Open Thread: What Is The Weirdest Thing That Turns You On?

A couple weeks ago, we asked which fetishes you consider “dealbreakers” when it comes to sex. Some of you said pain-related ones, some involved roleplaying, others had to do with Willy Wonka, but all were really interesting to hear about and compile into a neat little list. But let’s turn the tables, shall we? Now we want to hear about the opposite idea: which turn ons you have that could be considered unconventional, odd, or even downright absurd.

Most people have some fetish, kink, or random thing they find really attractive, sometimes for seemingly no reason. Whether it’s wearing fishnets, roleplaying as professor and steamy TA (I clearly watch entirely too much cliche porn), having your back scratched until it’s raw, or being insulted while a lady in a mask uses a strap-on behind you, you’re welcome to have whatever (safe, consensual) kinks you want!

I, for one, have a thing for eye contact, smoking, and having my ears kissed (albeit not all simultaneously). These are fairly mild as far as kinks go, but I still feel a little awkward explaining them to people at first because I am bashful and these are just not fun things to describe to new people.

So, help a girl feel less weird and tell us your favorite turn ons!

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    • Samantha Escobar

      High heels.

    • Jamie

      long fingernails, preferably painted red

    • alicia

      Beards. Beards beards beards.

    • Abby

      Piercings. Not super heavy piercings, especially facial, but a lip ring goes a long way with me.

    • cat butt

      Thick, muscular forearms- the undersides where skin is like satin and the veins stick up. Even on the gnarliest of dudes, the underside of the forearm is soooo soft.

      Crooked teeth.

      Leathery hands.

      Good tattoos.

      Sweaty-dude smell. Like armpit sweat. Idk.

      Thick thighs and super muscly calves.


      Whew it’s getting awfully warm in here….

    • I’dRatherNotSay

      most of mine are kind of boring, but I do have one weird (cool?) one: pictures, gifs, or videos of internal organs that are not currently in a body. Like, anything from Dany eating that heart in game of thrones to high quality pictures of organ transplants. I am slightly embarrassed, but proud enough to tell you all.

    • eggsbacon

      scratching and biting, but only if it’s with somebody i trust

    • StephC12

      Having my spine licked. That area on guys where the pelvis and thigh meet and that bone sticks out. Strong backs. I could go on, but I’m going to go masturbate.

    • shewishestoremainanonymous

      I love pain during sex. I only get off when I’m being spanked, having my hair pulled viciously, getting bitten/scratched, shoved face first into the pillows so I can’t breathe, when my head is forced somewhere/my arms and legs are yanked around etcetc. I’m basically rather masochistic in bed which is weird cos I wear the pants in my relationship.
      It’s also kinda weird for the relationship I’m in because my fiance is kinda submissive so sometimes we swap off but most of the time I take control and tell him to get aggressive with me in bed. He still struggles with really hurting me bless his heart.
      I wouldn’t say any of that is weird though. I’m pretty sure masochism is incredibly common.
      I’m also really turned on by dicks in general. From what I hear, most women don’t agree with me on this. so I guess that’s weirder than my pain fetish.

    • Kitty

      I used to have a serious problem with intimacy. I like to fuck, dirty bend me over, spank me sweaty, hair pulling fucking. But what I realized was my fetish is intimacy. It just took the right man to bring it out in me. For the first couple of months we just had straight up sweaty dirty sex, and it was great. Until one day he laid me on my back, looked into my eyes, and stroked my face lovingly, while we had slow incredibly passionate mind blowing sex. Quite honestly in my 36 years it was the first time I’ve ever been made love to. So that’s how I discovered my fetish is not kinky at all, my fetish is lovemaking. I used to refuse to even say that word, lovemaking. It sounds so corny to me. And honestly, I was ashamed to even call that a fetish. I still like to have my hair pulled, and still love to be spanked… But when I’m feeling really naughty I want to be made love to. So, my question is is that even a fetish?

    • FemelleChevalier

      I have a thing for dancers, smiles, and curly hairs (natural or otherwise).

    • Cathryn Berarobitch

      Oh god.
      -male-on-male violence
      -terrible tattoos, the more thuggish the better
      -lean muscles
      -air of danger
      -crooked teeth
      -nice haircuts
      -lack of beard, though I can get down on some scruff sometimes.

      -high heels
      -long fingernails, like Jamie I prefer them painted in shades of red
      -dark hair
      -red lipstick
      -high femme self-presentation juxtaposed with a more traditionally masculine attitude
      -as narcissistic as it is to say, the more a woman looks like me, the more attracted I am likely to be to her.

      -SCARS, OH MY GOD SCARS, the more brutal, the better.

      I’m also really into choking and extremely rough blowjobs, which I guess is pretty related to choking. I’m not happy until I’m snotting and puking. The more miserable I look, the happier I probably am.

      • SomminSneakers

        I fucking love you, cate.

      • Cathryn Berarobitch

        I just love skeezy dudes and classy ladies. Have I ever told you about my deep and abiding love for Weezy? If he was taller, he would pretty much be my perfect man, minus the codeine addiction (though to be honest I think I could probably overlook that if he was taller)

    • Mouche Bonneau

      Tattoos, scars, biting. Alpha men with a submissive streak (not sub/domme, but if I can manage to intimidate a guy and he’s still turned on, that’s pretty cool). Long hair on men and women. Women who are thinner than me. Men who are bigger than me. Wait, none of these are really weird… They’re all fairly innocuous.

      For weird, I’d go with the fact that violent action movies always get me hot. Watching the Expendables is better than porn. So. Much. Better!

    • rougette

      chest hair- wasn’t big fan of it before.but back must be completely smooth.uniforms, mainly soldier uniforms. older men (not old but older).thick accent and blue eyes.and licking. lots of licking…

    • Ninargh

      Biting and scratching, Dom men totally do it for me. Hold me down and make it hurt good. Tall skinny tattooed guys in a well cut suits make my knees weak.

      Perhaps weirdest is after playing the Mass Effect trilogy – Garrus fucking Vakarian. I’ve not been able to forget him. He’s completely alien, but his alienness is so… masculine, so alpha predator. Its unbelievably hot. But quite… specific. He’s also fantastic with a sniper rifle, and really, who doesn’t like a man that knows how to handle a big gun. But his VOICE… God. You have to look it up.

      Meanwhile, ahem, I’ll be in my bunk.

      • Cathryn Berarobitch

        I kind of get where you are coming from on Garrus. I really thought I was the one and only psycho who was into it, but apparently not.

        Also props on the Firefly reference.

    • J_Doe5686

      Girls: High heels Guys: weird but true: I like when they cook/prepare food for me.

    • Miss_Em

      Having a man giving me a bath.

    • anon

      men wearing lingerie

      it doesn’t work with transwomen or genderqueer people or ciswomen or whatever (though I can appreciate their unique loveliness)

      but grown men wearing pretty, delicate, well-fitted ladies’ attire absolutely ruins me

      an ex once pranked me by walking into the kitchen while I was cooking with some friends, wearing a tight red jessica rabbit dress with black stilettos. it was hopeless to continue chopping vegetables since I could barely manage the motor control to close my mouth. they all thought it was absolutely hysterical. I’d have been embarassed if I weren’t otherwise occupied ;)