This Creepy Picture Of Willow Smith With A 20-Year-Old Actor Will Seriously Gross You Out

willow smith moises arias shirtless instagram picture

Willow Smith is in the news the morning for appearing in an Instagram photo with Disney veteran Moises Arias–he’s shirtless and 20, she’s 13, and they’re lying in bed. Well, he’s sort of sitting up looking pensive while she lies in bed, but hey, he’s not wearing a shirt and the whole thing looks a tad…questionable. I’m not one to get all “BUT THE CHILDREN,” but let’s do our best to remember that Smith is an actual child, and she looks very, very small in this photo.

To be clear, Smith is fully clothed and they aren’t spooning or anything, but if I were a (probably awful) parent, I would be pretty uncomfortable with the idea of my 13-year-old spending time around shirtless 20-year-olds. In beds. Beds are the sexiest place you can be shirtless, and so, something isn’t right here.

If this is completely innocuous, I have two questions:

  1. What does a 20-year-old talk to a 13-year-old about, if they’re just friends? I understand that being a celebrity, Smith probably grew up a lot faster than I did, but I can’t imagine that two people at those ages have much in common. Or if they do, that’s a problem.
  2. How did Arias end up shirtless? They were just having a super normal friend conversation about things that both 20-year-olds and 13-year-olds understand, and he was like “Hey Willow, would it be cool if I took my shirt off real quick? You know I run hot.”

Unless these people are really bizarre and set up this scene with a self timer, it was obviously taken by a third party, so we can all probably dial back the outrage on the two being alone together. Still, the fact that Arias has since deleted the photo is bizarre, because if nothing’s amiss, there’s nothing to hide, right?

Then again, I have seen Will Smith‘s movies, and I wouldn’t want to give the impression that anything improprietous was going on, either. If people were talking about me being too old to get shirtless with Smith’s daughter, I’d probably delete the photo, change my name, leave the country, and start a new life off the grid. Godspeed, Moises.

Photo: Instagram

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    • erma652

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    • Samantha Escobar

      This makes me really uncomfortable. $10 says somebody pulls the “but she’s a MATURE 13-year-old!” card in the next 2 hours.

      • JJ

        or the “in Hollywood it’s different. This isn’t a big deal there it’s just an artistic picture”

      • Samantha Escobar

        Oh yeah, that’s undoubtedly a response this will receive. Ugh.

    • Fred McCoy II

      What the ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    • CMJ
    • wonderstruck

      If this was my kid, she would be dead. Okay, maybe not dead, but…no. 13 year old laying in bed next to a shirtless 20 year old is a HUGE no. Pushing/encouraging her towards more intimate and adult situations than a 13 year old should be in is not okay!

      • Samantha Escobar

        My parents would have locked me up. Obviously, it is WAY creepy on the part of the 20-year-old adult in this situation, but I think my own parents would have likely wanted to monitor my friend choices significantly more closely if they saw a photo like this.

      • wonderstruck

        Oh yeah, for sure. Mine (after freaking out) probably would have said that from now on my friends had to come over to our house instead of vice versa, and that if we went into my room the door had to be open and no boys on the bed (actually, that was their rule about the door and bed anyways, despite the fact that I never pulled anything like this!)

    • Butt Trophy Recipient

      Oh yea, I’m sure Willow’s a sweet innocent virgin

      • Katymonster

        What the fuck?

      • Lauren

        She’s THIRTEEN. “Innocent” or not, if a 20 year old touches her that is statutory rape. Why is it that we always judge the little girl instead of the older guy who should know better?

      • Lackadaisical

        Yes, indeed she is. I say that without a trace of irony for she is a 13 year old child. Were she not one or all of those things then at that age the fault would not be hers and I would not judge her in the slightest for it. However I very much doubt her parents would allow that sort of thing to happen to her at 13 even if they do give a questionable amount of freedom to her big brother. I am sure that photo was innocent with regards to Willow and was completely staged, but I do also think the location, age gap and shirtlessness combine to be in poor taste.

      • BW2

        Your comments on Mommyish are mostly humorous. But when you come over to The Gloss (Harlotry article) you become nasty. Can you explain why the attitude change?

    • FemelleChevalier

      I remembered when I was 15, this 21 year-old guy — son of my dad’s co-worker — is being friendly with me. He was sweet and I like him (not romantically because eww), but I think my dad saw something in his actions (I was a bit dense) that he dragged him in one corner and told him to behave. Or else.

      Oh, and it was a summer vacation and we’re in a pool. And he’s shirtless. Always shirtless.

    • Juliana

      While I see that this could be potentially creep-tastic, I also see it in another possible and different light. I think context here is really important, and since we don’t have any, it’s hard to make any 100% solid judgement calls. Think of this scenario: If he really is such a close family friend, isn’t it plausible that the relationship they have is very much like that of siblings? Sometimes it doesn’t take a blood/genetic relation to consider someone your family. And so, in that case, if she were hanging out with just one of her brothers like that, would everybody be freaking out? I remember my older brother (7 years) used to walk around in his boxer briefs all the time, never mind shirtless. And to add to that, like it was said, there was obviously a 3rd person there. What if it was her big brother hanging out with them, like a bunch of siblings or cousins just hanging out? I know that kind of thing definitely happened in my family…

      Anyway, I think we just know waaay too little for any condemnation to be happening, though like I said, I can totally see where someone would be concerned.

      • Maura

        This doesn’t give off a brother/sister vibe at all. I tried to picture my son and daughter and was like “nope”. No way. From what I know about this little girl, she is precocious. She is the daughter of two hip movie stars. I doubt they’re very strict and probably aren’t very hands on. Probably a good wake up call for this family. Reel this child back in try to remember she is still very much a child at 13 years old.

    • DJ Kitty Boo Meow

      This was one of several pictures they took but this was one that Willow, who is a fashion-girl all day, looked the best in or at least she thought. There are other pictures with her brother, Jaden in the same pose and Moise, who has went from cute little, child star to now oil-bo-hunk laughing and clowning around was just being himself and hanging with his friends. I just want everyone to remember the legendary and super-talented Judy Garland (R.I.P) sang “You Made Me Love You” to a picture of a very older and Super HOT Clark Gable. Judy was about 12 or 13 (she might have been younger) and everyone thought it was the cutest thing on this planet, NO T, NO SHADE. Taylor Swift, who is just AWESOME in every way, wrote that song about country HOTTIE, ‘Tim McGraw and she was pretty young when that song hit the ariwaves. Willow and Moises all hang out in this new and cutesy Hollywood crowd, along with her brother, Jaden and the Jenner girls (Kim’s super fabulous sisters) and the list goes on and on. I think Willow saw this as a way to up her brand because you know that girl is trying to be the next Gaga, “Lady” if you don’t know any better. Willow, who lives for fashion, saw this picture as high fashion and art, not porn or her flaunting anything. In the world of fashion, a girl as young as 13 can be the muse for a big designer or the “IT” girl for the season. Beverly Peele, beautiful and extremley tall model was doing her thing at the tender age of 14. Kiomara Lee was modeling professionally at the age of 14. OK Willow might not be runaway material but she is a trendsetter. Willow was rocking the beautiful and talented, Lupita’s hairstyle a few years back, to everyone coming down on The Smith family for Willow being a bit too boyish and mature. She was 11 or 12 then but with the #1 song in the country at the time and signed to a major record label (Jay Z’s Roc nation). Multi-talented young lady is trying to do something great and it seems that she is faced with haters. I pray she has a thick skin for the buiness of show.