James Franco’s Farmer Tan Is The Least Of His Worries In This Very NSFW Selfie


Early this morning actor and Instagram performance artist James Franco decided to give us all a lovely gift for spring. The gift is his penis.

A damp, farmer-tanned Franco posted this naked mirror selfie with just his hand covering his penis. We can’t wait to find out which designer underwear purveyor will take credit for the peach boxer briefs Franco rolled down so as to better show us his pubic hair.

The image was too beautiful for this world, however, or it was just a limited-edition teaser for those of us peering at celebrity Instagram accounts in the tiny hours of the morning, because Franco pulled the image down after just an hour.

Maybe he realized posting a crabby-looking and wildly NSFW naked selfie at 1 a.m. was a bit far even for him, but the Internet is forever, and that picture is never, ever going away. Franco has 1.9 million Instagram followers, and many of them got screenshots before Franco reconsidered his post.

The semi-naked celebrity selfie is always a great way to ring in a weekend. This one isn’t as naked as Rihanna‘s, but we still appreciate the effort. However, the clear winner in the naked celebrity selfie race is still Franco’s BFF, Seth Rogen, whose literally balls-out naked selfie was way more NSFW and also much funnier. (And it’s still posted for all of us to look at.)

We appreciate Franco’s contribution, but in the celebrity penis games, Rogen is the clear winner.

(Photo: Instagram/JamesFrancoTV)

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    • Samantha Escobar

      I am not even slightly attracted to him at this point.

      • Jenni

        Same. This photo actually gives me a stomach ache.

      • Lee

        You need to eat some TUMS and take a chill pill. Let’s see your Man!

    • Kay_Sue

      The photo just looks awkward. Like, it’s James Franco, he’s not an unattractive male, my interest is understandably piqued by the words “NSFW selfie” in the same teaser as his name.

      But this left me less aroused and more feeling sorry for him and the stiltedness I get from it. Sadness.

    • wispy

      Can he stop being a creep for like half a second? *shudder*

    • Nerdy Lucy

      He’s fucking with us. It’s weird.

    • cat butt

      He always looks like he would smell really, really bad in person.

    • MCR

      I hope this was accompanied by the caption, “I have this suspicious mole on my lower abdomen, any recommendations?”

    • enrique silva guzman

      Maybe he just wants the same attention as Miley Cyrus!