Jada Pinkett-Smith Turns The Tables On The Willow Smith Photo Scandal By Calling Us All Pedophiles

Jada Pinkett-Smith Turns The Tables On The Willow Smith Photo Scandal By Calling Us All Pedos

The Internet is still abuzz with talk of yesterday’s semi-massive photo scandal involving 13-year-old Willow Smith and 20-year-old Hannah Montana actor Moises Arias. Now Willow’s mother Jada Pinkett-Smith is reacting publicly to the controversy and she is not happy about all the publicity surrounding it.

willow smith moises arias shirtless instagram picture

The image in question.

If you were asleep all day and missed it, here’s a quick rundown: Moises posted a photo to his Instagram page of himself with Willow. This raised more than a few eyebrows because of three key details: he is shirtless, they are in bed together, and he’s seven years her senior. Later in the afternoon, TMZ reported that Jada and Will Smith were a little bit “whatever” about the whole thing, but now the former seems straight up angry.

While at Los Angeles International airport last night, Jada was approached by members of the paparazzi who apparently asked her about the photo. In response, she defended her daughter’s picture with the older actor:

“Here’s the deal. There was nothing sexual about that picture or that situation.”

And then she flips the whole thing on its head, making the paparazzi into the bad guys:

“You guys are projecting your trash onto it,” she continued to the photographers. “You’re acting like covert pedophiles and that’s not cool.”

There’s a long history of people turning around situations like these and saying things like, “Well, if you view it that way, that’s a problem with your dirty mind” rather than attempting to see it in any potentially negative manner. The fact is that many, many people would feel uncomfortable seeing an image of any 13-year-old in a bed with an adult man who is not wearing a shirt. Plenty of people find it perfectly normal, and they’re welcome to that opinion, but it’s a huge stretch to call people pedophiles for simply being perplexed and concerned about a grown male and a child in a photo like that.

Photo: PacificCoastNews.com

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    • ohhoney_no

      Or, how about this. Jada is her mother and likely knows more about the situation than you do. Willow is HER child to parent, not the internet’s.

      • Katie

        Exactly! I think everyone needs to loosen up and move on. Jada knows what’s best for her child, just like any other parent and if she doesn’t see it as a big deal then everyone needs to get over it.

      • Charmaine Hurst

        Ummm so far I don’t see it! They are out there!

    • Karen

      Yeah seriously I agree with the person below me, it’s none of our fucking business. None of us were there when the photo was taken so no one has the right to call this a “scandal” because WE DON’T KNOW. And we definitely don’t have the right to criticize Jada and Smith’s parenting because we don’t know shit about that situation either.

    • Kevin Adams

      I have to agree that it looks like its being taken out of context. The picture appears to be of them hanging out on a bed watching something. Depending on the weather, i would say its not unusual for a guy to be hanging around without his shirt. Its a young male thing. Nothing there looks remotely suggestive to me.

      • Charmaine Hurst

        They could at least be sitting up watching t.v or hanging out somewhere with her brother too getting a burger.

      • Kevin Adams

        Why should she be sitting up? Thats how folks hang out. There is no real protocol to it. If he is a close friend of the family hes apt to be more relaxed around everyone.

        Also, since this is obiviously not a selfie, who took the picture? That means there was one other person in the room. Also, this picture looks someone staged to me. Could it have been a pose?

        This all seems like controversy for controvery’s sake. The author goes to the extent of describing the picture in provocative terms. “…they are in bed together…” When i see that phrase and then look at the picture, it just does not add up.

    • Andrea

      It’s still weird. I have a brother who is only 3 years older than me. On no planet, at any time, would my parents have ever been okay with me hanging out in any context with any of his friends in this manner. I never thought of my family as conservative.. but I guess Hollywood families really are that different from us!

      • Aiden

        Exactly, I don’t have an older brother, but I wasn’t even allowed to hang out with my best friend, who is only a grade above me and also FEMALE, when I was in 8th grade because she was in high school. And it was only on the basis that she was older and therefore had more freedom to do things that I was not allowed to do. My mom would have slapped the black outta me if I was hanging out with 20 year old men, clothed or not.

