How About We Stop Using These Photos Of Nicole Richie To Diagnose Her With Anorexia?

How About We Stop Using These Photos Of Nicole Richie To Diagnose Her With Anorexia

Photo: Brad Barket/Getty Images for AOL

In addition to having some of the most gorgeous purple hair we have ever seenNicole Richie apparently also has an eating disorder, according to jerks who have no idea whether or not she has an eating disorder. And by “jerks” I mean the Daily Mail and Star Magazine, because of course I do.

According to the Daily Mail–a phrase that never ends well–Nicole Richie’s recent photos can only be interpreted one way: she has an eating disorder. In their piece on the matter, the DM calls Richie “frail and gaunt,” observing that she “positively drowned her figure in black dress pants” in a recent outfit she wore. (Does that mean I positively drown in my oversized sweatshirts? Just a thought.) The DM quotes Star‘s “body expert” (i.e. not a doctor) Alicia Hunter as estimating Richie’s weight and caloric intake, which I will not be listing here because that’s ludicrous.

“Nicole appears to have a dangerously low body-fat percentage,’ Alicia tells the magazine, on newsstands now. “She’s probably only consuming [redacted] calories a day.

“She really needs to get her weight in check before something terrible happens to her,” she continues.

Oh, and another “eyewitness” attempted to insult her in the piece after seeing Richie out with Cameron Diaz, making the concern-trolling article even more absurd:

“Nicole looked like a little boy! She appeared extremely unhealthy and malnourished. I was starstruck when I saw Cameron, but it took me a minute to figure out that she was with Nicole Richie.”

Naturally, they’ve come up with theories on why she has supposedly lost weight–even more predictably, they assume it has to do with her marriage and children.

“The magazine alleges that stresses in her marriage to Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden as well as her hectic work schedule as an in-demand designer of two fashion lines and the demands of raising two young children are all contributing to her weight loss.”

They cite a lot of photos as being some form of evidence, like the one atop this post as well as this look from the American Music Awards in November:

How About We Stop Using These Photos Of Nicole Richie To Diagnose Her With Anorexia

Photo: DVSIL /

We all know that some women are naturally thin, and it is wholly unfair and unfounded to assume every one of them has an eating disorder. Many men–famous or not–are thin without dieting, too, but we rarely hear any accusations of those guys suffering from anything besides “skinny genes.”

Haven’t we been down this route before? Like, a million times at this point? From Us Magazine coming up with Debra Messing‘s imaginary weight loss to Radar Online putting images of Taylor Swift looking exactly the same next to each other and declaring her as anorexic, the accusations of eating disorders are out of control–and have been for a long time. Can’t we go back to focusing on the fact that Nicole Richie’s hair is GD amazing?

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      but seriously her purple hair is amazing! nicole is dramatically thinner compared to when she was on “simple life” with ex-bff p.hilton, but that doesn’t mean she has an eating disorder and websites reporting such claims only make it worse

    • Maitri

      I’m more concerned with why her legs are so much darker than the rest of her skin. She doesn’t appear to be wearing stockings.

    • J_Doe5686

      When we first met her she was “fat” because she wasn’t taking care of herself. Now that she’s clean and sober and taking care of herself she has maintained what seems to me the same weight. She has a small frame. Period.

      • ZanBrody

        Yes! Thank you! Seriously the same thing happened to me in my late teens/early twenties. I was an ungodly unhealthy alcoholic and I piled some very unnatural weight onto my small frame. Even though I was only a size 6 or 8 at most, which certainly is not big, I had a crazy high body fat percentage because my frame is so small.

      • kirsten863

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    • Isabelle

      I think it’s pretty obvious she does indeed have an eating disorder but I do think it’s a serious issue where she should get help instead of being exploited

    • sugarpuffmooneyes

      Naturally thin women can eat poorly and not gain weight because they are naturally thin. That’s what it means. Nicole was plump on The Simple Life and then went down to scary underweight. She even said she had weight/mental issues. Then after giving birth to her kids, she is going back down that path of being underweight. She thinks the breast implants will hide the fact. She likes her eating disorder because it gives her the attention she wants. Pathetic.