These Depressing New Disney Princess Drawings Will Remind You Why Disney Reinterpretations Are The Worst

mulan wearing maks sars disney

In the latest reinterpretation of Disney characters with a social agenda, Redditor GrumpyPunkCat created “Disney Unhappily Ever After,” with the promise to crush your childhood dreams and stomp on your happy memories. The series juxtaposes your favorite Disney character’s with the ills of modern society, and they’re a big bummer for kids like me who grew up on Disney movies and have made peace with their many shortcomings.

alice disney

This series finds Alice in a darkened alley, buying her special potions, Pocahontas working in a casino, Dumbo in a abusive circus, Ariel the victim of an oil spill, Mulan with a face mask against pollution, Aurora the victim of an assault, Tiana experience segregation, and Esmerelda homeless. It’s fairly depressing all at once, and I’d imagine it’s meant to pierce those rose-tinted glasses Disney movies use to view the world.

pocahantas casino disney

I don’t know about these–it’s not a big secret that the Disney machine is a screwed up fun house mirror of societies ills filled with racism, class issues, and until recently, the pervasive trope of a damsel in distress being saved by a prince, but these pictures make me thing of the dude at the party who begins every sentence with “actually.” It’s not that these points should be swept under the rug–Disney is so big and entrenched in our culture that it’s necessary that Disney is criticized. But this series just seems hamfisted, or perhaps we’ve just seen too many Disney reinterpretations for it to pack a punch. We’ve hit the critical point of Disney reinterpretation over-saturation, and it’s time to pick a different way to skewer society.

ariel oil spill disney

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      Wow what a depressing way to begin Monday..these images are so sad. what’s wrong with stories that end happily ever after anyway?

      • Butt Trophy Recipient

        Only sad are the lives of the misguided killjoys who produce these idiotic drawings.

    • QueenCarol

      That’s Cinderella, not Aurora.

    • FemelleChevalier

      There’s this YouTube video with a song about an almost similar topic:

    • Guest

      Disney characters are powerful when used in this context specifically because they are such a recognizable and cherished part of childhood. It might not be your thing, but it’s also not your place to tell an artist that they need to find a different way to express their message. Lowbrow and Pop Surrealist art has been using recognizable cartoon and pop culture figures and tropes to create images that stir up an emotional response for a long time. If you find it so off-putting, you have the option to not look at it and to not feature it on your blog.

      • whiteroses

        It is, actually, a member of the consuming public’s place to criticize art. One would argue that’s the whole point.