Mariah Carey’s New Album Cover Accidentally Photoshopped Her Hips Away


Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Mark your calendars, ladies and gentleman, because Mariah Carey‘s 14th album is set to hit stores on May 27th. She tweeted the details of the album including some heavily photoshopped album art, and let’s just say I’m in a bit of a tizzy over it all, as I tend to be when it comes to Carey.

The album, titled, splendiferously, “Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse” features a full body shot on the cover and a self portrait drawn by Mariah as a child on the back. I’m not sure which rendering is a less accurate approximation of a human.

mariah-carey album photoshop

Carey obviously underwent some serious Photoshop for this front image, but I suppose you’d want to look your best in a crochet swimsuit in front of a Windows 99 screen saver. Changes to her person aside, that pose has me getting all kinds of achy in my hip region. There’s no way a human person with normal joints could get themselves into that act pose, and she looks a little bit like Gumby drenched in bronzer. Those legs are not human. They are made of gummy worms.

mariah-carey new album cover me i am mariah

The cover of the deluxe edition (The Chanteuse, But This Time Even MORE Elusive!) is a similar Photoshop hack job. This lovely photo of what must be a Mariah Carey impersonator seems like an odd choice for the cover, but hey, what do I know? Most of those features don’t even look they were ever hers, but the team behind this image simply inserted somebody else’s nose, mouth, eyebrows, and also face.


Larry Busacca/Getty Images

And for good measure, here’s that self-portrait she drew as a child.

mariah carey self portrait drawing new album

While it appears that this version also seems to have Gumby’s limbs, it might win the day when it comes to accurate representations. Carey should fire her Photoshop team and just draw herself from now on. It can’t be any less-human looking than that cover.

Photo: Twitter 

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      Me I Am Mariah…hahaha except you clearly arent mariah on that cover! also she kind of looks like janet jackson

    • Samantha Escobar

      I still think “The Elusive Chanteuse” sounds like a sexy pink crayon.

      • kirsten863

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    • LouLou

      that drawn picture is probably something that one of her toddler twins made. And given that she carried twins, and now feels comfortable enough to pose in a bikini for her album cover (albeit heavily photoshopped), I give her props.

      • Ralph M.

        That picture was framed on her her kid’s nursery wall and featured in People magazine in May 2011.

      • LouLou

        just read from another source that it was a 3 year old Mariah that made the picture

      • Elizabeth Aspen

        Self-centered even as a three-year-old.

    • onlyelise

      The title of this album makes me want to hurl myself in front of a bus.

    • JoanCrawford1

      Gross. Just gross. THere goes any shred of her career she had left.

    • Three Days

      Mariah album title generator! :)
      Make your own.

    • Ralph M.

      The covers from the shoot were taken in 2013 during Idol before it was delayed. She’s gained a good twenty pound since because of her fractured shoulder. Here is right after the shoot (last year). It’s not as far off as it seems.

    • Elizabeth Aspen

      Aside from Kanye West, she has got to be the most self-absorbed, insecure twit in the business. That said, she’s still my second favorite female singer. No one beats Sarah McLachlan – the REAL “elusive chanteuse”.

    • JoanCrawford1

      She is so pathetic. I mean, she does not even realize she is the laughing stock of the music biz right now. Who does she think she is fooling with all the photoshop. Below is a great comparison of her photoshopped album cover and her on letterman this week. What??

    • Snare Drumm

      Its such an obvious photoshop job it makes you wonder about the unstable Marieh Karey – she must be mentally ill and didn’t care OR is mentally ill and didn’t know. I am sure the music is just as phony and lame as her 36-21-36 figure (circa 1991) on the cover. Some gay dude probably works with her and insisted that we photoshop your giant hips off – did you see Maryah on LETTERMAN a week ago? She’s probably 6 feet in heels and easily 205 lbs. She’s had Botox on her face AND evidently on her body.

    • Wendnesday

      I am a fan of hers. She can sing. She has talent. PhotoChopped celebs can’t hide from real life pics. Many times, it’s the record companies that do this, not the singer. Still looks good for 44 and near NO disaster in a appearance, except for those gloves. One things is sure, she had a nose job. Further, they played around with her face, too much with photoChop trying to make her 18 again. Here is a pic of Carey in 1991 in her very early career. She had light colored hair when she was younger. Notice her nose was slimmed down. Most likely after her debut album. She had a very natural beauty. But as stars do, the botch job.