    • FemelleChevalier

      I have a lot of male cousins. They never let us girls hang out with their friends on our own, even though we’ve known them for years. They always reason that they don’t trust any outsiders to be alone with us girls, and our parents definitely approve.

      Oh, and one of my friends was never left alone with her OWN male cousins ever since one of them tried to touch her (he was taken far, far away from her). Her dad almost choked a THIRTEEN-YEAR OLD BOY to death when he found out.

      I also had a friend who was severely bipolar. She was continuously molested by her own male relatives when she was younger. They took advantage of her hypersexuality, and her mom was livid when she found out (they were estranged).

      Protect your child, parents. You’ll never know what will happen.

      • SunVegPup

        This is crazy. I’m sorry, but not being allowed to hang out near your older male cousin is ridiculous. That’s teaching 1 of 2 things… Either men can’t control themselves or women must be protected at all times.

        Personally, I see nothing wrong with this photo. It isn’t sexual. I can’t even count how many times I’ve slept in the same bed as one or my brothers wearing shorts and a tank top. Or have gone swimming in a bikini in the same vicinity of my male cousin. Let’s not even talk
        About the topless sunbathing I have done on vacation with my ENTIRE family, brothers/uncles/cousins included. It’s not sexual…give it a break.

      • FemelleChevalier

        Well, she wasn’t allowed because something has happened. And she wasn’t forced not to: she chose not to. She’s freakin’ traumatized.

        Wouldn’t you, as a parent, protect your child if something has already happened?

        I just gave scenarios that portrayed how dangerous it could be if one parent is TOO comfortable letting their children be without checking up on them. This isn’t about being control: it’s about protecting your child. And these are just anecdotal examples, not generalizations on how men couldn’t control themselves. Are you undermining traumas toward sexual abuse that happened to these girls?

    • Michelle

      I just don’t see anything really suggestive about this. it wasn’t a selfie, someone else took the picture, I’m guessing her brother? she looks bored out of her mind honestly.

    • anonymous

      I also agree with her. There is nothing sexual about that photo, seriously that guy could not look less sexy or sexual. It looks like two people just hanging out, from what I have read, he is one of Jadens best friends and Jaden took the picture. Whether or not it’s inappropriate is definitely up for debate, personally no I do not think it is appropriate. At the end of the day though it is up to her parents. But I do think people are projecting awfully hard by implying something sexual is happening or that the photo is in any way sexual because I do not see that at all.

    • OhOk

      Yeah…there’s a line between “s/he’s their child to parent” and, well, in this case, at worst at least a whiff of a sex crime involving a child or, at best, a public, sexualized “expression of art” of a little girl and a man. It’s not sex-positivism or parenting-style tolerance to ignore the half-naked man, the (barely!) teenage girl, and the bed.

      You don’t have to go so far as to call him a pedophile or her a slut (especially that…what the fuck, people) to point out that we have a huge societal problem with sexualizing little girls. To say that there isn’t anything sexual about this image or that critics are crazy pedophiles themselves, you have to be so far gone that “sex-positive means nothing is sexual except actual penetration” and the socially libertarian “I do what I want with my property–I mean CHILDREN” actually sound like decent arguments to you.

    • Anne Marie Hawkins

      I still think it just looks like she has a crush on her big brother’s friend, so she’s initiating physical contact (it looks like her head is on his knee?) meanwhile he thinks of her as a little sister so he doesn’t act differently around her than he would in his own home. I’m just not seeing a big deal, and I think Jada’s right.

      • Charmaine Hurst

        No. You know anyone seeing this have a different opinion! My daughter would not do that. This is a bad image for” all” young teens out there and you know most teens have cell phone and internet access to see things like this! They will think it is ok and want to do that too. Kids today have enough problems of influence of the negative kind! Celebs think they can do whatever they want and do not care what the public says! Well the people that pay to watch Will Smith movies pays Will Smith! That what keep them with money and in the spot light!

