Open Thread: What’s The Best Thing About Your Mom?

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This Sunday is Mother’s Day, so while I hope you have already grabbed something for your mother should you be seeing and/or contacting her that day, there is always the gift of sheer admiration. There’s also plenty of unique presents for under $25 in our handy dandy Mother’s Day 2014 gift guide or you could even just watch a cool mother-daughter movie with her on Netflix, but I digress. When it comes down to it, if you and your mother (or any other female role model in your life) are even a little bit tight, sometimes just a few kind words is all you need to make her smile.

For example, my mother is an incredible quilter. She makes these immense, beautifully detailed quilts and has been doing so since before I was born. In fact, she made me a quilt covered in cats when I was a child and to this day, it is still one of the things I love most in this world. On that note, she is also absurdly patient (anybody who’s ever made a quilt knows patience is necessary for them). She put up with so much from me whilst I was going through a decade-long angry adolescence, and now we are closer than ever. I literally called her this morning before work because I was deeply stressed out and, as per usual, it calmed me down right away.

So, what’s the most wonderful, beautiful and fascinating thing about your mom, aunt, grandmother or any other special female role model in your life? Tell us in the comments! If you’re feeling particularly warm and fuzzy, feel free to share pics!

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    • Samantha Escobar

      Oh, and she also taught me more than I could ever process about children’s books!

    • JKO

      the fact that she always picks up

    • capoupascap

      I got what was, according toour school nurse, “the worst case of lice ever” in elementary school. And to this day I am terrified of getting it again and I refuse to wear store bought hats because you don’t know who has tried it on. And to this say my mom knits me (and now my son) hats so I won’t have to wear store bought hats. I mean she thinks I’m crazy and paranoid but she still does it for me. That makes her the best. And my step mom is awesome because she is always down to watch a B horror movie (my fave genre) no matter how terrible and cheesy it is. She loves them as much as I do.

    • Guest

      The fact that she made me have impeccable manners growing up.

    • Natasha Coombes-Liddle

      My mum is a total badass, where do I start? She is gorgeous with a killer personality. I can only hope I get more like her when I get older, because she commands respect while still being the person who shows the most love.