole thing, and reached out to the newlyweds to apologize. Apparently the two had been guests at the hotel and were bored, so they just wandered on in to the wedding. They claimed to have never done anything like that before (sure), and apologized profusely. Lamlin says she accepted their apology and can move on, because gosh, that woman has some serious capacity to forgive.

Wedding crashing sucks because those things are expensive as all get out, but I suppose it could have been much worse. They could have made a scene, gotten into a fight, or tried to sleep with the bridal party. Or they could have crashed a funeral.

Photo: Wedding Crashers

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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      I would be so embarrassed if I were the crashers. It’s pretty tacky to crash someone else’s wedding but you’re right that it could have been way worse.

    • Lindsey Conklin


      • Julia Sonenshein


    • Kay_Sue

      Is it really that bad? Maybe it’s because our wedding was family only (seriously, we had about ten guests), but I don’t get feeling like you need to “forgive” someone for this. I don’t know how I’d actually feel, but I like to think I’d have a good laugh and be glad that there were others who got some happiness from what made us so happy.

      • Megan Zander

        I’m with you, I’d think it was cool that I threw a party fun enough that strangers wanted to be there. I’m strange like that though, we went to disney last month and when we handed our camera to cast members to take family pics for us, a few took some silly selfies for us to find. I got a kick out of it, others I traveled with were less amused.

      • Kay_Sue

        I could get it if you were charged by the drink, or if you were charged for every extra guest, but I know with my friend’s wedding last month there were a ton of people that RSVP’d (or whose parents RSVP’d for them) who didn’t show up…so there was definitely plenty of food to go around.

      • Julia Sonenshein

        I’m with you! But I think that’s because I picture my wedding as being a high five and then dinner, and forget that some people pay tons of money for food/drinks. I also have heard that some deals are dependent on how much liquor is consumed, so theoretically the couple may have had to pay more at the end?

      • Kay_Sue

        I do know the headaches the guest list can cause. My friend who recently married agonized over hers to the point where, in the end, she was avoiding people to keep from having to explain why certain people were coming and others were not. It’s no joke. But I can’t imagine having the need to “forgive” myself. It just feels so weird.