25 Unique Gifts Under $25 Your Awesome Mom Deserves This Mother’s Day

First things first: I love my mom. She’s always been just plain fantastic to me, from putting up with my 7:30 AM phone calls to cheering me up when I’m sobbing to making me small batches of plain muffins as a kid because I was averse to blueberries even though everyone else in the family was really, really down with them. Therefore, this Mother’s Day, I’m planning on getting her a truly fantastic gift. Why? Because I am pretty sure if she weren’t nearly as patient and kind of a person, she would have thrown me out a window by now–and not having done so totally deserves a solid present on this fine May the 11th.

As a result of my search for the perfect present, I wound up compiling a list of unique gifts for those who are on a similar quest. If you are seeking something different than the typical flowers and card, you’ve come to the right place! Whether she’s an animal lover, a beauty fanatic, or simply the type of woman who wants to support other women, we’ve got a present that’s perfect for her. Here it is: your Mother’s Day 2014 Gloss gift guide.

1. Personalized Pillow Cover
Etsy, $19

25 Unique Gifts Under $25 Your Mom Deserves This Mother's Day

This simple, modern design is great to give to a mom who’s faraway. Just send the designer your coordinates and have it printed onto the case. Bonus: Get one with your mom’s coordinates for your own couch, so you guys can have a matching set!

2. Artwork inspired by her favorite movie

25 Unique Gifts Under $25 Your Mom Deserves This Mother's Day

My mom loves Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, so when I spotted this $20 vintage-style posted from Etsy shop TeamWelser, I fell in love. No matter which movies your mom loves, you can likely find some artwork inspired by it on Etsy that will allow for a unique gift that she won’t be able to find anywhere else.

3. Hair Care Trio: Shampoo, Beach Waves and Detangler
The Gnarly Whale, $20

25 Unique Gifts Under $25 Your Mom Deserves This Mother's Day

First of all, the name “Gnarly Whale” is adorable enough to warrant checking this company’s Etsy page out as is, but the products themselves are really wonderful. Plus, you an order this pack in a wide variety of scents–everything from Thai Coconut to Bubblegum to Spearmint–so no matter what your mom’s favorite type of fragrance is, you can snag it for her here.

4. DIY Pickling Kit
Backyard Farmer, $24

25 Unique Gifts Under $25 Your Mom Deserves This Mother's Day

If your mom’s really into crafts but doesn’t know where to start, Backyard Farmer is a perfect way to get into pickling. And you two can do it together, making this a great Mother’s Day weekend project!

5. Mint, Lavender, & Citrus Soap Bar
MSC Skin Care, $8.50

25 Unique Gifts Under $25 Your Mom Deserves This Mother's Day

Soap sounds like a less-than-fantastic gift, right? That’s because you’ve never tried Metropolis Soap Company’s options. This particular one is refreshing, relaxing and revitalizing; it’s basically a total win for your skin and for my alliterative tendencies.

6. Sponsor An Animal

Ollie's Place Samantha Escobar Noel the cat shelter

I’m a firm believer in never giving anybody (including yourself) an animal unless you’re 100% certain they want and are able to care for it. Nevertheless, there are plenty of ways to give animal lovers the perfect gift that isn’t a living, breathing financial responsibility and time commitment, including making a donation in their name!

Okay, ready for some shameless (sort of) self-promotion? I volunteer at Ollie’s Place, a cat shelter a couple times a week that offers supporters the ability to sponsor cats as well as dogs! It’s only $20 a month, so if you’re interested in that type of thing, check it out! If a more general sponsorship is your thing, the ASPCA and Humane Society are amazing organizations that you can donate to in your pet-loving mom’s name.

7. Two Mothers On Mother’s Day Card
Etsy, $5

25 Unique Gifts Under $25 Your Mom Deserves This Mother's Day

If you’ve got two moms, this is the perfect card for them! Few companies acknowledge lesbian or gay couples on Mother’s and Father’s Days, so it is awesome to see a card maker who wants to create cards for all families.

8. Plant Brooklyn Organic Body Wash
Twisted Lily, $20

25 Unique Gifts Under $25 Your Mom Deserves This Mother's Day

This fantastic body wash comes in multiple scents ranging from the calming (“Get Happy”) to the sexy (“Get It On”). And at $20 a pop, this falls into the “fancy beauty gift that isn’t crazy pricy” category. Oh, and did I mention it’s sold at my favorite apothecary in New York City, Twisted Lily? It is. And you should totally go there and look at/smell everything.

9. Sterling Birthstone Stacking Rings
Red Envelope, $25+

25 Unique Gifts Under $25 Your Mom Deserves This Mother's Day

Instead of the typical random jewelry, check out this fun set. You pick the birthstone that is put on each ring, so you can rep yourself and your siblings right on her fingers!

10. Artisanal Warrior’s Razorburn Relief
Sustainable Shanti, $15

25 Unique Gifts Under $25 Your Mom Deserves This Mother's Day

Fun story: I was at this little street fair that’s near my apartment this past weekend and I happened to stop at a booth that smelled particularly lovely. That same day, I had gotten awful post-shaving bumps right around my ankles, so I was a little itchy and displeased at the time. As it turns out, this booth actually had an aftershave balm that smelled delightful and claimed to help ingrown hairs after shaving, so I asked if it was decent for women to, which the creator said it was. Lo and behold, she was right–my ankle already looks and feels better. In conclusion, if your mom (or you) has really sensitive skin and is interested in natural, handmade products, you should absolutely gift her this one.

11. Mums Goodies
LUSH, $25

25 Unique Gifts Under $25 Your Mom Deserves This Mother's Day

As you may have noticed in past gift guides, we’re pretty obsessed with LUSH around here, what with its ethical practices and incredibly fun beauty products. How cute is this little set that contains multiple relaxing, pretty bath products?

12. Personalized Photo Coasters
Etsy, $25 for set of 4

25 Unique Gifts Under $25 Your Mom Deserves This Mother's Day

How adorable are these customized coasters? Pick some awesome photos and order these right away. They’re also excellent for holidays, birthdays, and weddings, so I definitely recommend bookmarking this Etsy shop ASAP.

Check out the next page for a brilliant invention for busy jewelry lovers, a pair of pajamas that can achieve more than you’d imagine, and the best card ever for long-distance mom/kid pairs!

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    • Hayley Hoover

      These are such cute ideas!

    • Lindsey Conklin

      I especially love all the Etsy cards. so stinking cute!

    • Guest

      For once a Mother’s Day gift list I can get on board with! I love the Etsy items, Lush, and the funny stuff. I will add that if your Mom likes Pinterest to snoop on her boards. I’m getting mine a print of an art piece she loves framed.

      • Samantha Escobar

        So glad you’re into it! :D <3