This Handsome Streaker Was The Best (Not) Dressed At The 2014 Met Gala

met gala streaker 2014 mankini

Last night’s Met Gala got an extra heaping portion of whimsy and delight when a streaker showed up. I didn’t realize this was the type of raucous event that would merit a streaker, but then again, I didn’t know that the Met Gala was a fun thing until I saw all the celebrity Instagram action from the night. Wearing a Borat-type of mankini, this handsome gentleman apparently got some red carpet time before being tackled by security. I don’t know who this man is, but hats off to him. What do you think of his ensemble?

Now sure, there’s a decent conversation to be had here about whether or not this man qualifies as a streaker. In my limited experience with streaking, I’ve come to understand that ordinarily, streakers are to be completely naked. This man, with his loafers, leg warmers, garment, and necklace, falls slightly short of the technical definition of streakers, if we’re being exceptionally traditional. I do feel that given the context, this man does qualify as a streaker, and will defend him as such.

And so the question remains: does this hero–nay, god who walks amongst mere mortals–belong on our best dressed or worst dressed list? To me, the answer is a resounding “best.” He scores points for inventiveness, creativity, courage, and experimentation–not another man on that carpet dared to wear hot pink. Finally, the confidence with which he pulls it off is worth mentioning–he has one of the most self-assured stances of any of the celebrities from the evening. Wherever you are, Mr. Streaker, I tip my hat to you.

Photo: Twitter

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    • Samantha Escobar

      Maybe he thought it was a Jersey Shore casting call?

    • Jenni

      The cop seems so unimpressed with this whole charade.

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