Ireland Baldwin Instagrammed Herself Kissing A Girl, So It’s A Good Thing Her Dad Isn’t Homophobic

Ireland Baldwin Instagrammed Herself Making Out With A Girl, So It's A Good Thing Her Dad Isn't Homophobic

Another day, another famous kid Instagramming something ~*scandalous*~. In this case, the kid is Ireland Baldwin and the scandal is that she posted photos of herself kissing female rapper Angel Haze to her Instagram account. Baldwin posted a few photos of the pair on Cinco de Mayo, including one of a kiss shared between she and Angel Haze. If they are dating, this officially makes them one of those couples, although it is hard to deny that these are adorable photos.

Ireland Baldwin Instagrammed Herself Making Out With A Girl, So It's A Good Thing Her Dad Isn't Homophobic

The captions are a little cryptic: for the first image, it’s “this is what they’re always talkin’ ’bout” and for the kissing one, it’s just “happy cinco de mayo xx.” That’s all well and good, but the only thing I worry about is how crazy and homophobic her effing dad is. If you’ll recall, he enjoys throwing around bigoted language when he is having a temper tantrum and then giving the ol’ “but I have gay friends!” reason later on. To be fair, that excuse may actually be accurate should Ireland wind up falling on the LGBTQ spectrum.

I imagine being the famous kid of a very famous celebrity would be awkward when it comes to the 15- to 22-year-old time period when it is typical to be moderately rebellious. Whereas most of us would do moderately “outrageous” things like get drunk at a house party, a famous kid might go get blasted in Ibiza with a band of male models and then drunkenly confess family secrets to TMZ. In the case of Ireland–whom her father once lovingly deemed a “thoughtless little pig” when she was 11–it appears she may just use her Instagram to give him mild little middle fingers via her Instagram. After all, it’s not like she doesn’t know her thong bikini photos will blow up on the Internet.

In any case, Ireland is always pretty intriguing when it comes to how she uses social media, from Tumbling poignant rants about how the modeling world views her weight to Vining her propensity for twerking early on in the term’s trendiness to showing off a brand new ombre purple hairstyle on Instagram. I only hope we won’t see Alec start using Twitter again to get all homophobic in response to these photos.

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      I love the composition of this photo too! the angles of their bodies, the contrast of their hair and skin tones, plus the pop of color in the background with the flowers. super artsy

    • SunVegPup

      Oh please. Using a few offensive words during a temper tantum does not make one a racist, sexist, or homophobic. Baldwin is a well known liberal who has fought for gay rights for years. Give me a break… stop sensationalizing.

    • HB

      It’d be one thing if he just used the gay friends thing as an excuse, but he has openly advocated for gay rights. Additionally, there’s no proof that he used the f-word when chasing off the paparazzo who got in his family’s faces, and the tweets were about being Romney’s bi***, not about being gay, if you’re referring to the ones I’ve read. If there’s another set, I apologize. I think Alec Baldwin is talented, smart, crazy… but not a homophobe.