      • Alicia715

        Just because someone makes money because people pay to see their movies does not mean they need to take a vote with those people creating their income on how to raise their own children or making other choices. They are people and are entitled to the same freedom and choices that you are.

        If you are that afraid of what the internet is doing to your daughter, maybe it’s time your re-evaluate how you parent her.

    • Mystik Spiral

      I think the real idiot here is the one who posted the pic to his instagram account. Did he really have NO inkling at how the picture looks and how it would be torn apart? Dude should know better.

    • http://www.max-logic.com/ maxfab

      Sorry, nope. I’m all for people minding their own business and I will concede to the fact that I don’t know the back story but I don’t think there is ANY circumstance where I think it’s okay for a 13 year old girl to be in, on, or near a bed with a 20 year old boy….especially when he has no shirt on. Nope, no way, no how.
      AND even if there was a way in which I would be okay with it, I would never be okay with there then being a photo of it floating around the internets. And if that means I have a dirty mind, so be it.

      • Danny

        Someone else took the picture; most likely it was Jaden. So I don’t see a problem.

    • Charmaine Hurst

      Well then that shows how dysfunctional a ” Hollowood” I meant to spell it like that, family lets their underage daughter do whatever the heck she wants to do! Both of the kids always looks way out there and confused as heck with the “bewildered look of Jaden with his eyebrows always up like that is a cool look !That photo is bad as far as how ever anyone seeing it addresses sexy and or essential grown looking in a roll for a much older female to pose! They let Willow cut her long hair of and dyed it all kinds of colors and have a tongue piercing! She was in a video that was way older and mature meaning to it last year. Stop with the photos of The Willow Smith racy photos for “attention” then the Smiths will not get back lash from the public! You know this always happens anyway. I guess they are laughing because they got a whole lot of attention from online bloggers. It is sad children of some celebs act and do whatever they want and think it is fine and ok to them as well as their so call parents! I wonder what Will Smith mother think about the whole thing back in Philadelphia! If she still lives here! He needs a smack up back of his head! Jada she is way out there anyway since her t.v shows in the 90′s of how she dresses and one point trying to do rock music in a group some years ago. The only one of Will Smith children that looks “normal” is Sean he is the oldest from a past relationship with a model. His mother and him got away a long time ago so he can be normal as much as possible!

    • Penelope

      Yeaaa … the picture is creepy. And therefore inappropriate. Jada’s incendiary comments only prove this to be true.

    • MIKE1616

      This is crap, for starters they don’t even seem to be touching each other ans secondly, THAT ARE NOT IN BED. The happen to be sitting or lying ON the bed and she is FULLY clothed. Without any more reveling pictures this is a non starter. Find some real news to report and stop wasting out time with this drivel. I am sick and tired of reading the headlines only to find the story crap, enough is enough.

    • Barb Gabhart

      The bedroom is an inappropriate place for ‘teens’ to hang out together. Plain and simple. My daughter NEVER had her guy friends in her bedroom. Yes, in the summer, the house was full of her guy friends, without shirts on even, but no one was hanging out in the bedroom. He is 20 yrs. old..does he live alone? Is it HIS house? What’s wrong with hanging in the living room???? What makes his room so much more comfortable to hangout in? I know plenty of parents who allow this kind of behavior, I am not one of them. Never will i be one of them. I believe in keeping things a bit more traditional. Yes, my kids have privacy and can have friends over without me breathing down their neck…we had a big enough house for such things. But the bedroom, once again, let me state ….is OFF limits!!!! Outside of that, i do not have a problem with this…but then again, i am NOT her parent, so i have no say.

    • Gloria Fischer

      .I have 4 sons and no way, when they were that age would I have
      ever in this lifetime,allowed a 13 yr old girl to even come in my
      house,let alone in their rooms! It’s Not okay…….but that’s just me!!! AND there are Mother’s out there who really don’t know what’s best for their kids!!! SMH!

    • Becknutter

      Do you really think the paparazzi was “perplexed and concerned” about this situation?