This Met Gala GIF Proves That Beyoncé And Jay Z Are The World’s Cutest Couple

beyonce jay z met gala 2014Oh blarg. Something really adorable happened at the Met Gala last night–something that even a dark hearted witch like myself found to be debilitatingly cute. Beyoncé and Jay Z were hanging out on the red carpet when the man of the hour staged a fake proposal to Beyoncé, and she looked so happy that my heart did things. Add this wonderful moment to a night full of hijinks (see: Madonna‘s failed outfit, the streaker, and Zoe Kravitz‘s vulva), and the Met Gala turned out to be most fun night in fashion. Who knew?

When I first saw this story, my initial thought was “….why?” But as it turns out, it wasn’t that Jay Z and Beyonce simply decided to partake in some sort of tableau vivant for our entertainment. It was actually a mishap involving a dropped ring that led to the whole performance, and not just Jay Z being like “oh, you know what would be really, really cute right now? If I fake proposed to Bey in front of all these photographers. Now that would be a nice moment.”

No no, Beyoncé just got herself a case of butterfingers and dropped a ring from her perfect hand. Jay picked it up and put it back on her finger with the mock proposal, and the whole world’s hearts stopped. Oh, these two. They cannot be topped.

COME ON. Look, I’m always going to love little cutesy displays of couples goofing around and making each other laugh. I’m so used to thinking of these two as a power couple who rule the world from their lair on top of the Empire State Building like two well dressed puppeteers pulling the strings of the entire world, and it’s nice to see them as a doofy couple of humans. A doofy couple of humans in love.

Photo: Instagram

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      also, what a gorgeous black and white of them! they must have the most beautiful photo albums…

      • emma852

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    • Samantha Escobar

      She looks so happy, which is always freaking awesome to see.

    • M

      Yes, goofy at a red carpet event with hundreds of photographers surrounding them. Not saying their actions are planned, but this isn’t newsworthy. I wish normal people were celebrated and reveled in as often as celebrities.

    • housewlk

      Yes Beyonce and Jay Z have a nice photo album with the back of Blue lvy’s back head as always.

    • cat butt

      I generally pay no attention to celebrity couples but these two are the exception. They are just obscenely perfect together.